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  • I’m assuming that since they are green that means they are organic and fit right in with clean eating.
  • Not everyone who is here to lose weight is restricting what they eat, just how much or how often they have it. For myself, I find that it’s much more sustainable in the long run to work those types of treats into my diet (noun).
  • I haven’t been on MFP in quite some time, but it’s nice to see some things never change lol. I’ve always found that the ‘mean’ people are the most helpful. It’s more supportive to give facts and tell people what they may not want to hear than it is to give bad advice and encourage foolishness.
  • The only person you shouldn't be giving up on is yourself. Please get out of there before the abuse becomes physical.
  • Which is pretty much what I said.
  • I would give the same advice which was that OP should cut her husband some slack. I don't think a person is thoughtless but are giving chocolates either out of habit or not having their s/o's new restrictions in the forefront of their mind.
  • This is called gaslighting and is a form of abuse. I know that you mentioned kids and while he may be great with them by staying in that kind of environment teaches them that that is how they are supposed to be treated or how to treat their s/o in the future. I think that counseling for yourself is a great idea. Good luck…
  • Does he try to be controlling in other areas of your life?
  • I think people were just giving her an option. Nobody said she absolutely had to eat one a day, just that all or nothing are not her only two options.
  • When people post asking for suggestions and end the post with "Go!" or worse "Annnd Go!!!". I see it more on Facebook than anywhere else.
  • Ha! There is a guy on there this season that has been complaining about his fiancée's weight since they finally met in person. When she can't keep up he calls her lazy. The entire show is insane.
  • I say cut the guy some slack, thank him for the gift and talk to him about it. Im not sure how you initially reacted but that is probably why he felt you were ungrateful. Nobody wants to give a gift only to be made to feel like they are a insensitive jerk for it. You just started making changes two weeks ago and just like…
  • I suggest turning off the posts going to Facebook. If you feel that you need accountability or feedback, build up a nice group of friends on here and use the forums.
  • I have a pair of Jacks, Bo & Rocky. Bo is 5 and Rocky will be 14 in a few days.
  • Make sure that your Fitbit has the same deficit as MFP does. That may be what is causing the difference. For example I'm set to lose 1 pound a week on MFP and made sure that Fitbit is set at a 500 calorie deficit. That being said it still may not be accurate. With a calorie goal at 1200 you may not be able to lose the…
  • Sometimes stepping on and off a scale and then getting back on right away can throw it off a bit. I've heard that sometimes it might be a good idea to wait about 15 minutes and making sure it's zeroed out correctly before stepping on again.
  • Here you go: https://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/818082/exercise-calories-again-wtf/p1
  • It's a pet peeve of mine as well. Here in Michigan there are signs all along the highways that say stay in the right lane except to pass, but there are always people putting along in the left lane going 10-15mph under the speed limit. They were going to start handing out tickets for that but I don't think it's been…
  • It used to mention starvation mode if you tried to close out your diary and were under 1000 calories for the day. I just now noticed that they have changed the pop up and took that part out.
  • OP after seeing this I have to ask, are you a coach or talking a lot about BB products on FB?
  • I use the default because my exercise isn't consistent.
  • Those people usually think that they are at a deficit but in reality they are not. Some examples I have come across: 1. One woman that I had helped had not adjusted her calorie goal while losing. It turned out that her calorie goal was off by about 300 calories. Add to that her logging wasn't the best and it caused her…
  • If it was up to me Reese's Peanut Butter Cups would be 0 calories.
  • Gah I can't stop watching this! I'm not used to seeing Sheamus with a full head of hair. B)
  • Unless they are paying your bills pay those *kittens* no mind. That being said if I were you I would wonder if I'm just hearing things or assuming that someone is talking about me when in reality I'm not even on their radar. I wear things that some people would consider to be inappropriate for my age or weight, but it's…
  • I use Blogger for mine. For me it's a good way to get my thoughts out & share generic advice to common questions without having to type it out over and over again. I used to use the blog feature on here but I was getting frustrated with it not being user friendly.
  • The deficit is the difference between the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight and the amount you eat to lose. For example I maintain on 1980, my current calorie goal is 1480. That gives me a 500 calorie deficit. If you are stuck, not logging for the past 2-3 weeks does not help. Get back to logging, make…