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    SW: 200 (June 2016)
    Last weigh in was 2 weeks ago bc I was on vacation last week: 190.2
    Today: 187.2 (down 3 in two weeks INCLUDING vacation!!!)
    GW #1: 150
    GW #2: 135???

    Above from 7/27

    I have struggled in August. Wk1.Kids back in school. PMS-insanity. wk2.Vacation wk3 sick kids and now I think I'm getting sick but I am BACK on wagon. I need to prep meals more for those CRAZY nights now that school is back in session.

    SW 200 (June 2016)
    LW: 187.2
    Today: 187 (loss of a whopping .2 in 3 weeks LOL! Better than a gain!!!)
    GW #1: 150
    GW#2: 135???
    Total lost: 13

    I got tickled yesterday. I went to endo. She remarked on how I have lost 18# since last visit. I told her I was doing LC. She said great. Losing weight is so important. When I was checking out, they always give me a "visit summary" sheet that includes vitals, medicine instructions/changes, etc. For the past 5 years, I've also gotten the "how to lose weight" pamphlet that calls for a low-carb whole grain diet. They had stapled it to my check out sheet again yesterday. AAAAAaaaaaaa! Have we not established that it does not work for me!!!!! Very likely it was the nurse that put it on there not my endo but still!!!! Sheesh!!!
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    Karlottap wrote: »
    Began this woe at 231, and am now 168! Goal is 165!! Before this woe, in 2010, I was 318,, and had weight loss surgery, but didn't get a handle on my food intake! My lowest weight after the surgery was 208. I know I wouldn't be here without LCHF!

    @Karlottap - I had RNY surgery in 1999. My lowest weight following surgery was 190... my highest adult weight being 326 on the morning of surgery. Low carb has changed my life... I am certainly not perfect in the WOE/WOL... but it is working for me.

    Orig. SW in 1999: 326
    SW Jan 2016: 233
    CW: 171.8 (down from 175 :smile: )
    GW: something in the neighborhood of 150 - I'm shooting for a body fat% rather than a scale#
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    Cyndi146 wrote: »
    SW - 224
    CW - 208
    GW - 180

    6/1 - 224
    7/1 - 214
    8/3 - 208
    8/17 - 211 hmpf! Note to self, don't eat a super huge seafood dinner the night before weigh in
    Eating beef the day before weigh in will increase weigh due to water retention in the muscles.
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    Another week! Tomorrow will be my 100th day whoo hoo!
    CW:167 (due to new fitness plan)
    GW 150

    I dont know when the scale will move again. I am taking photos and measuring to see my progress another way!
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    SW: 229
    CW: 182
    GW: 140

    Aug 1: 187 (SW LC)
    Aug 10: 185
    Aug 17: 182

    Congrats on all the losses - very inspirational!
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    Starting this 8/17
    Starting weight (since joining MFP): 262lbs
    Current weight: 185.6 lbs
    Goal weight (for now): 170lbs
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    @mickigoad , this woe has done for me what was could never do! Control over food is a wonderful thing!! Good for you!!

    Congratulations @anewlifeat40 !! 10pounds is wonderful!!
  • cimarrona27
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    SW 1: 207
    SW 2: 193

    Current: 181.6
    Down: 11.4 from SW2

    Goal Weight: Med free, can run and not feel like I am going to die and do a pull-up (and hopefully more than one- ha!)
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    ryanb1385 wrote: »
    ryanb1385 wrote: »
    ryanb1385 wrote: »
    ryanb1385 wrote: »
    ryanb1385 wrote: »
    ryanb1385 wrote: »
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    Started 2nd week of Feb

    SW - 242
    CW - 209.6
    GW (initial) - 170 (13% BF)
    GW (2nd) - 185

    I actually weigh daily. It helps me keep accountable to myself. The second goal is my planned keto "bulk", after I kill the fat, that involves a lot of pick things up and put them down. I know my lean mass (148 lbs) due to regular bod pod readings, so BF% is more my true goal than an actual weight.

    6/15 - 208.6 lbs - 28.6% BF

    6/22 - 208.0 lbs - 28.3%

    6/29 - 205.9 lbs - 27.6% BF

    7/6 - 204.2 - 27% BF (149 lbs lean mass)

    I actually say 203.2 earlier this week, but I think I am holding a bit of stress weight from a couple of awful days at the office.

    7/13 - 200.8 - 25.7% BF (149 lbs lean mass)

    GW: 170ish - ~10% BF

    Still cruising along with the fat loss. Its about time for another BodPod measurement to get updated numbers and make sure my lean number is still accurate.

