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  • any were between 1200 and your maintenance level is a good start the most important thing in weight loss is that you know as accurate as possible how much calories you really eat This is done by weighing all your solid food on a food scale. Do this for some weeks and see what happens adjust and tweak along you go :) Next…
  • oops sworrrryyyyy NOT hehehe grins evil I get mine tonight...and i made a cookie/cinnamon spice seasoning for it yummmmmmmmm
  • I went back in your dairy till the first of August...and really you have to tighten up your logging 1 orange and cups and spoon entry's are not accurate at all. medium strawberries 0.5 cup of rice 0.35 cup pinto beans 0.5 bag of cheetos 1 donut 1 egg always 70 calories and always 50 gram ( try to weigh them really i do and…
  • i dont use the popping oil but the spray btw. And a lot of good tasting seasonings plus i make some myself
  • it should tell you on the box how much serving sizes it is. and if you want cheap calorie popcorn and the most bang for your bucks By an air popper ( on amazon 19.99) And buy orville redebachers popcorn... 120 calories for 40 gram of unpopped popcorn Some kernels seasoning abd spray And for 2.5 serving ( like i eat every…
  • rofllllll thumbs up...i think we drink the same wine
  • that is before cooking. So you weigh it raw and log 130 calories for 4oz.
  • See bolded So when you know this...why post on a forum instead of going to a professional? seek support/help
  • It is totally possible But health wise not good. You will lose more muscle mass And besides other medical issues that ac-cure over longer time ( some are non refer-sable...think about the fact your heart is a muscle too) you are unnecessary make it hard on your body. A body that exercise/train hard needs nutrition's to…
  • oh love that one too But I have to confess I love all Chinese/Japanese/Indian foods
  • why lol just asking what you really meant.
  • Ok so what is a small TDEE? Because it is like you are talking about a small deficit.
  • So what is a really small tde? Because i think you mean something else like a deficit. and i love Panda...but the salt kills it most of the time for me. When i get it...i make it fit. Even when i was on 1200 calories a day, i just ate a day at maintenance level
  • I am very glad that you posted this Lots of times we dont hear anything anymore Even do when people start weighing their food and start losing is so important that the members see that it really is important!! Kudos and Respect for posting here!
  • well i am not a doctor and diagnoses online by random stranger is a bit hard So when people post and say "visible' water retention ...welll that is worry some. Or totally nothing. it is up to you i cant give you answers
  • what is not long? Girl when you have visible water retention go to a doctor!
  • weigh your food on a food scale that's important, no cups spoons or serving sizes i am 5.5 155 pounds ( lost 106 pound's since October 2014) sedentary eat 1600 And lose between 0.5 to 1 pound a week. So smaller than you..less active and i lose at 1600 calorie intake...but i weigh EVERYTHING! so i know as accurate as…
  • you should see a doctor about this. Its normal that you retain some water after exercise yes...but not really visible You better let the doctor check it out. And over your sodium here dont have to be bad at all I eat btw like i said before low sodium but have the "visible water retention" pretty bad. But i know what is…
  • air popped popcorn a huge bowl! Each night! And i switch every night these kinda things Some frozen fruit ( its like candies when it is frozen and you chew longer) Some fiber bars nuts/almonds ice cream with fruit or on its own
  • Make it easy on your self believe me Throw everything overboard. Do CICO here on MFP Weigh all your solid food on a scale...log it and count. Create a deficit Eat everything you want only portion control and planning Pre plan your days a day ahead Exercise if you can and and eat a portion back on top of what MFP gave you…
  • Low sodium here 1500mg a day or rather even under..lots of days i can stay around the 1000mg And np at all with the is vica versa for me i was on 1200 calories the first 3 months.... Slowly upped to 1600 calories now...and have more problems to stick around the 1500mg a day hehehe I cook from scratch eat less…
  • i lolzzz big timee Ofcourse this is not true indeed But we will see she is 100 pounds overweight in ten weeks she should have lost it all again with her magic woo diet rofl We will see! todays date is 8/30/2015 Lets check on this one rofl Love to follow this one. OP just CICO is needed that's all.
  • Sorry there is no bad food only too much food. Very simple :) Eat what you like and to lose weight eat less calories than you burn...very simple
  • air popped popcorn But also there are no good or bad foods Moderation is the key
  • yeps and lost over 106 pounds