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  • I forgot to weigh this morning so I'll be a day late. And it won't be good. I had 2 good weeks and now I'm back off track after being sick in bed for a couple days late last week. Hopefully today is better.
  • Last week was not a good week for steps. I had a couple days sick in bed with a migraine and another couple just plain lazy days. I haven't checked in in a few days, I'll be back later to catch up on posts. 🙂
  • Pw 233.2 Cw 232.2 I'll take it, especially because I had a bigger loss last week, I didn't expect a huge one again this week. I'm just glad the scale is going down again.
  • @PlaneMonkey losing my dad was one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. I am so sorry you're.goimg through it. Prayers for peace and comfort for your family.
  • Steps for last week. I didn't get my walk in Saturday like I wanted, but even at 2k steps that's more than I've been trending on the weekends so I'll take it. My son has 2 friends sleep over for his birthday and we had pizza last night. I went over calories for sure, but thankfully not by too much. Today has been good so…
  • My son unexpectedly went out last night with a friend's family to a nature walk thing and then dinner so my boyfriend offered to come pick me up and go out for dinner. We went for Mexican and I'm sure I went over my calories but it was delicious and I don't feel guilty because I logged every single thing I have eaten and…
  • I didn't get a chance to hop back in here last night. My tiny triumph for yesterday is that I bought a bag of dark chocolate sea salt caramels and I wanted to eat the whole bag but instead I took out a serving and left them on my desk instead of bringing the bag to my room with me while I watched a movie. I have been…
  • @veronica1359 happy birthday! So fun to have some birthday buddies in the group. I share a birthday with my boss and I always think that's fun.
  • @dd265 have a happy happy birthday!! Sounds like you have a great day planned that will keep you on track and still let you have some yummy treats!
  • Today's tiny triumph: when I stopped at the store after work I thought to myself about taking a peek at the baked goods section and getting myself a sweet treat. When I got in the store I was so focused on my mental list of things I needed that I forgot all about the bakery area and went home with only essentials. Which…
  • @micki48 I'm so glad you have a plan and some relief from the stress you've been feeling @KellyBgetsfit I really feel for teachers and healthcare workers right now. So many of my teacher friends are being pulled in all directions and feeling utterly overwhelmed. My son's school district has cancelled bus service and…
  • Pw 236 Cw 233.2 Finally a loss! And a pretty good one! Which means probably a lot of my gain last week was just water weight from all the junk I was eating. I feel great to see the number going back down!
  • @EvMakesChanges I'm with you on the mind trick of using a smaller plate/bowl so it looks like a bigger serving. I am the same way!
  • I'm sticking with the idea of Tiny Triumphs. I think it's helpful to know even on imperfect days we did something right. So, today I hit my stepgoal and I'm finishing my day 200 calories under goal.
  • @DD265 I can sympathize with receiving candy as a gift. It's so hard when someone tries to do a kind gesture that actually makes it difficult to stick to your plan. I was actually thinking about how to better decline offered treats at work (which is admittedly different than being personally gifted a treat for a birthday…
  • @jugar love the idea of Tiny Triumphs Mine is: today my friend came over to hang out and this particular friend and I always order delivery and watch silly reality tv together. Instead of ordering delivery which would have likely been 700-1000+ calories I made myself a sandwich and texted her that I was happy to still hang…
  • Steps for last week. I definitely did not move enough. Hoping for more movement this week!
  • Cw: 236 Sorry I'm late, this week has gotten away from me and it's my 3rd consecutive week with a gain. The holidays really messed me up this year. I need to get back on track and stay there. I had about 4 planned cheat days in December and they all turned into multi day streaks. I also haven't introduced myself yet, so…
  • Steps for last week. I will be back later to check in, catch up on posts, and introduce myself. 🙂
  • @jugar thank you for pointing out that my month overall still shows a loss. I've been feeling unhappy about the last 2 weigh ins, but that perspective that I still had a net loss for December is just what I needed to see! Thank you!! ❤️
  • Pw 233.8 Cw 234.0 Not as bad as I anticipated but still a gain. Hopefully I will be back to losing by next week!
  • I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm afraid I may be showing a gain for the 2nd week in a row. 😭 These darn holidays got the best of me. I've got my meals planned out and healthy today and drinking lots of water. We'll see what my actual weigh in looks like tomorrow. 😬
  • Steps last week above, as you can see I had a very lazy Christmas day lol. I spent the weekend enjoying family and not eating great. Back on track today and hopefully all week minus new years eve.
  • @KellyBgetsfit I was tired of wrapping gifts so I put my son's gifts inside Amazon boxes, taped them shut, and had him wrap some of his own lol
  • Pw 232 Cw 233.8 That 4 day cheat binge got me. And then we had pizza for dinner last night so my sodium intake is probably having me hang on to water weight. I don't know if this week will be too much better but I'm gonna try.
  • Steps for last week: Sunday 12/12: 3,000 (this is an estimate, my pedometer was acting up) Monday 12/13: 11,952 Tuesday 12/14: 9,269 Wednesday 12/15: 8,705 Thursday 12/16: 5,536 Friday 12/17: 1,612 Saturday 12/18: 1,428 I had a mostly lazy weekend and my birthday cheat day turned into a 4 day long off track streak. But…
  • Pw: 234.6 Cw: 232.0 I stuck with the 16:8 intermittent fasting all week with a few days varying a bit outside my timeframe by half an hour or so. But I also still tracked calories and made mostly good food choices. I'll make a few exceptions this next week and a half or so because of stuff going on, but I think I'll stick…
  • I had a long, not fun day at work. But I still got a few walks in and stayed under my calorie goal even considering the macarons I ate and the amaretto I am drinking right now. I made a recipe I found on Facebook of loaded baked potato shepherd's pie. It was pretty good but I think I'd season the meat a little differently…
  • I went way over on calories yesterday because I went to a birthday party for my niece and then stopped for coffee and went to a drive through Christmas light display and out to dinner with my boyfriend and my son. Back on track today and hopefully all week until Friday. I've got planned cheat days for Friday and Saturday…