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  • My calories are a little higher but I have 80 lbs I'd like to lose and plan on being active and accountable like I was two years ago. I'd be happy to have new friends to share encouragement and support.
  • Best of luck to you! Calorie counting does work if you do it right. I lost 60 lbs in 2015 but gained it all back when I got pregnant. So I'm back at it again hoping to lose that 60 and then some.
  • Hi everyone! I had my fifth baby at the end of February :) Prior to pregnancy, I had spent the first 6 months of 2015 losing 60 lbs, then when I got pregnant I put almost all the weight back on :( I'm finally trying to get back on the wagon, but I sometimes find my nursing cravings more intense than my pregnancy cravings.…
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  • I'm 15 weeks with #5. I've sadly gained back way more than I'd hoped already due to being exhausted and eating junk. I'm trying to get back on track and eat better and exercise again. I'd love some fellow pregnant friends for support!
  • Hello everyone! I'm 34 and pregnant with baby #5 due at the end of February. I spent the first six months of the year losing 60 lbs. Since I became pregnant I've totally fallen off the wagon. I've gained 13 lbs or so. I could only stomach junk food in the first trimester and was so exhausted I quit exercising. I'm trying…
  • Love this!
  • I started at 242 and am now 183. My belly sag has shrunk quite a lot, but it's still there. Keep in mind I've had four children though. My goal is just to keep losing, keep working out, and be happy with whatever I'm left with.
  • Me either.. OP either enjoy a treat or eat something like avocado or peanut butter to get those calories in.
  • Hopefully you had a fun day. You logged it. And now you move on :)
  • If you don't have a food scale, you need one. That will definitely help. And you have to log everything that goes in your mouth, everything. I'm a mom of four who had a huge belly sag afterwards. I've been weighing my food, eating at least 1600 calories, exercising (try some different things like aerobics or circuit…
  • Me! I like to call it my pre-4-babies and pre-husband weight though :) My hubby loves to cook and is very generous with delicious tasty food. And I never did seem to lose any of the weight I gained when pregnant. I've been doing this since January and am down 57 lbs with at least 30 lbs still left to go.
  • Yes I have that happen. It happened when I got under 200. It happened again at 185. I will find myself having a few good days and then overeating the next day. Part of me feels like I earned it because I lost 50+ lbs, part of me feels like I need it, and the rest of me just wants it. You just have to dig deep and somehow…
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  • Thank you. I agree, I need to learn some patience and leave my settings alone. I could definitely try to eat a bit healthier so maybe I'll work on adding some better more-filling food choices instead of all my snacks. I'll check out the link too.
  • Thank you! I haven't really figured out how to calculate my TDEE. I guess I get confused because of the amount of energy expended in exercise tends to go up with each level...I workout about an hour a day, but it's not vigorous, so I'm never quite sure what to select on the TDEE calculator.
  • I guess all we can do is not give up until we get our mojo back!
  • Thank you for the suggestion, I will have to try and find that group :)
  • Sonic milkshakes. Last year my husband and I would have 1-2 a week for half-price. Now I know they have at least 1000 calories in them! Craziness. I always always always check on my phone before ordering anything now.
  • That's great! I still have trouble with willpower.
  • If you've got the money, that sounds like a great plan! I wouldn't go all out crazy shopping, but you will definitely need and deserve some new clothes. Then see how you feel at 175 :)
  • Yep, you just move on and keep going. I think sometimes we need to enjoy life and not worry about the calories and exercise for a minute, you just have to make sure you get back to it the next day. Don't feel guilty for having fun, but don't make splurging a daily habit either.
  • I would try lightly active and then enter your exercise and eat back half of that and see how that goes.
  • Yes it has worked for me, I am still not the healthiest eater, that's something I need to work on. Don't fear your exercise calories though, eat half of them back to account for inaccuracies.
  • When I first started here the scale wouldn't move during my TOM, but now I seem to lose regardless.
  • I usually have a rough two days before mine. I just try to be good, but eat what I crave, exercise, and hope it all balances out from my hard work the other days. I noticed when I first began this journey I would not lose weight during the week of my TOM, but now I can lose on it.
  • Sounds good to me! I started out with 80 lbs to lose and I had 1770 calories, I lost well on that.
  • Welcome! I'm a mom of four who had 80ish lbs to lose also, I'm currently down 54 lbs. Enter your info into MFP, eat at your goal, exercise for health, and have fun losing!
  • I do agree. It's kind of like raising kids though, while you're in the middle of it, it can be hard and frustrating, but then you wonder where the time went. So yes, if I'd known how easily I could drop 50 lbs I'd have done it a long time ago, though that's not to say that I didn't have days of struggle along the way.
  • I have four children that are 7 and under, so I know the no time for exercise excuse very well, but you have to make time for it, you can even find things to do with your children. We go on walks, dance, play sports outside (soccer, basketball, tennis), inside the home I have bicycle pedals, a gazelle glider that folds up,…