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  • A friend who is a distributor has been telling me about it. I'm sure just to get a sale, but I heard it was made for people with diabetes.
  • Thank you all for your replies. I've definitely learned some new info. I'm going to try the powder with 50g of.protein since I can use it after. LIfting too and if I find that it's to much for my body I can always cut the servings in fall. The info about 1g of protein being 4 calories makes sense seeing that the 50g…
  • I'm constantly having hair come out of my head whenever i touch it! Growing up my mom would always yell not to play with my hair cuz she'd find strands all over the place and NOW we know why lol I'm pretty sure they make a version for people with sensitive skin. The time you leave it on is based on how tough your hair is.…
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  • Welllll, I don't necessarily have that problem with PCOS, I actually have the opposite. My hair is always falling out, and I can't regrow my eyebrows to reshape them to save my life!! Idk about brows, but I use Nair lotion for my legs and it seems to last much much longer then when I shave, and I like that I can slap it…
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  • I have PCOS with irregular and anovulatory cycles too, and what's really helped me get back to a normal schedule is eating pineapple and grapefruit. I get the grapefruit juice that's not from concentrate in the cold section, it's Odwalla brand I believe and then I get the pre-cut up grapefruit thats packaged in the cold…
  • Me! Me! Me! Me!! I've been so down in the dumps lately! I have PCOS (hair loss, weight gain, insulin resistent, miscarriage, messed up cycles) and I've been having the hardest time losing weight! I've cut out (or so I thought) carbs, i.e breads & pasta etc. for the most part. I eat plain oatmeal for breakfast sometimes,…
  • I voted!
  • First- Thank you for your service! Second- WOW! Your fiance is going to be one happy woman when you come home!! Great job on your success! I'm going to be starting Insanity in a few days! I'm pretty excited! Thanks for your post, it gave me lots of encouragement!
  • MMmmmmm This sounds amazing!! Try looking on Pinterest. I've seen a few good ones on there.
  • That was just a hypothetical situation. Thank you for clearing that all up for me!
  • Thank you all for your helpful information! I've always been curious about this. Just as an example, if I'm allowed a 1400 calorie limit and say I eat 1200 but burn off 600 working out, does that mean I should "re-eat" those calories or let it be more of my deficit?
  • Ahhh! Maybe that's why it was so bitter. I got it on a whim from the deli in my local supermarket in a cold salad. They probably didnt cook it. I'm typically good with all kinds of vegetables so it was really out of character for me to not like it.
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  • Maybe I got a bad batch, but I had Kale in a mixed salad one time and it was very bitter??
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  • My initials (catchy huh) and my wedding date.
  • Personal trainers are like politicians. They always think "their way" is the best and that "their ideas" are the obvious choice. She doesn't know your weight and age and stats like you've programed and she doesn't know what kinds of calories your eating, so she really can't preach. Just to be polite, I'd say "thanks for…
  • I've been going to community college for a while so I could stay local and I've got about 40-50 to lose too!! Add me if you want!
  • you must not have seen my post before I took it down but this last pregnancy actually ended up being a chemical pregnancy
  • Oh sorry, I'll go edit my OP. Whenever she makes comments like this I always tell her, really?! Thats so rude. And she always goes "Ohhh, you know I was kidding". She even makes those kind of comments in front of other people.
  • I'm in CA and I get up at 6 every day, but thats because I work a desk job :( Occasionally I'll get up at 5 to be at the gym early to workout before heading into the office. Feel free to add me if you want!
  • Just made mine public. Feel free to add me.
  • My mom is Young Living Essential Oil distributor so i'm always getting this stuff!! I really like the peppermint for headaches.
  • Men who are super involved in their children's lives is very attractive!
  • Please tell me this is fake. It's -40 outside and your going running. Because your husband says it's to cold and suggests a jacket and a hat, THAT means he's being unsupportive?? tha****?? Listen to your husband. Put on a coat. Even my 3 year old niece knows to wear a jacket when it's cold outside. I'm sure your body temp…
  • I'm glad everyone is being nice to you, I posted a topic about snacks that my husband would enjoy and everyone had a field day talking about how good isn't gender specific etc when they know very well what I meant. We cut chicken in half long ways and pound them out, and then put pesto or basil leaves on it with sliced…
  • Thats a great idea, thanks!! I never thought about making cupcakes with protein powder! Any suggestions on a good chocolate one?
  • Gotta love the internet. Thank you to everyone who suggest snack ideas that my husband might like. I appreciate it and I've definitely made note of them. Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your day.
  • Thank you to those who have actually answered the question.
  • I never specified food as being gender related, simply looking for snacks that a man would prefer to eat. I was hoping to hear from other men who might have a favorite type of snack they like to eat.
  • I never labeled food as being girly or manly in my Op, so yes, your comment was snarky. All I asked for was "Man approved" snacks in the hopes that men would comment types of snacks that they eat that can fill them up.