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  • Agree with everything posted above! We also get: Almond flour Kirkland brand Dog Food (highly rated by dog food advisers) Pecans, Almonds, Pistachio's Moon Cheese and Parmesan Wisps Whole Organic Milk (For our 16 month old) MEAT! We go once a month and if we get out of there for less than $400, I consider that a win.
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  • I get SO MUCH BLOAT that makes me feel super uncomfortable after cheat meals/days. Also, if I cheat several days in a row, my tummy gets really uncomfortable and can sometimes feel like there is a rock rolling around in there. But by far the bloat is the worst effect. I have been overweight my whole life and had never…
  • My husband and I have been doing Keto together since January, and we have lost 120 lbs between the two of us! Having a spouse to hold you accountable is sooooo worth it. And when you're struggling, have a spouse for support to get through cravings etc is worth its weight in gold. Good luck! Don't get discouraged and know…
  • Yep, i will stall the week of ovulation and the week of my period. Can be very frustrating lol.
  • Diet coke is my soda of choice. I am also trying to kick that habit. I have been drinking carbonated water (Sparkling Ice) and it really does help. No caffiene though, so you'll have to find a different way to substitute that part of your addiction. Mine is mainly to the bubbles, lol. Oh, and I make sure I drink at least…
  • I only complete my diary on Mondays. I have been tracking its "estimates" 5 weeks out every week to see if I am staying on trend. I have hit every estimate so far (I started in January), although, I have about two weeks to hit the next low and I think I am going to miss lol.
  • There are other threads that go more in detail, but basically when you switch to burning fat your strength, speed and endurance all take a big hit. Several people talk about how it takes awhile of being in ketosis before you get back to your pre-keto strength/workout levels/speeds. It’s all part of the process.
  • I have been gaining and losing the same 2 lbs for the last week. Did my measurements on my belly and I lost 1 1/4 inches on my belly over that same time span!
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  • I used to use Premier Protein Shakes. They come in a cardboard box and you can get them at costco in big packs.
  • I fit into a size 14 pants today! I am now one size away from fitting in my high school size...woah!
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  • I will say it took a long time for me to notice a difference in my clothes. Like, a couple months of working hard and measuring losses. I also think your goal is way too aggressive. You are 5’7” and 168 lbs already. You want to lose 28 lbs, i think you should try for .5/wk loss. Much more sustainable over the long run.
  • You can definitely do it! My husband started at your same weight in January and is now under 250! It does take some adjustment to rethink about meal planning. We normally start with a protein and vegetable and go from there. We previously did low calorie and so that taught us portion size control. Now it’s just about…
  • So this one is kind of scale related... For the first time since at least high school, as of yesterday, my BMI is now just “Overweight” instead of “Obsese” :smiley:
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  • I have been sick all weekend and have been craving comfort foods full of carbs. But i did not indulge!! And while I am still sick, i know i can stay on plan :)
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  • Um, yes you can. The artificial sweetners in most diet sodas have a 0 on the glycemic index, meaning your body doesn't respond to them. If you are finding that diet sodas are kicking you out of ketosis, then I wouldn't drink them. But overall, they should be fine :).
  • I have been doing Keto for almost 5 months and have lost over 50 lbs. I have also done WW in the past and had been mildly successful with that (although on Keto I have been more successful), but did gain after I stopped tracking my points with WW. Keto is low carb and high fat, WW is trying to gear you away from fats. This…
  • I always try to think of it as I have to put my "time in" to lose weight. So if I wait until tomorrow, that is one more day I will have to "put in" to reach my goals. It is also how I keep myself from snacking or binge eating. "If I eat this now, that's more I'll just have to work to lose." It kind of helps me to think of…
  • I may have just started a "Woo" war over in the general weight loss forum...oops. They always woo our Keto posts, so I "woo"ed several of their 'keto is bad for you' and 'it's only cico that matters' and 'keto is bad advice' lol. Their responses are funny. But ya, I don't understand why they get so upset about how we…
  • I have heard about an Egg Fast for keto-ers. You will lose quickly, and once you go back to keto you will gain some of it back, but it can jump start your loss.
  • I am currently going through the rare side effect of hair loss :( My biggest shock is that could even happen! So i am currently struggling to make it less bad, not very successfully though. My other surprise is how much easier this WOE has been for weight loss than any other way I have tried. Like, i lose even without…
  • Also, if you have been faithful to keto, and then ate several carbs over your normal goal, that can cause serious cramps for me. It normally takes a couple days of overeating carbs, but when it happens it is the most excruciating cramps. I will also get lose stools when i am moving back into ketosis after said extra carbs.
  • My husband and I went through our closets to donate clothes that don't fit anymore. We donated FIVE GARBAGE BAGS worth of clothing!! It was crazy to see it all, and nice to know we won't ever need them again :)
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  • Make sure you are getting your salt and water in! Cravings the first 3 weeks are always the hardest part. And diet sodas are okay on keto. I have also been drinking sparkling ice to help me kick my diet soda habit. Good luck!
  • I just ran my second 5K today! Something I couldn’t even imagine doing 50 lbs heavier :)
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  • I would also like to point out that you have a 5 lb loss in less than a week, that is definitely a loss! It might mostly be water weight, but your weight is trending in the right direction. Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint, you gotta be ready to handle daily fluctuations. I also second only weighing yourself once…
  • I have lost over 50 lbs since January doing Keto. It has been hard, but I find it to be so much easier than calorie counting. 3 years ago when I tried losing weight and just did calorie counting, I was down only 30 lbs by August of that year, also starting in January. The first 2-3 weeks are TOUGH, the cravings are…
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  • I had a rough week when my birthday came around. One meal slid into a whole week when my family surprised me by coming in to town. But once they left, I got right back on it! You've already done the hardest part, deciding to go back to this way of eating and battle through the cravings. My husband and I also do our grocery…
  • Yay! Welcome to the group! Sustainability is key and I am glad this WOE is working for you. Keep up your hard work!
  • I am also doing keto! Have done it for about 3 1/2 months and have lost over 45 lbs, it really does work :) you will want to join the keto specific forums, they actually give helpful feedback to your issues! There is one mentioned above and one just called “keto”. Both of them have tons of advice and people willing to…
  • Picture on the left is September when I was 240, picture on the right is today at 198. Definitely some changes to see
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