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  • Yep. And ask him to put the old toilet in the back yard. Tape his face on that, too, and take a sledge hammer to it.
  • Meh, I'm lazy with complicated dishes. I'd log it as Olive Garden (or another chain) chicken marsala.
  • I go to the gun range and shoot up some paper. Archery or even first person shooter video games work, too, if you're not into firearms. Write or imagine your feelings and rage on the target, then destroy it! Seriously, I've had some amazingly beautiful therapeutic breakthroughs at the range.
  • I always liked the Power bowls from Taco Bell when I was a standard carber. Nothing there suits me now. Except the sauce packets. I put those on my home cooked ground beef; just as good (better). Although that bikini is adorable. The Vegas strip is just a half hour roadtrip for me...
  • An all meat (and dairy and eggs) diet isn't really all that high in protein. A moderately fatty cut of beef (say, a ribeye or chuck roast or 80/20 ground beef) is going to roughly have a fat to protein ratio of 1:1 by grams. That translates to roughly 70-80% fat and 20-30% protein calories. And that's not counting the fats…
  • Chili. I didn't feel like cooking, and this cooks itself in the crock pot. Some leftover pot roast, a pound of ground turkey, beans, tomatoes, onions, seasoning. Throw it all together and wait.
  • Same for me. Except I want AC in my garage (Las Vegas). I have mostly all the equipment I need already: pull up bar, dip bars, suspension straps, floor pad, jump rope. In my dreams I'd have the money for a commercial quality rower...but the AC will come first.
  • ^These are how my chicken is, too. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I haven't bought boneless, skinless chicken breasts in years. I don't like the solutions that are often injected in them. I buy whole chickens, bone-in thighs, or leg quarters. Seem the same as always.
  • Rooibos tea is somewhat sweet naturally. Also, it's not listed, but some teas advertised as sweet have stevia leaves in them, which are also sweet.
  • I've been ZC for about 11 weeks now. LCHF for a few weeks before that. I eat meat, eggs, butter, cream (HWC), and hard cheeses. I do use dried spices, mustard, and hot sauce in small quantities, and very seldom some mayo or ranch dressing. But no ketchup, no Bbq sauce, no marinades (lots of plants and sugars in that…
  • And really, counting calories takes no more time than not. We're going to plate our food, might as well have that plate on a scale. We're going to faff around on the internet or our phones at some point(s) in the day, might as well open the MFP page and enter our food. Of course, those with the too much time/effort excuses…
  • LOL!!! I've had MFP congratulate me on hitting my iron goal...for drinking a whole bottle of wine (oops):p But it shames me for a tiny pat of butter, "butter is high in saturated fats." You don't say?
  • Kale and cilantro are my can't stand foods. I have the gene that makes cilantro taste soapy (it's a real thing). Kale is a similar soap + dirt taste for me. Good thing? There's gadzillion other foods to eat out there :) Oh, my "weird" food aversions: I truly dislike ice cream and fruit, especially citrus, strawberries, and…
  • Magnificent ;) I gained 7lbs from Christmas through New Year's. All but 1lb is gone. Weight fluctuates, OP, for all the various reasons mentioned.
  • 1 Jan: 137.6lbs Today: 133.6lbs Lots of Christmas bloat (plus some fat gain) is gone. Goal is to get back down to my 128-132lb maintenance range. I got to 132lb in mid Dec, but you know, all the things happened at Christmas.
  • I would tend toward reducing the carbs, not the fat. Espwcially on a LC Woe. . know there's some fantastic recipes for making your own SDT infused olive oil and pesto. Depending on the recipe, we're talking 0.5-2.5g carbs per serving. A little SDT goes along way when using them that way. All the fat and flavor, much less…
  • Oh, and Google "butter boat." It's a low-tech way to keep butter out, but cool enough to stay fresh. I'd bet our ancestors used these before ice boxes and fridges. I should ask my grandma.
  • I've always kept a portion of butter for daily use on the counter (covered butter dish). So did my mother, and her mother... Never developed mold. Unopened sticks kept in the fridge, however. ETA: winter time, of course, it's cool in the house. Summers back in my childhood, we had no AC (Wisconsin can and does have brutal,…
  • Lactose intolerant here. I can consume small quantities of hard cheese, pure cream, butter, and sour cream (all are less than 1g lactose per serving). But absolutely no milk, yogurt, or ice cream for me. Which is fine, as I don't like those.
  • In bottles: Diet Pepsi. From the soda fountains: Diet Coke. Bonus if it's a Coke Freestyle machine; those rock. I make a Diet Coke with lemon. OMG, so good.
  • ^^This. I don't like any margarine/vegetable spreads. In fact, if they are they only option (like at a friend's house, for example), I use so much more of the light margarine. Pretty much defeats the purpose. 50 cals of real butter tastes so much richer than 50 cals of spread, IME.
  • Me, too. I am successful because I hold myself accountable...by using tools that cost money. I am VERY good at living in denial/fantasy land(overestimating my activity/underestimating my intake). My activity tracker, food scale, and MFP logging keeps it real.
  • Yass! These exact ones (King Oscar, smoked sardines in olive oil). I keep a stack in the pantry at all times. Smoked oysters are good, too, but an aquired taste/texture. I also keep shelf stable pepperoni packs and beef jerky in my purse. Always prepared!! B)
  • So true about the sizing changes. I keep a pair of Guess brand jeans (circa 1993) as my "test jeans." I'm very close to zipping them up. They are a size 10. My current (bought within the last year) jeans are size 4, and they're loose everywhere, and that brand doesn't make smaller :| I'm lean, but not tiny. I feel for the…
  • I came here to say the same. I love beer and whiskey, and I refuse to choose one over the other. A little whiskey, a little beer. Actually, I'd start with a whiskey, then proceed to a beer flight: lager, IPA, porter, stout :)