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  • Bumping, that sounds like it would be amazing. Anyone have a recipe?
  • Yes, thank you to all the mean and blunt! You showed me just how little I knew starting out and fixed that problem. :drinker:
  • Been there, done that.... on multiple occasions. For some reason every time I get close to feeling 100% again, I decide I could probably tolerate it.
  • Models are 5'9" and up... not a perfect consolation but even though long legs are hot, long, lean, muscular legs take the cake!
  • Wow miss, that's amazing!.... I'm no longer debating my squats at lunch- must be done.
  • yup, everything causes cancer these days. Seriously though, they won't hurt you any more than diet pop or diet juices would. As always, moderation is the key. If you can handle the relatively less sweet, how about trying herbal teas? Double the leaves to water ratio if you want to add ice. I then add agave syrup or honey…
  • Ask at your local supplement store. I have seen several in many different parts of Ontario as well as in St. John's that either make protein shakes with fro-yo for around $4 or are willing to toss a scoop of protein into a baggy for you to taste. They are also typically very understanding when it comes to intolerances. I…
  • I worked at Tims for 5 years and a student bar for three. Enough of these translate to food service and supervising a shift that I realized early I could never work in retail. Now when I buy a coffee, groceries, whatever, I make an effort to improve the mood of an unhappy cashier/barista. And if they are rude and obnoxious…
  • Fixed it!
  • Just imagine Ronnie Coleman yelling "LIGHTWEIGHT!" at you as you reach for the burrito. If that doesn't strike fear down to your very soul, I don't know what will.
  • My post-workout shake: 1 scoop Isoflex peanut butter chocolate protein (99% lactose free due to whey isolate) 1 banana 1 cup dark chocolate almond milk. I promise there is no artificial taste! Like a pb, nutella, sandwhich topped with banana! Runs me about 340 cals, 30g protein, 51g carbs.
  • Way to go not making the list, Canada!! :drinker:
  • I don't think you understand the concept, and that's okay. Many people explain their definitions of "cheat day" or "treat day" throughout the thread so maybe you could take a look. You'll see that it really isn't focused on "eating out". For example, when I enjoy a meal or a day trip I may be under or over my calories, but…
  • On my cheat days I usually eat about the same amount of food as on a normal day. The difference is that I don't work out (it's a rest day) and typically those calories come from less nutrient-dense sources. I usually eat 2000-2500 per day but I burn 500-700 through exercise 5 times a week. Weekends are my rest time, thus…
  • Haha! You used the search feature, which makes you awesome!! Stretch, eat protein, and take a hot bath. The less you use them the stiffer they'll get. Don't go throwing on the big girl plates but keep your next scheduled Leg Day even if you're still sore. Just take it easy. Do body weight squats if needed. Just ease into…
  • :flowerforyou: Keep it up. It is worth it. You can always find support here!
  • I usually avoid all the threads debating dietary and autoimmune gluten issues. Simply because (like above) somebody always chimes in with comments on Celiac being a false or created disease. I've been banned before for wishing my symptoms on a particularly ignorant *gentleman*. :blushing: I wanted to pop in to thank you…
  • Um, thanks for the help everyone... this is 11 months old though. How on earth did it resurface?!? ETA: fortunately I don't still have the DOMS since I asked the question :tongue:
  • There is actually some validity to this. In the same way, I dropped weight fast when sick with Celiac reactions but added it even faster the moment I was absorbing nutrients. It's not a good thin on chronic alcoholics.
  • That's exactly what I thought! If it were me it would never have reached the interwebs.
  • You may have better luck with push ups on dumbells. Like holding them on the ground so the wrists are aligned not bent. another option may be to work on bench press or flyes. Try to maintain straight wrist rather than putting any weight on them while bent. These things helped me a lot and they are a bit stronger now.
  • This! We can advise but the doctor will know.
  • Sidebar: I'm gluten free and my SO is not. When shopping...we use the same cart :tongue:
  • Wait, what? No barbells? :noway:
  • That'a exactly it. I tried it alone and ew! But it's a good low cal addition to a smoothie or oatmeal
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  • Wow OP, you got snarky fast! People are just telling you that it isn't necessarily what you should strive for because it isn't a guarantee. Take it from me, I have a thigh gap at 150 and I had a thigh gap at 165. I also have 40" hips. The good always comes with the bad (in this case a huge butt). ETA, I came off kind of…
  • I suggest you weigh yourself every morning for a week, or even longer. A lot of people will say step away from the scale but what worked for me was removing his definitive power. I weighed 0.2 pound more today than yesterday. Two days ago I weighed .4 less. It makes such little difference in the long run and the only way…
  • This is very much what happens. I felt awkward enough congratulating my mom on her loss because I didn't even realize she was trying. People also may worry it is unintentional.
  • Maybe it would be worth taking the time to log in these situations? Like if you are going to overeat by an extra chicken breast you know the value of it. But if you're about to ravage an ice cream cone, the visual representation of it's caloric and macro values may deter you or at least shrink the amount you have. Having…
  • That right there answers your question. You want to be strong, healthy, and feel great. If the way you feel day to day is more important to you than the number on the scale or the tape measure, then that is what you go by. Do what feels better. Having said that, continue to monitor yourself and how you feel, and if you…