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  • Click on Add Food. At the bottom, click on "Settings". Display Recently Used For: Change to "all meals". I haven't found a way to scan and keep them without adding them to a meal. Maybe just scan everything into a day in the past so they are there.
  • Since I recently found out I have a milk allergy, I understand how sneaky milk is in products and how hard it can be to avoid. Some products I have found milk in seemingly make no sense (I'm looking at you, beef bouillon). Basically, I just cut out as much processed foods as possible. Stick to meat, fruit, vegetables,…
  • HardyGirl - what you're seeing here in responses is pretty par for the course on MFP. If you dare suggest trying anything other than Calories In, Calories Out, people insist you must be wrong to try it. Now, technically what they are saying is true - your digestive system does not need a break. Your liver doesn't need a…
  • I understand your fears, but I'm here to tell you, there is no need for them. No reason not to go alone - once the class starts, it's not a social event. People don't talk - they dance, they sweat, they laugh at themselves, but they don't judge you. They're either focused on all their own insecurities, or they're focused…
  • I have been known to bring in a bag of grapes. This requires a slightly larger than an evening purse, but nothing ridiculous. When I spent a week at a film festival I also did: 1. Mini-cucumbers 2. Lettuce wrapped hot dogs
  • Bill Nye wasn't bought off. People claimed he must have been, but they have no real evidence to that. He is a scientist and I believe science more than fear mongering. And believe me, I think Monsanto is the Grand Poobah of Evil Corporations, so I don't say that lightly. Denying the scientific evidence that GMO's are fine…
  • That's a really good idea! It's cheap and in most drug stores. I've used that on my feet to prevent blisters. It would be very comfortable against the skin.
  • I usually just let the FitBit adjust for MFP, since I have a Charge HR. What I have found is if you use the mobile app to log your excise, the calories MFP gives you to eat back double, meaning it counts both the MFP exercise calories, as well as the FitBit calories. If I use the web, it seems to make the adjustment…
  • Here's the deal with a gluten free diet (and I am not speaking to people with Celiac disease here....obviously you have no choice) - it's fine if you want to cut out gluten because of some perceived benefit, but I can guarantee you, if you think gluten is the sole reason for your weight gain, and you just sub every…
  • You push through sore, never pain. Personally, I never jump, or do anything high impact, because I'm very overweight and my knees are pretty mad about it. I don't want to blow them out, so I'm very mindful to modify anything with impact. I've done many Jillian Michael's DVD's and she always has a low impact modifier.…
  • When I worked from home and had a fenced in yard for the dogs so I didn't have to walk them and a crappy job I was working 16-20 hours per day at, some days I would pull in 800 steps. No lie. My max back then was like 1800. Just the sheer act of getting dressed and walking to and from the car at home and at work, walking…
  • A FitBit will measure all steps. The cheapest model is $50 (FitBit Zip). Given the software it comes with as well, it's a worthwhile investment. I've had all manner of those cheap pedometers that you clip on and they are garbage.
  • I go to a gym that is similar in theory (sign up in advance, pay if you don't show up, circuit training environment, small classes) and I can say that it's definitely better than regular gym classes. The instructor is on me in a flash if I'm doing something wrong (most of the time). It's effective, encouraging. I have to…
  • I have an office job and I sit at my desk for long periods of time as well. Doing the bare minimum of my daily life, I get 4500. I get 2k per day in the office just walking to the bathroom and the coffee pot and the water cooler when I do get up. One secret is when you do get up, be inefficient. I used to combine trips -…
  • So, your kid wanted to play the same game all his friends are playing, get some exercise, and you made fun of him? Stellar parenting! There is no prize for hating something. I say anything that gets anyone up and moving is worth encouraging.
  • Mine are different by about a half inch. I used to know someone who was a waitress and had dramatically different sized biceps because she always carried the tray with the same arm. So, yes, it can happen, and yes, I'd say work out the other arm. If it's possible, maybe even try using your other arm at work.
  • This is all true. And also why I created a new Gmail account just to play.
  • This. I love Nerd Fitness!
  • In Grade One, several kids still ate paste. It's time to let this one go. Besides, even if you do "look funny" it might be natural for your body. Time to stop worry about what others thing and start being your own fabulous self. Learn from Phoebe.
  • Body Pump is a Barbell class. At least at my local gym. Body Pump Description So, yes, it would be a good class to take!
  • This is what I do as well.
  • My uncle has a chronic disease that caused catastrophic liver failure one night. He is alive today because that same night, someone in a fatal car accident was an organ donor. Everyone in my family is a donor and knows full well to honour our wishes if the time comes to make that decision. I think it is important that…
  • That's awesome! I have BED and I know what a huge victory it is to stop one before it starts. You deserve to be proud!
  • I think the whole thing upsets me because of the waste more than anything. I don't understand people going to have themselves surgically altered so they can waste food while people go hungry every day. It's mind boggling to me.
  • Not a whole lot. At 5'5 my BMI would be 35 at 211 pounds. So, we're not exactly talking about housebound folks here.
  • Slap Ya Mama - the White Pepper version. I put it on everything. It's particularly fantastic on scrambled eggs.
  • I was doing really well, but went completely off the deep end last night. I let some stress get the better of me and couldn't stop until I was physically ill. Still very angry with myself, as well as fighting the urge to do it again.
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  • There's a place in Scottsdale, AZ that does a PB&J, bacon, and siracha burger. It took a while to work up the courage to order it, but I swear it's the stuff dreams are made of.
  • You'll probably get a wide variety of answers here. I've seen people equally insist that "sugar is sugar" and "fructose and sucrose affect the body differently". And people will provide studies that prove both, I'm sure. And then there are the CICO folks, who insist nothing else is relevant. Here's the real, as honest as…