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  • all sorts of crunches for spot toning. Can be done on the floor, on a stabiity ball. Make sure to also do exercises for your back. Always hold the abs in; while walking, sitting and exercising. However, an all over exercise program is key to losing the 'memory foam' with cardio as well
  • Shore: Ah, poor you! Things happen in 3's so hopefully that's it. I hear ya on the Pre-men thing. Tough to lose weight with that going on as well. I don't binge, but I have other bad habits that I use to cope! It's a new week, take a deep cleansing breath, and start over. BTW Good Luck on your Century! Carol
  • I agree. On days when I don't workout I am actually cranky! Some girl at the gym was shocked when I told her that I love working out, for her it is a chore. Told her that once those endorphins kick in, there is no turning back! 515Teach: Many peeps do the strength training and sub in other cardio for cardio days. However,…
  • Firegirl: Good luck with you race. No run today, but forgot to post y'day. Ran 5k and improved my time by 1min+. No where near under 30 but I feel good anyway. Happy Thanksgiving (canadian) weekend to all Carol
  • Angelo: Congrats! You are almost a p90x grad! AWESOME! Did you take before and after pics and measurements? Will you share them. I have been pushing play, but needed to take a few extra rest days because of hip issues and workout buddy was sick. Hope to do doubles this week and next before I go away. all the best Carol
  • Hey Jenny: Yep still push play, but mixing it up. Work with a trainer 2x a week, run 2-3 x a week and then pick cardio from BB programs, mostly the x. Still love it, but after almost a year of doing it, wanted to shake it up a bit. \ You are doing great, working out around construction dust! Carol
  • Good question. We have the same stats. I also run, but only 3x a week. I don't know if you do this, but maybe you should mix it up. Do you lift weights, that will speed up your metabolism. Do other cardio to 'confuse' your muscles. I do find with more cardio, the weight will go down, but lifting weights is important
  • I use cycling shoes. Find you get to work your legs more, able to really push AND pull much more effectively and really feel the muscles working while I am spinning.
  • You will; get better, believe me. It is all baby steps. If you have the manuals that come with the program, there are sheets to record reps in there, Just print some off and use them. They are really helpful. As for the nutrition, there is a formula that determines how many cals you need. Phase one diet is about 50 30 20,…
  • Jennygetsfit: Welcome to the X world. I see that you did Core Syn so I assume you are doing lean. You will have a blast. When your significant other sees what you look like, bet he will jump in too! I did 3 rounds of the x, one classic, 1 x/x+ hybrid and then started the lean. 515teachand run: Don`t get discouraged at your…
  • Hey runners: Well finally got in a run, but it was almost a no go. My right hip as been bothering me, but thought I would try. Took af ew steps, but too painful, so headed back home. Decided to jog a house away from mine, and the pain was gone! So did a quick 3k+ loop around my neighborhood, in case I started to hobble.…
  • No run, though I had planned one. Right hip is bothering me, even to put weight on leg of that side. And pain wraps around to front groin area. Have appt with physio on Monday. so will see what's up
  • 7 AM IS SLEEPING IN LOL! Good job getting your run in. What is cool. It was barely 40* here with a fierce wind!
  • Moderate pace. Not a bad thing. Love to run and talk!
  • It is okay to workout twice a day, but try doing cardio for one session and then weights the next. When doing weights, don't work out the same muscle group; do upper body one day, lower body the next. This way you give your muscles some rest. And most importantly, do a good stretching program!
  • Ditto! Great program, tough, but if you have to modify or push pause do so! Will see big improvements in a few weeks. I have done 2 rounds and X+ hybrid in the last year. Still mix it up in my workout routines. Carol
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  • No run for me. Did Yoga X. Felt good to stretch the muscles. Hope to get a run in this weekend, but, brr, it's cold now! Carol
  • I think you already know the answer to this DITCH THE SCALE! It is evil and was certainly invented by some skinny idiot! Seriously, I go by how my clothing fits. Believe it or not, I weight more than I did a year ago, but most clothes fit better. I know that I am fit and healthy, not many gals my age can work out like I do…
  • Have fun!I I still do!
  • No run for me today, did Cardio X, even had another member from the gym join us so that was fun. Then did some hamstring exercises (never feel any soreness when doing leg workouts) and my physio exercises. Hessied: Tough to do exercise after dinner. Could you just eat something like a protein bar, then eat dinner when you…
  • :laugh: :laugh: Love it, best joke I have heard in a long time
  • No run for me today. Did a brutal leg workout, on the bosu. Already feeling it, hope to get a run in tomorrow. Carol
  • :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Tempting!!
  • I just had an issue, was told my 3rd disc was on its way and I had never received the second. Emailed them, got back a response the same day, needed to call for something else and it was resolved in 24 hours! Not bad turn around at all if you ask me! Carol
  • Afternoon runners: no run today, did Kenpo X this morning. Congrats to all racers and those getting their personal bests. Carol
  • 5km run today in the rain. The air is heavy and humid, so the drizzle was welcome. Carol
  • P90x is a great program, but it is a 6 day a week thing. Howwever, it is most definitely not boring, changing up every few weeks. I do mine at the gym, I bring a mini DVD player with the tape in it. Sometimes I get strange looks, but more often than not, a lot of interested questions. You could always do the x at home for…
  • Aw, that's too bad. Don't blame you and your team for bailing (sorry for the pun), live and exercise safely is the way to go!
  • I go thru spurts where the thought of eating a salad totally turns me off. Then I go thru a time when all I crave is salads. I just roll with the cravings, sensibily.
  • I would give the x a chance, need to get used to the workouts. Once you are familar with the cardio, sub some with running, maybe varying a different one each week. Or if you still have energy, on a weight day, you could run, but do one in the am and the other in the pm...Everyone has to do what is best for them Carol