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  • Hi. I remember you! Sorry about your troubles. I never lost all my weight and due to abusing food am back where I began. Starting over today.
    in I'm Back Comment by nowucme April 2019
  • I'm also trying to lose regain. It's like swimming upstream. You can add me too.
  • Lots of trial and error in this process. These are common issues. Some foods go down easy, others sit heavy. Try to keep foods moist. Sometimes helpful to weigh or measure your portions. Keep your protein first. Lots of great folks on here, lot of great advice.
  • Sounds like you have a data entry job. Frequent breaks to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome. The world is sometimes not designed to accommodate the human condition. Maybe instead of water one of your beverages could be a protein drink.
  • It's a shame that your friend felt it necessary to tell you something that made you feel bad when they could have kept silent or spoken up for you and your situation. If you feel uncomfortable being so exposed perhaps you could wear a t-shirt into the water. Remember you are healthier now and you are doing this for you.…
  • Thank you Thaeda. You always have such gems of wisdom
  • Wishing you continued strength on your journey and continued healing.
  • On the main page where it says Discussions click on the words to the right -All Discussions. This expands the list. If you scroll to the bottom you will see a series of numbers and clicking on them brings you to another page of topics. When I first started researching I read page after page. You can also search for a…
  • I had an incision site that bled and it caused bruising on my entire stomach that lasted weeks. Did not hurt though. Probably due to the blood thinners they give you. Have seen many photos where people had NO discoloration.
    in Bruising? Comment by nowucme August 2015
  • I am on Omeprazole too and will occasionally take a Zantac when feeling discomfort. Surgeon said okay to take both. What sits easily on my stomach one day doesn't necessarily sit well the next day.
    in Heartburn Comment by nowucme July 2015
  • I noticed it today doing the recumbent bike at the gym. Couldn't get comfortable.
    in Tailbone Comment by nowucme July 2015
  • I have not had trouble since the first week. I drank coconut water for the potassium and electrolytes and it seemed to do the trick.
  • You look great
  • Good luck tomorrow
  • Welcome. Sleeve done 5-18. Stalled this week but weight finally dropped this AM. I go back to work Monday.
  • Just checking back in and I have to say I love the new photo. Keep standing up for yourself !
  • If it is pervasive I suggest you begin documenting it. You should not be made to feel uncomfortable. Think about calling them on their behavior by stating that their comments are inappropriate and you wish them to stop.
  • dzoerner are you doing any better? Isopure protein drinks are clear liquid and 2g protein per ounce. I got mine at GNC. I like the Grape frost, Blue raspberry and the Alpine punch. So a 20 ounce bottle is 40 grams of protein.
  • Please don't start smoking again. Maybe the cravings are a result of too low protein. Are you getting enough water ? They say if we were compulsive eaters then sometimes we transfer those addictive tendencies to trying to get too much exercise or trying to get too thin. Since you have basically met goal look into a…
  • Wouldn't you know I was in Walmart last month and finally --a year when they had "Fat clothes" I liked. Getting by right now on clothes I grew out of. Then I plan to look for sales or try the Rescue Mission Thrift store.
    in Clothes Comment by nowucme June 2015
  • Renaejae - Maybe you could make and freeze a casserole and some chili to start them off with. You will be tired. I gave my hubs a list of meal ideas he could do easily until I was feeling like cooking -Burgers and hot dogs on the grill, simple sides, omelets, BLT, soup and sandwiches. Easy cleanup too. And there's always…
  • 5-18-15
  • You're doing great maureenkirah. I made a list of easy meals my hubby could make on his own. But he's pretty easygoing. Burgers on the grill, hot dogs, omelets, BLT, burritos, frozen individual pizzas, spaghetti and sausage. Plus I started him off by making goulash and cornbread before surgery.
    in week one Comment by nowucme June 2015
  • Awesome job. You have a figure now.
  • Testing before surgery I found that blending cottage and eggs together before cooking made them very silky and soft.
  • I am only 6 days out and some days are better than others. I am about your age and wonder if that makes it a little harder for us to bounce back like some of the younger ones.
  • You look great. I am 6 days. You can add me!
  • Thanks for the encouragement.
  • I'm sorry to say you may be in for a delay. I had to wait for an appointment with the sleep doctor, wait for an appointment with the sleep lab, wait for the test results, wait for another appointment to determine proper settings, then wait for the insurance to authorize the machine. Still adjusting to it and I don't think…
    in Sleep apnea Comment by nowucme May 2015