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  • I think you should avoid thick and soft. Thick is ok, as long as it doesn't give. My favorite are mandukas, but the cheap ones work well.
  • Sure, if that's what you're going for. Even as a yoga enthusiast, I would have to agree on that yoga does not usually involve "pulling" type training. You asked about core - which it can do, if you focused on that. Because I've been asked this question before, I went to get strength tested at the University of Texas…
  • Also, make sure you aren't holding your breath. Tell your teacher when you begin to feel nauseated.
  • Kellynnjo: it would help if I knew which poses you are feeling discomfort. If it's down dog, put more weight toward your finger tips. This will move your forearms away from the floor and take weight off the wrists. You can fold up an extra sticky mat and place that under just the base of the palms - which is essentially…
  • I think so, depending on how you practice.
  • I practice daily, teach a couple of times a week, and study quite often. There is a yoga group on mfp, but it's not that active. But it shows how many people are at least somewhat interested: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/1484-generic-yoga-group
  • I do yoga almost everyday. I feel that I learn best from a teacher. If I was going to study karate or soccer or sculpting, I wouldn't get a video; so I'm always a little surprised that people want to learn yoga in such a way. I'm not saying videos (or I prefer audios) aren't useful, but I feel that they are a supplement to…
  • I have a pretty easy schedule. I teach three classes a week, do a little other part-time work, and do all the jobs around the house. So I'm one of those people who can practice 2 hours a day. I do not, however, watch any tv - I believe this is the biggest time suck, next is the computer/phone/games (of which I'm completely…
  • and this one: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/1484-generic-yoga-group
  • I think you should start looking for the right teacher. Look for someone that is willing to work with your injury and give you specific advice regarding your practice.
  • I hope you will try a different class. Many places offer beginners series or classes. I know many people don't want to pay for extra classes, but many times it's worth the money.
  • Yoga can help you be more mindful, which can extend to what you are eating. I know fellow yoga practitioners that lost quite a bit of weight when they started yoga. While I still eat too much, I eat a lot better than I did before I started yoga.
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  • I practice Iyengar yoga. I'm working on my Iyengar teacher certification. (I'm already a teacher, but the Iyengar certification is much more work). I don't like heated yoga much but for some people it works really well. I think Bikram himself is a jerk, and I wouldn't give him a cent of my money even if I liked the style.…
  • Open to all. http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/1484-generic-yoga-group
  • For those that can't get into child's pose: it has to do with flexibility, not body shape. That's one of the many reasons it is good to go to a class of your peers (going to a class with people roughly the same age/size you are) - you can see what is possible. I teach a class where the average age is around 70 - those…
  • I practice Iyengar yoga nearly daily, have a yoga blog, a teach a couple of classes a week. The group used to be more active. I don't know what happened.
  • Try to do something everyday - even if it's 2 minutes worth. It will help create the habit.
  • don't eat 4 hours before class - you'll be fine.
  • Oh, as far as restoratives go, I like practicing all the standing poses lying down. Basically, put your feet to the wall (rather than the floor) and have your back to the floor, then make the shape of the standing pose.
  • Great job kinga_m for developing a home practice!
  • Hope you make a speedy recovery. What about Pranayama, do you work on that? I'm not very experienced with it and struggle with it most days. My favorite is Bhramari which does have an associated mudra.
  • So many favorites: urdhva dhanurasana (wheel), sirasana (headstand), sarvangasana (shoulderstand), most of the standing poses. A little easier to think of ones I don't like.
  • Most people like to do down dog as their one pose of the day: it's a forward bend, inversion, shoulder opener, and builds arm strength. If you go to this page: http://iyengarnyc.org/association/links/ a scroll down to "Forms and Downloads", they have a pdf of a couple of short home practices, that are suitable for…
  • The manduka is a really good mat. I have two mandukas - one for studios and one for home (the big heavy one). I practice nearly every day. I usually take one day off a week to let my muscles rest or because life gets in the way. The best way to make practice a habit is to do at least one pose everyday - even if you have…
  • Studios all over are offering free or donation classes on Sunday. It's a great time to start.
  • Try it - try a couple of different styles (yin, ashtanga, iyengar, viniyoga) - see what you think. The benefits for me have been much more mental than physical, even though I'm mostly working on the physical level.
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  • Which poses cause the shivering? If you want to post pictures of yourself in the pose, I may be able to help with your alignment.
  • There's a group of yoga fans here on MFP, open to all: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/1484-generic-yoga-group I practice Iyengar yoga.
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  • Bikram doesn't have that large of a calorie burn, although, like anything, I'm sure some have had success with it.
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