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  • Yeah if you're bored you defo need to mix it up a bit. Nothing worse than not enjoying your training. I wish I had a home gym, that's what I'd love eventually but it is a big investment. Have a look at a group called LDNM they have some fantastic workouts for both men and women looking to progress and reach your goals.
  • Sounds fine to me, obv trainer knows your personal current fitness etc. I do 4 times a week, 20 secs on 40 secs off hill sprints on treadmill for 15-20 mins I hate it, but I flippin love the feeling afterwards. Nothing gets me like that.
  • Feel your pain OP. Suffered with this for a long time - still flares up now and again but I now know why and how to manage it. Mine was a combination of very tight calves but also hamstrings and gait. You say you stretch your calves, stretch your hamstrings as well. A good stretch that's worked for me is from a standing…
  • Of course not. The impression I got from the OP was that they have reached their target weight but want to increase tone. Only way to do that is by reducing body fat.
  • To clarify, what I meant was training is all about progression. If you do same routine week in week out and don't add progressive loads then you will plateau as your body adapts.
  • Is your answer! I love this. 20 seconds on 40 seconds off hill sprints on treadmill. Bye bye body fat.
  • I feel for people who experience DOMS properly for the first time. It is like being hit by a bus. It gets easier gradually but you will never stop experiencing it, you just learn to deal with it, and hope people don't prod you 2 days after a chest workout. Haha
  • The thing is, your body adapts, so the danger of doing the same routine for too long means you will find yourself plateauing and not making much progress. Perhaps mix up your routine, try something a little more challenging. My friend did Insanity and it really worked for him! I gave it a go and it's all body…
  • Sounds like you're doing rest pause training. I have a similar approach when focusing on hypertrophy. So for my shoulders I will do 3 sets of 6-8 reps of overhead dumbbell press (example only) - rest for 20 seconds in between each set then after 3rd set that's one complete set. Repeat that x3. You could do that for your…
  • try not using the scale - progress measured by so many other things bar that. most demotivational tool around, IMO.
  • yep mines open, add away all!
  • as someone has already said, recovery is what gets you in to shape as opposed to the training itself, per se. if i train properly, say chest and tris one day, there's no way i am training that again until the ache has gone. rest is absolutely crucial. if you don't let your body recover you're at serious risk of injury.…
  • this happens to my dog when i take her out first thing. she insists on me chucking the tennis ball at least once before she runs to get it and then squats by the ball. mad.
  • All 3 are good in their own right. It's good to mix it up. My current routine has a mixture of supersets, drop sets, pyramids, rest pause and straight sets. Your body adapts to anything eventually, so mixing up your routine is essential.
  • tao okamato (mariko off wolverine)
  • Probably even more than that really. Can't be emphasised enough how important diet is, especially when training!
  • Resistance training and cardio combination!
  • Yeah I know what you mean but there's a reason why docs/physios get you up and about on it as soon as you can. Just do some light exercises. What type of sprain is it? I have experience in these on both ankles, lateral and medial, so might be able to help with the exercises I was given on the numerous occasions I have done…
  • Bent over barbell rows. Lying leg curls for hamstrings. Hate both of them.
  • Insanity is hard. That is all I have to say about it :D
  • this. you can do it though!!
  • flat bench for me, love it. or lat raises. love them as well.
  • i have a small bowl of oats and a shake an hour an a half before training (i train after work) then my tea within 30 mins of my workout.
  • ideally you want to be putting weight on it and getting mobility as soon as you can, so get some exercises from your doctor or even better book a session with a physiotherapist. it's worse to do nothing, unless of course that is all you can do!
  • ok, well you want to incorporate some resistance training in there, it's more effective than cardio on its own but combined with cardio you will see much better results much quicker. difficult to put together a proper routine with so little info...if you enjoy interval training, check out the body coach on youtube, he's…
  • swelling indicates there is still some inflammation around the injury. personally i would ease up until it heals completely. might be ok now but long term running with an injury isn't gonna be good for you.
  • hi, what type of workout are you after? just cardio? or some resistance in there too? what are your goals?
  • not as tough as you think mate if you get them from leafy veg and that
  • because some people wanna do that. i do it as well but i just like doing it that way. i also enjoy things a lot more when i restrict them during week and have as a treat. like a beer, i have cut it out during the week but when i have one at the weekend i appreciate it way more. haha how bad does that sound, appreciating…
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