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  • Hey There I so understand. Finding good professional plus size clothes is more challenging but not impossible! Try these shops: Dressbarn ( they have a reg and plus sides to the store) mid range in price, store card available and coupons available Talbots plus - great work slacks the double weave bistretch are my go tos…
  • Hi Walkers I am getting a late start but better late than never. I'm a LS walker who's been off the wagon and now coming home!! If I can get in 2 miles/day for the next 5 days that will.put me at 10 for the month - and that's 10 more than I did last month! My name is Janet and I'm looking forward to walking with you all!…
  • Hey Walkers Getting a super late start but I don't want to wait until June to begin!! Since this is a continuation thread I hope it's not too late!! Count me in ; my goal is 3 miles/ day. I''m using a walking DVD Leslie sansone - it has some interval segments in each mile. There are 5 days left of the month which means I…
  • waiting on mine in the mail count me in!
  • Hi Everyone day 2 of induction and so far so good - even took a 20 min walk during lunch and it's been a really long time since i felt like doing that - YAY me! small steak and broccoli florets for dinner and of course plan for tomorrow. I also found some low (good ) carb bread that will work once i get to add more healthy…
  • Hi everyone Glad I found you all cuz I was really thinking of trying this again. The support will be good and I know I'll need it, have my meat and cheese ready to begin induction tomorrow! How long to you all induction and how many daily carbs are you allowing yourselves. I think I remember no more than 20 but I haven't…
  • Hi Peeps after a long hiatus from exercising and a ridiculous amount of weight gain i am ready to come home. I need an accountability group to join and had fantastic success with Turbo Jam in the past (the most fun i ever had working out!) i think my success was influenced by making some friends online who had similar…
  • bump for later - hope to join yall :wink:
  • Hi All, would love to join this thread. I am getting my goals together for september - i refuse to let on more month go by sitting on my duff feeling sorry for myself. My knee and ankle feel good today so let it start right now! I'm not a teacher per se but teaching is an aspect of what i do. I'm 49, nicotine free for 2…
  • bump forl ater - thanks
  • bump for later .. sounds delish!!
  • Bump - I'm in for this one for health reasons as well as testing out the experiment !!! :laugh:
  • Hi Everybody, Got in 10 miles last week ( i started late but I'm here now) 8/9 - 4 miles 8/10 - 3 miles 8/12 - 3 miles 8/15 - 3miles .. so far! My food was atrocious over the weekend - was in New Orleans for SIL Bday party and was completely unmanagable!! Back on track today!! I will not quit !! I was supposed to his 60…
  • Hi everyone. Want in too!!! A little late but that will make me try harder. 4 mile done - 11 more to go. Cut off is Saturday , right?
  • Hi everyone , can I join in the fun? I walk indoor mostly now due to the triple digit temps here in Texas. Late getting started but my goal is 60 mies by the end of the month!! 4 miles for me today + 20 min of strength training . Looking forward to getting to know you all better!! 4 down. 56 to go!! Woo Hoo! Nite, Janet
  • Hi Walkers!! I'm still here - had a minor foot injury which held me up some this week ( right after I got my Reebok Train Tones too!!! Dang it!! But that's okay .... back at it after work .... 15miles done so far this moth but no where near what i had planned.. Still going to give it my best . Thanks to all who keep…
  • Hi all Another 4 miles today , that's 13 so far for the month. I walk with Leslie sansone walk away the lbs 5 mile fat burning walk DVD. She covers 5 miles in 60 min that's a 12 min mile; and she does it in intervals so your heart rate gets really up there!!! Great for indoor walking to get out of the heat and consistently…
  • Hi Everyone, Did 20 minutes of kettle bell w/o and 3 miles !!!!! I even got my ticker updated :laugh: Thank you Eliza!!! Counting today as a winner. Take care everyone!!! Have a great nite, Janet:heart:
  • Hi walkers!!! Nice to see so many posting today , that just awesome. Another 3 miles done for me; yes!!!!:drinker: Can some one tell me how to update my ticker? Make it a fantastic nite and enjoy your families!!! Janet:heart:
  • Getting a late start but count me in - did 65 miles in May ..... my goal 76 miles for June - 3 miles down onl 67 more to go!!!! Woo Hoo!!:drinker: Yea Us!!
  • I also love five mile fat burning walk 63min and I burn 550 cals per my HRM for all 5 miles. Also like walk away the pounds: ultimate collection 4 different walks of different lengths - great value Good luck
  • Bump for later, sounds tasty .....and who doesn't like alfredo!!!!! Thanks!!
  • Bump I need more info about this because it looks like fun and would be so hard on knees. Does anyone know aboutthe cal burn or do we need to check it out with hrm? Thanks!
  • Hi Seen your posts around for a while. Just curious, why anti beach body and anti gnc? Thanks Janet
  • I guess that leaves 4 of us, unless some of the others haven't checked in yet...
  • BFBM is an amazing cardio workout also love NMTZ too. Possibly will rotate the after 30ds
  • Hey shredders Stll here knee bothering me so only did 4 mile walk today but if I feel okay will shred in am. I'm on L3d4 in the morning. Keep going almost there, Woo Hoo!!!
  • Hey everyone Did l3d2 yesterday and got in a 5 mile power walk ; i was just drained. Today I rest!!!! And I don't feel guilty not a bit :laugh: Let's keep going ladies and my the planks be with you Janet
  • Hey Shredders How are you all doing? I've been faithful to shredding and got in 17 miles walking this week. And (drum roll....) I did level 3 day 1 after work today!!! Hip hip hurray!!! I have to admit that the last few days of level 2 seemed really hard for me especially on my shoulders. I really had to push myself. Level…
  • Hi There I'd like in on this too but I won't be able to start until May 9th - that's when I plan to be finished with 30 day shred. Right now I do shred + cardio that could be power walking ( have issues with my left knee) card/weights or beloved turbo jam!! I might start the using turbo fire for my extra cardio on May 1st…