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  • There are about 1000 different brands of protein powder out there. Best bet - try a different one
  • As a part of my pre-surgical counselling (gastric sleeve January 2015) my surgeon and nutritionist made it very clear that protein intake had to be the priority for the rest of my life. 80gm of protein/day isn't easy when you're only eating 800-1100 calories. That being said, Isopure unflavored is pretty benign in an iced…
  • technically taking a tylenol has calories, too. I've never believed in weighing out my food to the nearest milligram and I'm not worried about getting my intake logged down to the nearest 0.5calories. I'd probably stop logging completely if I had to try to be that exact.
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  • There's about 1000 threads on MFP that will happily explain that it's a scam, it can destroy your liver, and it's a waste of money. They're really really stoked about herbalife because they want to sell it to you.
  • 1 stone a week, unless you're in the super-morbid-obese category is severely dangerous. Even when I was on my 1000cal/day preop diet for my weight loss surgery I lost "only" 19 pounds in 11 days. I also hated the world and wanted to kill everyone. There's no magic "chemical" formula to lose weight - that reminds me way too…
  • As someone who's lost 90lbs since his surgery in January and has another 50 to go I wish you the best of luck, but please, don't type in all caps - it is seen as yelling and it's rude / hard to read.
  • Avoiding Avocado because you had it at Subway is like avoiding beef because you tried it once at McDonalds. Knowing Subway, it probably was only about 50% Avocado and the rest was fillers and crap. Chipotle has good guac, and it's easy to make yourself.
  • persistent alcohol use is harder on the body than obesity, but if you need something once in a while (and many do) either light beer or something like scotch and water (or an actual martini) would be my suggestion - fruity mixed drinks have a crapton of sugar in them.
  • you also have to consider that the bag is lined with fat, so as long as you're not licking the bag, you can use the lower number.
  • I'm 5 months out from having sleeve surgery and am down over 80 pounds so far. I exercise now more than I ever have before and it's made a dramatic difference in my outlook on things. I've been extremely lucky to have virtually no long-term complications so far or food tolerance issues. I'm not going to say it's the right…
  • I would get a second opinion to be honest. Do you have sensation in the toes that are black? are they still warm to touch? To be honest, as an RN, the only time I've seen black toes, gangrene was involved.
  • any more what? is there any truth to it? no. Small plates? yes, there is some validity to that. but red? nope
  • Get a new doctor - as an RN I'd never give a diverticulitis patient a salt water flush - Orally or rectally. and is this your PCP or a "Doctor" kinda like Mercola or Oz or other quacks out there? This will put you in the hospital with either metabolic alkalosis, hypernatremia, or renal failure.
  • Dr Oz is a quack and a used car salesman, nothing more at this point. agree with what was said above - if he's recommending it, it's almost certainly crap
  • Also consider that most of the "good" weight loss supplements that you can buy OTC cost more than a gym membership @ planet fitness.
  • I haven't tried crystal meth, heroin, or cocaine as weight loss methods but I can say, without a doubt, they are as much of a waste of money as shakeology. If you've made your mind up and you're just posting this to troll, then I hope you find a better hobby. If you're just looking for positive experiences, I can find…
  • If you're not a member, I suggest you check out bariatricpal.com. MFP is fantastic for food logging, but bariatricpal is a great community / support group for people who've gone the surgical route.
  • There's about 100 different threads that can happily explain why this is such a bad idea. in short - waste of money, destroys your liver (potentially), no noticable effect, and wastes your money.
  • Try yoga or meditation. Cheaper than a "cleanse"
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  • depends on the protein powder. Isopure unflavored I'll mix into my coffee or when I'm making jello. Syntrax nectar goes in smoothies or gets mixed with crystal light. I tend to not like the sweeter flavors like vanilla and chocolate.
  • I had gastric sleeve surgery and am not even losing weight that fast. So, no. Not unless you count "amputating a leg" as a healthy way to lose 30 pounds.
  • Nick - if you can name some, why don't you? A few that I can think of off hand By Prescription: Phentermine - 1 of 2 prescription drugs for weight loss still available. Has some cardiac side effects and gives you the jitters. Strongly contraindicated if you have high blood pressure, anxiety disorder, or even mild…
  • Even since I've had surgery, I refuse to log *every single bite* - doing so would likely turn me off of logging very quickly. I figure an approximate log, with aiming to be well under my calorie goal but at or above my protein goals is certainly better than not logging at all. To me diets aren't about perfection, and…
  • with a BMI of 18.6 I have a hard time believing that you are 28% body fat. increase your protein intake, work on core strength training - both of those should help increase your muscle mass and help you gain a little weight.
  • If you're allergic to most or all plant products, you definitely need to be working with a dietician - I don't know anyone who could survive on just a carnivorous diet.
  • At 4 weeks post-op, I'm eating about 500-800 calories a day, with my protein intake at least 80gm/day. If I didn't have ready access to a dietician and have recent surgery, this would be *dangerous*. So, that's 1 reason you can't just "pretend" you had the surgery - to eat like a post-op patient is, at least at first, to…
  • he was showing off or trying to get himself thrown out of the gym - throwing an olympic bar in a crowded gym is a real fast way to get someone seriously hurt.
  • Pho broth kept me sane when I was in my pre-op for having my bariatric surgery, and did an even better job at keeping me sane when I was on clears. Pho was the first "real food" at a resteraunt after surgery. Compared to most places you could go out to eat (look at the calories in your average quart of fried rice, for…
  • have major abdominal surgery like gastric bypass or the sleeve? That's the only way you're not going to notice that you're eating less than a couple bowls of cereal a day. You may think you want to lose 2lbs/week, but you really don't.