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  • Move your thinking to fat loss, not weight loss.
  • Magnesium and pickles.
  • BMI isn't always a good gauge. Muscular people are typically over the BMI top range, and not because they are unhealthy. OP, your issue is definitely body fat %. 240 pounds with 25-30% body fat looks a whole lot different than 15% body fat.
  • That's because they are a Multi-Level Marketing scheme. A friend of mine on Facebook got into this recently and since then it is all she posts about. Puhlease.
  • Are you keeping your salt intake up?
  • Can I jump in? I'm not a super low carber, I had success with less than 100 g. But carb creep took over. Then in the last couple of weeks I slipped further with sugar and I was like a crazy addicted person. lol. I'm cracking down, need to get back to where I was. The key for me also is exercise, and I stopped doing that…
  • This is interesting. I had my ears pierced when I was 13, then in my 30's they were getting infected all the time. I finally just stopped wearing them and they closed up. Maybe if I got them pierced again now on LC, I could wear them.
  • Are you tracking everything? Are you measuring with a food scale and logging properly?
  • I know a 14 year old whose main meals are: Pancakes, or French Fries, or Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Other than that she will eat a few types of fruits, 2 kinds of vegetables (corn hot, or carrots raw), and junk snacks and cereals. I often wonder what she is going to do for prom dinners, dates, and her wedding reception…
  • Do you have any kind of health issues such as PCOS? If so, you want to look at *what* you are eating as well as how much, because women with PCOS tend to be insulin resistant.
  • MFP is a NEAT calculator, not a BMR or TDEE calculator (though it bases your BMR on the Mifflin St. Jeor formula). NEAT means Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, it is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise. So, getting up, doing housework, going to work or school,…
  • No, TDEE includes your exercise calories. In that case you should figure out your typical TDEE and set your calorie goal to TDEE - your desired deficit, and do not log your exercise.
  • If you want to build muscle and reduce body fat, and only 10 pounds to lose, you should be eating at a small calorie deficit, like 250 less than your TDEE. If you are taking too much of a deficit, you will be reducing too much muscle.
  • MFP sets your beginning calorie goal to not include exercise. You would lose weight at that amount of calories if you did no exercise. When you exercise, you log it, and it gives you more calories to eat. It should be about the same amount of calories if you figured out your total calorie need including exercise, then…
  • Checking in. I didn't really buckle down until yesterday, 1/4. I was off work until the 3rd so the holiday weekend continued. Then the first day back to work I didn't have food planned so I raided the vending machine. Anyhoo, that's over. I did well yesterday, but over on carbs because I made ham & bean soup. Not beating…
  • 1. Drop 10-15 pounds that I regained this year. Well that is a longer term goal than just January, so next steps are for January to begin to achieve it. 2. Work on hitting carb goals, for me that is less than 100g with carb sources being mainly veggies and fruits. 3. Exercise at least 3x per week. 4. Try to get in…
  • I've been on an unplanned break. lol. First it was "if I eat on plan during the weekdays, then I can have a few things on the weekend". Then it was, "hey, I'm not gaining weight so I can eat more of _____ any time". Then it was "I'm gaining weight, and I need to stop eating whatever I want whenever I want, but it is soooo…
  • I'm an eyeball person. If I am losing then good. If I'm not losing then I start eating smaller portions or adding in a little more movement. I just read an article the other day about how our body absorbs different amounts of calories depending on different things, so even if you measure and log meticulously it doesn't…
  • I make a crust, I think I found the recipe on Atkins or another low carb site. Main dry ingredients are almond flour & parmesan cheese.
  • Veggies. Some fruits. Occasionally rice or potato (but I eat much less of those than I used to.) My carb goal is 80, but some days I am around 50 and some days 100.
  • Reasons why you should be seen right away. Malnutrition can cause anemia, a disease that affects red blood cells. These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the organs and tissues of the body. An anemia associated with nutritional deficiencies can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, pale skin, irregular or fast…
  • I am 5'6 and about 145-150 pounds, sedentary office worker. I can lose weight at 1600. Oh, and I am over 50. So, yeah, why torture yourself?
  • OP, also try apple cider vinegar (organic) in water. Some people might call it "woo", but it is not harmful, so why not. Tons of at least anecdotal evidence that it helps introduce good bacteria and helps with digestion.
  • In that case, losing more weight might produce more droopy.
  • Droopy is a product of body fat %, not weight. A person weighing 160 with a lower body fat % than you might be less droopy than you. A person weighing 120 with a comparable body fat % than you or higher would still be droopy.
  • I mix it with a big glass of water and a packet of sugar substitute, to me it is like a wine spritzer.