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  • Ah the good ole good morning squat. You should work on your core for stability, which a belt can also help with that, and your quads need to be strengthened. I would also just take it slow with light weight, and work on your form from there.
  • Is there a reason you need that? Doesn't fitbit log your overall calorie burn for the day into myfitnesspal?
  • Reduce overall body fat
  • If you are extremely accurate with the calories you are eating (weighing, not measuring or eyeballing), and you are accurate with the calories you are burning, then yes you should average around 2lbs a week. But weight loss isn't linear, and lots of things can change what you lose week to week, but a 3 or 4 moth average…
  • Must be a percentages thing with that amount of weight loss in that amount of time, where most people can't achieve it.
  • everyone's going to the same gym
  • It sounds like somebody keeps making the same post with new profiles and different stats to see if the answers will vary. It always seems to be $500, 6%, and 20lbs...
  • So you just didn't eat, because of what the color of the number on your phone or computer screen would be?
  • OP I think you are focusing way too much on they day the calories are burned. I get it, you don't want to see it on the screen saying that you went over for the day when you banked calories from the day before, but as long as you know you have the extra calories, and you are in the deficit you want to be in for the week it…
  • I'm guessing the actual exercise added is just the automatic update from fitbit when it syncs and not something she is manually entering in. She could have her activity level set to sedentary, and is letting fitbit adjust it. That's what I did with my fitbit, because I found their calorie estimate for me each day to be…
  • Something doesn't seem right to me. I guess it could be water weight, but that usually works itself out in a two week period. Also raw fruits, veggies, salsa, and hummus are pretty low sodium foods unless you are getting some sort of flavored hummus. I would also assume you are getting much less sodium than when you were…
  • Still not sure what this proved, especially if they lost a reasonable amount of weight in a 6 week period, and if it helped even one person stick with losing weight. You really just put yourself through a pretty bad cut to making fun of your coworkers.
  • I mean if you really want to lose water weight, you don't need to spend a *kitten* load of money on magic tea. You can literally do it by yourself by cutting carbs, drinking a ton of water, and cutting your calories down even further, that's all they are doing, and charging you for it all the while making you think it's…
  • I can't think of any reason why this would prove any type of point. It seems like a terrible idea, and just to lie to your coworkers. This isn't a diet a fighter would use to cut, they still eat food through the day they fight, and water until the day before.
  • if sugar was toxic wouldn't she be sick from eating them, not after "detoxing" from them? Just walk away and don't enter in conversation with her when she talks about it.
  • Stay away from #3 unless you have done a lot of research in the person you are going to hirer. Most Trainers and Nutritionist in America are very bad with nutrition, and usually pedal out the latest fad diet. You can literally eat what you want in moderation, and the rest usually balances it's self out. Most people cant…
  • I always find it hard to believe that overweight people have a hard time reaching 1200 or 1500 calories when they go on diets, I mean if it were that easy you probably wouldn't have been overweight in the first place. And I don't say this to be mean, but to make people actually think about it, and seeing if it's actually…
  • No need ladies, I got this. Yes you retain water leading up to, during, and for a short period after TOM.
  • I track their phone, I caught them down at the local bar on somebody else's burger.
  • I love lamp
  • You lose weight with a calorie deficit, you can create that deficit by changing your diet, or exercising enough that you are burning more than you were previously eating. You can do both if that helps you stay on track, but just don't exercise too much and under fuel your body, you'll do more harm than good in the long run.
  • It doesn't seem like you are ready to lose weight and keep it off. If having a half of a cup cake makes you feel like you gained 20lbs your image of food and a balanced diet is completely off, you have found a way to lie to yourself and vilify food.
  • If you have to take a product that only works with diet and exercise, I would think that would tell you that it's the diet and exercise that make you lose weight not the product.
  • Better than Halo Top, but still a poor excuse for Ice Cream.
  • Is this the oldest resurrection? June of 2011?
  • I'm not saying anything about fat. The only way you can instantly gain 5lbs is if you put 5lbs in your body.
  • Also they only way you gain 5lbs after eating a bowl of pasta is if that bowl of pasta weighs 5lbs. There are probably around 20 servings of pasta in 5lbs of cooked pasta and at around 200 calories a serving that would be 4000 calories. If your story is true, carbs aren't the problem... If you drink 5lbs of water with out…
  • I mean it has nothing to do with carbs, unless their deliciousness is what causes you to overeat, but your question is literally answered in your post. You know you lost only water weight from going low carb, ate a crap load of craps and added that water back. Just pick a diet and stick with it for more than a week, and…
  • But soda is anywhere from 95 to 99% water, so that's why none of this make sense, especially if your doctors don't have an answer for you. It has to be something besides the water...