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  • Just for today: I will not worry about what I ate today and how it was bad. Instead, I will think about how lovely it was to share my time and my food with a longtime friend.
  • Trying to get through Season 8 of "The Office"...
  • I have been doing WW since mid July and have lost 25 pounds to date. A slow, but steady loss. I also track on MFP which is so much more meaningful for me than the points plan. Nevertheless, I do find the personal and community approach in meetings beneficial. MFP alone worked for me in the past, but I find the connecting I…
  • Incredible! Well done! You must feel so much better!
  • Hello! I'm from outside of Toronto and know firsthand that this app works because I managed to lose over 60 pds about 6 years ago (which I've rediscovered after some pretty stressful life events). I'm back at it and hoping to lose between 80-100 pds. Please feel free to add me. I love the support that this site offers to…
  • I've also been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and really can't afford to be lax about my weight anymore. Too many complications to just ignore. So glad I can count on the support of others in my same boat. Please feel free to add me as a friend. It really does make all the difference.
  • Fitbit Friends are the best! Nothing like friends to motivate and be motivated by.
  • What's not to love about having new friends to support and be supported by? Looking forward to meeting others! I've done this before and know firsthand how much community involvement helps!
  • Back at it myself and would love some Toronto friends!
  • My Fitbit bracelet broke last month and just yesterday I got my new bracelet and am back to wearing my Flex. I would love new Fitbit friends to share your experiences and to support.
  • Wow! You are absolutely stunning! :smile:
  • Tuesdays with Morrie made me a bawling fool. I tried re-reading it this summer, but got too choked up. I'm currently reading "Gone Girl" and hoping to finish it soon so I can see the film which I understand is fantastic!
  • I'm from just outside of Toronto and always welcome new friends! :)
  • Always up for friends and MFP and Flex friends are my current favourites. New to the Flex and still trying to learn how to add friends, but please add me on MFP and on the FitBit site:
  • Oh boy do I understand what you're feeling! I lost about 56 pounds a few years ago and then just stopped exercising and logging and...well, I let go and promptly gained back about 30 pounds. Then last year my life just catapulted into this abyss after such major family turmoil and I gained back the rest of what I lost plus…
  • Hi everyone: Used to have a FitBit One, but lately I find I need something that tells me a little bit more about my calorie burning during the day and, especially, my sleep cycle (which is whacky by the way). Ordered a FitBit Flex last week and just got word that it should be delivered today! (squee!) I fully expect to…
  • Wow! So many positive changes! Kudos to you! I've restarted recently and can always use new friends. By all means add me. We can support one another in this endeavour! :)
  • I ordered my Fitbit Flex from Amazon today. It's supposed to get here sometime next week. I'm pumped - particularly now that I've learned a Flex group exists and that most of you seem really happy with the product!
  • You all mentioned such good points already! I feel like ditto'ing everything. I hate not fitting comfortably in seats or worrying about whether the seat belt in the plane will buckle. I rarely allow myself to be photographed because I hate how I look in pictures now. I also hate being the biggest person in the room. That…
  • Hi folks! I'm 48 and back at MFP after 2-3 years of really being careless with my health when the health of family members became compromised. I'm happy that a group for us fabulous females exists and look forward to joining in on the discussion. By the way, always looking for friends to share this experience with me. oxox
  • The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. Enjoying it, but life just keeps getting in the way.
  • I have a number of recipes that I log under categories (ie. "Healthy Chicken", "Healthy Soups", etc.,) Most are healthy, some I pin and then "healthily" them. I'm AnnaBB. Please follow. I'm also always looking for new boards to follow as well. Love Pinterest...
  • I'm a repeater, but can attest that this site is fantastic. Anyone can add me - nice people especially welcome...snarky is good too although don't be snarky about my food choices or it's going to get ugly. :) Good luck everyone!
  • Just outside of the GTA. :)
  • Hi! I'm not new here. I'm a vet I suppose, but I'm a vet who has regained the weight MFP helped me to lose 3 years ago. Deleted my old account and should have kept my awesome friends, but forgot to. Now I'm back and would love to meet some folks who are ready to support my efforts and get some support back in return. If…
  • I love Goodreads and used it religiously for a while until my reading level diminished to nothing at all. Hoping to get back into it now that I'm on sabbatical for a year. Please add me: Abbyb1. I love new friends.
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  • Still Alice - tells the tale of a woman who is diagnosed and then living after being diagnosed with Alzheimers. Talk about crushing! There are passages in this book when she is grappling with early to moderate dementia that ripped my heart out. Please read this book...and be prepared to cry and empathize your heart out.
  • I've begun "The Poisonwood Bible" again. I really liked it the first time I started it, but put it down and didn't pick it up again. Hope to get through it this time. I really need and want to start devouring books again.
  • Been back for a week and can attest to how wonderfully this does work if you let it work for you...and get the proper support. I used to be on this site religiously and made a whole slew of friends. Recently, I deleted that account (and the big dummy that I am, I forgot to take my old friends with me) and have re-started…
  • Good girl! Right there with you! MFP worked for me 2 years ago and then I let life get in the way. Done with that too! Adding you as a friend! :)