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  • Everything above. Lying leg curls also isolate the glutes pretty well, too.
  • With weights. Either a bar or a dumbbell squat. With weights, you get more strength/fewer repetitions. I got messed up knees from bad muscular balance. (That's what several doctors said.) That seems to have helped...
  • That...gave me goosebumps of horror. And I don't even have any junk. I don't actually have any interesting all. Not even of gym buddies. Not even in high school athletics, going back that far. I guess I'm just boring, and so are my friends! :D
  • Not a doctor, but probably this. -Strengthen your knees with specific lower body exercises. I like full squats (weighted) and weighted revers lunges for my crappy knees. -A foot strike more toward the front of your foot is more likely to put less pressure on knee and hip (and more on ankle and calf--you can't just get rid…
  • Well...I wasn't against weighing, and I knew why I'd stalled. I lost 15lbs. Stopped. Knew I was eating too much and exercising too little. Wanted to be more accurate. Joined MFP, started logging. Lost 12lbs in less than 2 months. Going to switch to "servings" rather calorie logging when I'm closer to goal weight because…
  • Sizes mean NOTHING anymore. NOTHING. Size inflation is completely out of control. US sizes: I wear 4s and some 2s at 135lbs 5'6" IF THEY ARE NEW. I am still quite chubby. 20 years ago, those would have been 10s and 12s. I can't come close to squeezing into my size 6 pants from even 12 years ago. Tops, I always wore medium…
  • I don't go down those aisles. :) I'm an IIFYM eater, but most of the junk doesn't taste all that good. If I'm going to spend calories on something really calorie dense, it had better be AMAZING. So I bake when I've got a serious itch.
  • 1) Fitbit is super accurate for step-based exercise IF you have negative adjustments enabled. 2) I try to get in at least 500 calories above sedentary a day, and I try to reduce my intake by 400 calories from my sedentary setting. Anything beyond that, I eat back every scrap of, whether or not I'm hungry, because that's…
  • I never had back boobs per se, but I had thicker fat there until I was sub-145 and a visible slight bulge above 150. However, I'm 5'6". Height becomes really important. Much smaller than the picture, as I didn't have any rolls/folds anywhere unless I was sitting, but I'd never had anything like it, and it freaked me out.
  • Physically changing locations helps a LOT. If you eat at home, getting out of the house...
  • If it looks good enough, wouldn't it inspire your SO to take you somewhere appropriate? :) DOUBLE REWARD! Triple, if you count what happens after you get back home again...
  • A Dermapen session. LOL. Especially if a TRACE of a stretchmark begins to show up....
  • Lifting heavy things, for instance. It preserves muscle. The usual measures aren't going to be sensitive enough to accurately pick out a 6lbs loss on an average obese person, though, so don't worry too much unless they're doing hydrostatic testing or dexa scans every time you come in.
  • Happens occasionally. Big changes in activity level, a lot of cardio, being out in the heat, big changes in meal size, hormone swings, and sickness can trigger it. If it keeps up, call the doctor. :)
  • Gardening isn't step-based. For that, it's kinda a guess. Heart rate monitors, unfortunately, aren't accurate for that, either.
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  • I love that description!!! Fitted shirts are a god-send. I already bought my outfits. :) They all FIT, but they don't look GOOD.
  • I got some canned clams on clearance once and made chowder...hubby (who's the chowder eater) said it would be middle-of-the-line for restaurant chowder. But I don't actually care for clam chowder, so I can't say. He's not usually "nice" about what I cook (because if he is, I'll keep cooking stuff he hates, like cabbage…
  • My husband does, too!!! WILL NOT eat fresh. Makes a mash of canned + mayo and just wolfs it down. But...I can't stand canned tuna except in one particular tuna casserole but I like it fresh. I tried canned salmon, and I just could not like it, either. :( Taste is about the same, but the texture changes. The texture's a lot…