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  • I run to keep my Type 2 Diabetes under tight control, and because I was told at age 30 I might die, and then might not walk due to sepsis. I am slow, and sometimes it hurts like hell, but I do it because I can.
  • I was diagnosed T2D almost 2 years ago and decided on my own to go for tight control. I was started on 5mgs of glyburide twice a day and 500mgs of metformin twice a day, and I started working out 5 days a week. I also logged my blood sugars and foods religiously to find out what spiked my sugars and what I could still…
  • Both in combination work best for me. I do 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength training, alternating. I have not lost many pounds but I have lost a lot of inches and my blood sugars are fantastic (I'm Type 2).
  • I had stomach issues for the first week. Unfortunately, I also have them if I miss a dose. I went from twice a day down to one with diet and exercise.
  • I am signed up for the TM next week - I am scared but excited. I have been doing running and strength training for the past 6 months. I am still worried about upper body strength - I started at zero - but my buddy says there is a lot of teamwork in getting over obstacles. I hope so! Good luck and have fun!
  • Continuing my fight against Type 2 Diabetes, and gearing up for Spartan runs this summer. I want to be strong. I want to keep challenging myself.
  • For running, I love Volbeat - Counting On and The Devil's Bleeding Crown are both great. When I hit my wall, The Light by Disturbed or Remember the Name by Fort Minor both get me through. Also anything by Foo Fighters works for distances, and Fitz and the Tantrums Hands Clap for sprints.
  • I get horrible food cravings, mostly for potatoes and milk. Other than that and some water weight, I am not too badly inconvienced. I tend to stay on my normal workout plan. Occasionally I will get bad cramps so might have to change things up a bit.
  • Update: I was 40 minutes past the cut off of 6 hours but I finished! Not sure I will do another but I am proud of myself for finishing the course!
  • Thank you. There is a pacer and I am planning on using that. I would rather finish past the time than not finish at all, and I do know if I do not hit the two check points, I can turn in my bib, sign a waiver, and continue the course. I will do that if worse comes to worse. Glad to hear my fears are normal!
  • Type 2, diagnosed a year and a half ago.
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  • I find that measuring is much more accurate than the scale. I have only lost around 10 pounds over the last year, but dropped from a size 16 to a 12, extra large down to large and even medium. I have lost inches overall.
  • I am T2D, diagnosed in November 2016. I was placed on Janumet and glyburide, and decided on my own to start a rigorous exercise regime. My A1C was nearly 8% when I started. I used my glucometer to figure out which foods were good (proteins, veggies), which were OK (potatoes, Chips Ahoy cookies) , and which I absolutely…
  • I have an egg, turkey sausage, and toast every day. Anything else and I am starving by 9am (I eat around 6). At night, if my meal is lean proteim, like a chicken breast, I do not need a bedtime snack. Anything else and I am raiding the fridge before going to bed. Protein keeps me full no matter what time of day.
  • I am T2D and I will occasionally cheat - but only when I have a hard workout that will help burn the extra sugars. Also, I know exactly what foods my body does OK with and which to avoid due to religiously logging and taking my blood sugar levels after meals for the past year and a half since my diagnosis. For me, French…
  • M, W and F - Spartan body weight exercises - 40 minutes, a variety of routines (never the same in a 2 week span) T and Th - treadmill, running for 40 minutes, working on speed. Sat - I am training for a marathon in April so I have been doing my long runs on Saturdays since mid February - I do 15 - 20 miles each Saturday. I…
  • I don't use anything pre workout beyond a protein rich breakfast and a V8 Energy drink, which has green tea and 90mgs of caffeine, I believe. I use a recovery shake afterwards, depending on how hard I workout.
  • I stay off the scale and go by how my clothes fit. I only lost 10 pounds in a year (according to my doctor's scale) but I went from a size 16 to a 12 or sometimes10.
  • My best friend is always there, 5 days a week, before work, to workout together. And then, my A1C went from 8% down to 5.4% due to exercising, which keeps me motivated to keep going.
  • I am T2D and have not taken a class. I use my glucometer to get to know my body - what can I eat? What should I avoid? What time of day am I likely to spike despite my best efforts? I also work out religiously, 5 days a week, a minimum of 40 minutes a day. Cardio and strength training. I track what my blood sugars are…
  • I have to run on the treadmill, at least until the ice and snow go away and I can head back outside.....
  • Perfume. I can overlook anything else, but I hate getting a lung full of White Diamonds when I am on the treadmill (or anywhere else). Lotions and deoderant do not bother me, but perfumes really upset my breathing.
  • If I could only do 5 exercises that maximized my sweatiness with limited equipment, they would be: Walking lunges w/weights Burpees Planks or shoulder taps leg lifts squat jumps
  • My short term goal is one pull up by end of June. Long term - learn to swim so I can do a Tri.
  • I started working out at 44. At 45, I am more fit than at any time of my life - and I love the other perks of being this age, such as more freedom to do what I want and the ability to say no to other people without feeling guilty.
  • I agree that it is very individual and to test to get a sense of what you can and cannot eat. The only thing I would add is to look at sugar content, not just carbs - sometimes a "low carb" food still has a lot of sugar. It can be tricky!
  • I actually have a workout buddy and it's great - we have been working out together for little over a year. He was a co worker, then we found out we had the same gym, and then I asked if he could help me because he is very serious about fitness and I was just starting out. He pushes me, but it's fun as well - before and…
  • I listen to Pandora's Running Radio - it is heavy on Imagine Dragons, Fitz and the Tantrums, American Authors... But I will also listen to rock music. Disturbed, Volbeat, Metallica - they all get me going.
  • My favorite so far is the Detroit Free Press half - my second half, held in October. We ran across the Ambassador Bridge into Canada, ran through Canada, then through the tunnel back into Detroit. It had amazing energy, a huge field of runners, and a nice health fair leading up to it. It was fun!