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  • Honestly, just try and soak in as much baby as you can right now. They grow so fast. Enjoy your baby and rest.
  • I'm in northern Ontario and spend at least 200$ per week for a family of 6. We rarely eat out and waste almost nothing.
  • I have a jumbo bag of roasted peanuts and a jumbo bag of raisins on top of my fridge. I make myself a "trail mix" of 50g of peanuts and 40g of raisins almost every morning before I run. Sometimes I throw in some cranberries too. It is worth every single calorie. So friggin good. I do have to make sure I close the bag of…
  • Weigh it and log it in grams. Most things are already in the database, but you might want to double check the accuracy with an outside source. Sometimes the entries are way off.
  • I have nothing constructive to add other than I read the title as being "How do I *kitten* 3,000 calories a day".
  • I eat a lot of low calorie, high volume foods. For instances, my dinners usually have at least 500g of veg like broccoli. A whole can of tuna with mayo, celery, and cucumber is only 250 ish calories.
  • I think you might be using an erroneous data entry. 100 grams of chicken breast is more like 30 grams of protein. There is also more than 100 calories.
  • I match my underwear to them. Usually black on black.
  • Do you put your treadmill on an incline? I run mine between 8-15%, depending on speed and it is definitely more work than running around town. If you run on zero incline, then the treadmill will be easier.
  • You did so good! Congratulations :smiley:
  • If you are hungry, it's probably for a reason. I would suspect your body is hungry from the healing it is doing. I'd eat more today :)
  • I really appreciated looking through your diary. To know that you've lost so much while still enjoying yourself gave me a big boost of confidence that I am doing alright. So thanks :)
  • We do almond in our house. I have 3 that are allergic to cow milk. I avoid soy milk as soy is an estrogen mimicer and too much of it messes with developing hormones.
  • It sounds like you might have mono. Maybe get checked for that.
  • I tend to eat when I am hungry. For example, I ate 663 calories for breakfast today. Some days I skip breakfast completely. As long as finish the day around my calorie goal, I don't worry about the when :)
  • I'm in Canada and the nutritionist is not covered by insurance. However, there is one dietician who does and he follows low carb diet. I did that for few months and it worked and then I had this plateau for several months after. In addition, I found that following low carb diet is not my thing any more. I need something to…
  • I like to make tuna salad and dip cucumbers in it. Ton of protein and very few calories. Also very tasty :)
  • I don't know, donuts are pretty fantastic....
  • Not when running barefoot. When you are barefoot your are supposed to hit with the balls of your feet. Here are a couple of links :)…
  • I run on the balls of me feet though when I run barefoot. It's a totally different gait. I touch the belt for such a short amount of time it's never really been an issue. Not to mention I have built some pretty epic calluses from years of barefootedness lol. I think maybe if it hurt I would feel differently, but it truly…
  • So, I was curious and did some reading.... Apparently running barefoot on the treadmill is not really a big deal. So yeah, gonna keep doing that.....
  • Also curious why? I've always preferred to be barefoot, period. What about the treadmill makes it so unsafe?
  • I really like to run barefoot, so the treadmill is a safer option for me lol. I'm also very introverted so I have to push harder to convince myself to go outside where the people are. I find I run more when I can be alone in my space.
  • I find if I don't have something after dinner every night (usually fruit and frozen yogurt) I spend a lot of time obsessing over eating garbage. That bit of a treat is enough to keep me from eating junk all of the time. Otherwise I feel deprived and tend to eat things I would rather not.
  • First I try and find one with a little check mark beside it, they are pretty reliable. If there isn't one of those I will compare the entry to what the package says to make sure it is accurate.
  • I'm far from an expert, but my two cents would be to watch your sodium intake. 2300 is the max recommended amount and you seem to either hit that or exceed it on a fairly regular basis. Too much sodium can cause you to retain water (which would cause the number on the scale to be higher). Maybe start with that :smile: and…
  • Search our food database by name: baby carrots Search Matching Foods: Compliments, 14 pieces, 30 calories Baby Carrots Nutrition Facts Compliments - Baby Carrots Learn more Servings: 1.0 Calories 30 Sodium 65 mg Total Fat 0 g Potassium 0 mg Saturated 0 g Total Carbs 7 g Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 2 g…