    7/20 - 198.2 (onederland!!) - 25.8% be (147 lbs of lean mass per body pod yesterday)

    7/27 - 199.8 - 26.4% BF - Bit of a rebound, had a couple carby meals this week, with one last night, so there may be some water retention.

    8/3 - 197.6 - 25.6% BF (147lbs lean) - Back on the loss train, although, I do keep bouncing around the 197 mark, maybe it's another one of my body's "set points". I had one at 210 until I finally broke through after a month.

    8/10 - 196.8 - 25.3% BF (147 lbs lean) - Not bad, hopefully I keep trending down. This is the lowest I have seen on the scale since starting the weight loss plan

    8/18 - 198.0 - 25.8% BF (147 Lean) - Back up this week - I need to curb the drinking, I think that is whats been holding me back. Its keto approved booze, but Ive been doing 4-5 nights a week due to dating and social activities....or I could take up running to make up the difference.
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    I was on vacation and missed posting so I am updating today:

    SW 164lbs
    CW 161.8lbs
    GW 130 lbs
  • Sarahb29
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    SW: 308 (highest known weight)
    CW: 254
    GW: 150

    Made some bad meal choices, gained a little, but got back on the wagon since I can cook again. Down 3lbs from my highest weight this month but still have a ways to go to get out of the 250s. Lots of walking every day this week and last week helped.
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    19 Weeks
    SW 258
    CW 220.7
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    Zenwenner wrote: »
    SW: 236
    CW: 168
    GW: 150

    It was stuck at 171 for a few days because of a bit carby on the weekend and some big DOMS going on, but seems to be heading back down finally.

    This is great. How long did it take you to do this?
  • LEAS86
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    SW 175
    CW 158

    Only another 0.5lbs this week but had a terrible weekend food wise (I ate ALLLLL the carbs!), so pretty pleased to see any loss at all!
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    Oh right, it is Wednesday. Well, since I've not posted this anywhere previously, I'll start here.

    6/22- 155.1
    6/29- 152.3

    Still dropping faster than I'd like, even after pushing the kcals up to 1700 per day, and having a couple of notably higher days during food prep.

    6/29 - 152.3
    7/6 - 151.2

    Going to let it ride for one more week and adjust to slow down as needed.

    7/6 - 151.2
    7/13 - 151.9

    About what I was hoping to see this week, though well within a margin of error either way. Going to see how the trend runs over the next two months, making slight adjustments every couple of weeks.

    7/13 - 151.9
    7/20 - 151.5

    Getting pretty static, and I'm seeing about what I would expect. Going to hold this caloric level (1700) for another couple of weeks and see how it runs.

    7/20 - 151.5
    7/27 - 151.2

    Still running well within the expected range, and seeing extremely low variance during daily weigh-ins.

    7/27 - 151.2
    8/3 - 150.1

    Welp, time to average and adjust upward.

    8/3 - 150.1
    8/10 - 154.0

    Going from completely sedentary to lifting six times per week, and being more active outside of that than I have ever been, is definitely having a clear impact on weight fluctuation. Feels good though. Looking forward to seeing how the upward trend actually runs, now that I am running a surplus.

    8/10 - 154.0
    8/17 - 155.4

    Seen all manner of weight fluctuation over this past week, from a high of 158.4 (yesterday), to a low of 152.9. It doesn't surprise me, given the change from doing nothing, to lifting (or some form of resistance training) every day for the last week and a half or so. Already starting to notice a lot of musculature being brought back to life, from it's previously unused state. Going to run for another couple of weeks before I bother photo updating my bulk thread though.

    8/17 - 155.4
    8/24 - 158.5

    Continuing with the pretty rapid fluctuations and swings, though I am seeing a defined upward trend. Going for a couple of more weeks before tinkering with anything. Lifts are up, measurements are acceptable, and calipers haven't changed much. I'll take it, for now.
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    Well I'm not weighing in because I'm probably heavier than usual. I just started weight lifting and I'm sore, so there will be water weight from that, and also water weight from hormones.
  • Gallowmere1984
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    Well I'm not weighing in because I'm probably heavier than usual. I just started weight lifting and I'm sore, so there will be water weight from that, and also water weight from hormones.

    I know them feels, but honestly, unless it's going to mess with your head, do it anyway. It's a pretty cool data point to have later for when the water retention and inflammation start shedding.