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  • I'm adding 3 HIITdays 20 min each in addition to what I already do at the gym.
  • Nice work!! Amazing transformation. We stated right about the same time!
  • I can't have any corn products due to allergy- most xantham gum is corn unfortunately. I use tapioca starch but if you have to be careful cos it can get boogery-lol For sauces I cook down but I don't mind if the sauces are but watery.
  • Take some photos. You maybe be recomping and not realizing it! I felt like I wasn't making progress but the photos don't lie. You could add some cardio a few times a week to get more of a deficit if you want. I don't know about the eat more thing. I don't really buy into it but there some who do. Just not my experience.…
  • Gotta get my Fat in right in the morning. Bacon is my go to. But if I'm not hungry butter in my coffee. Sets my day right. If I'm going to do anything carb-y even paleo approved carbs I wait til later in the day. That was my first lesson in paleo. Carbs in the morning set my brain to crave it the rest of the freaking day…
  • It was through paleo I found the multiple food sensitivities wheat, corn, soy and legumes. If I cheat with the real thing I suffer incredibly and nothing ever is worth that so those are my bottom lines. I don't touch them no matter what. I will have a treat with rice flour or oat flour on bdays. Or a rice cake or cracker a…
  • I average 80 carbs a day and consider myself low carb. I feel optimum on about 30-50 although I've never tried zero carb. It's something I will try in the near future tho. Good luck on your half marathon! I'm sure there will be plenty of people able to direct you to the info that will help you!
  • I'm back to lifting heavy ( heavy for me at least) Doing strong lifts 5x5. I'm squatting 95 and dead lifting 100 which is right around my own body weight( PS I'm a shorty under 5ft) . Excited to get my arms stronger!
  • As Im scrolling through the threads and I see this one the song " your body is a onederland" gets stuck in my head
  • I do eat potatoes because my life would be a dark and meaningless void without them
  • How about baked bacon crumbled up with some dark chocolate chips or cacao chips. Maybe some kind of jerky? Trader joes has great kale chips!
  • I've logged for 165 consecutive days as of today. Id like to get to a place where I don't log someday but it's just so effective I'm kind of like why not?! I've never had a weight problem per se but I lived in a walking city(Chicago) and was strict paleo and worked out 3days a week for years. Never logged food or Exercise…
  • Any sort of tea.. Green, matcha, black with either coconut oil or Kerry gold butter. Smoothies with almond butter are great to... Just watch the fruit because they can really add up. Or the good old stand by warm lemon water with cayenne and a little apple cider vinegar
  • I was going to post a thank you I love you guys thread! Love this group.. The support. The info. People are kind and not troll-y or control freaks. I have had some terrible interactions in other groups and just general bad vibes. Never felt that way here once. XO
  • That's awesome! Thinking about getting a Fitbit one if these days. It syncs with everything. So cool. Great job ... a lb a week is incredible progress!
  • I hear you. Cereal is my ice cream lol. I struggle a lot with my carb in take. I aspire to be at 50g but I really struggle to stay there. I just keep trying though!
  • I just started weighing in daily because I will be going into maintenance soon. Prior to that I weighed in only once a week or once every other week. I track the fluctuations with an app called happy scale. It gives you a "true weight" based on average. I alway gain 2 lbs exactly at TOM and it takes about 5 days to see the…
  • I wonder if it's a regional problem. Here in California (Los Angeles) every restaurant gets patty only or protein or lettuce wrap. There was only one fancy schmansy hipster place I went that REFUSED to alter their menu in ANY way. I argued that I'm just going to throw the bum away and they said fine.... But we won't alter…
  • No I'm in the opposite category . Healthy range bmi but high body fat%. When I started this journey I was 114lbs but 30% BF and under 5ft Eek. Like all measurements bmi only tells part of the story. Get to know your body and forget what everyone else says or thinks. Even me!
  • Lol SAME!! Cashews, raw trail mix and my beloved granola.. Like 1000 cals of snacking wtf
  • This is where I got the five lbs under thing.
  • I'm lifting twice a week and before that did body weight ( planks and the like) to try try to maintain muscle as well as cardio hiit/stairs/Zumba . Not tied to a number necessarily but it's one way of setting goals. I'm not sure which I need at this point. That's why I posted photos of where I'm at. I assume since I can't…
  • Next level is more an definition. So I guess fat loss but I also want to get to a point where I gain muscle. I read here a while back that it's a good idea to go 5lbs below your idea weight so that when you start to gain you get to your goal weight with muscle and maybe a tiny bit of fat gain. So my goal weight is set 5…
  • Here are some of my progress photos. I just need to get to the next level now!
  • Hi Everyone! I've been on MFP for 5 months have lost about 17 lbs since Oct of 2015. This group has always intrigued me and so now that I'm with in 5-8 lbs of my goal I decided to join and see what it's all about. I'm just here to absorb(initially) and then hopefully start applying and seeing results! I know it's kind of…
  • Congrats! I BF for 26 months and always felt like I needed more carbs... Whether I actually needed them or not I couldn't tell you lol. I was taxed beyond because my daughter nursed every 2 hours at night until I weaned. I was not getting adequate sleep. Every time I tried to lose weight... I gained weight
  • I think it's wonderful that you want to support your friend. I've been in recovery from substances(clean and sober 14 years woot woot) and have had many dually diagnosed friends ED&Addiction. The thing is someone on the outside will never know the mind of someone with a mental illness. You can try to educate yourself on…
  • It just makes me incredibly sick. My body will not accept it. Never was a fan anyway. It's all very suspect to me.
  • Although I don't adhere 100% to paleo at all times it's what started me on the road to recovering my health. Almost all scientist agree that we could not have developed the brains we now have without meat. So that tells me meat is an optimum source for optimum health. That's all I really need to know.