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  • That was me, 6 months ago. I was SO sick of feeling bigger than I knew I was meant to be. Now I can wait for school staff pics because I’m 60 pounds down. You can do it!!!
  • My summer has been amazing! I’m 7 pounds from my goal weight. I’ve added weights to my exercise routine and love them. I haven’t derailed due to boredom (teacher here, have a bit of free time). Annnnnd, I just transitioned to smaller clothing, which was a big step. Out with the old and in with the new. If I regain, I’ll…
  • Great job!! Slow and steady!
  • Eating something different than my “normal” menu. It helped me to have a bit more energy and I felt fuller. It was yummy and fit into my keto eating plan, too!!
  • 30 minutes of low impact hiit. 10 minute of full body dumbbell workout. It was so nice to turn the volume down on the video and listen to music instead! Went so much faster. Had more energy too!’
  • That you don’t feel fat or thin. You just feel amorphous. I can’t wrap my head around my new sizes. My clothes fit weird, even the smaller sizes. My closet is a mess. I should give a bunch away but I hate to see what’s left!!
  • Size 10 shorts are somewhat big.
  • My husband did exactly the same and his A1C went from close to 9 to 6 in 5 months. And he lost 40 pounds! It works. He feels loads better.
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  • Good luck!!
  • I need to go back to IF. I’m doing low carb, close to Keto but not quite. I loved the benefits of IF. It helped with cravings and I lost weight. Hoof lick on the rest of your journey!
  • I always feel like a switch has been thrown. I get really intense and do well. (I lost 65 pounds in 2016) and then it’s like it all doesn’t matter anymore. I am really trying to figure out why I do that. Good luck!!
  • I’m on round three of weight loss. I get it. Hope your journey goes well!!
  • I have it. I’m doing lower carb and it’s working well. I’ve lost 13 pounds.
  • Hey There! I have about that to lose. I also have connected with your story because I struggle with mental health issues. I think, if you go to food for comfort, lowering your carbs might help. It helps with cravings. Just a thought!$
  • Look in the community section and message boards for some really great information.
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  • I want to get a t-shirt that says, "Don't ask." LOL. That way it just cuts this situation all out.
  • It's a sad truth. People automatically judge others who are not in the normal weight range. I can say honestly that I look at people dress, their body shape/type, etc. It's pretty automatic. But I try to question myself when I do it...we can't give in to bias. Treat everyone with respect...intentionally. I…
  • I wish you the very best of luck. Dealing with chronic pain is very difficult. I hope that exercise, weight loss, and healthy eating might provide some other sort of health benefits and may possibly provide a key to some relief from your pain. Feel free to add me as a friend!
  • Thank you!! I always feel like I get to certain point in fitness and kind of stall. I don’t know if I’m short changing something in my diet and just not building muscle or what. But I’ll try these things!!
  • Yep, the 10 pounds came off in about 6 weeks. So not horrible but a little fast. It could be that I'm just not eating the right combination of foods, too. Not enough fats. I kind of straddle the line between actual Keto and healthy eating with carbs. I think I need to probably pick one.
  • I have been going through the same thing. Food means so many things to me. I go to it for comfort, for social engagement, for reward. I really miss being able to eat what I want, in huge's part of the problem. But I've tried to think of food in a different way...not as a tool for comfort, but as a means of…
  • Thanks for the advice....I just think it's a new reality. My body is not used to feeling as it's used to feeling over-fed. I just need to put some different foods into rotation. The reason I do lower carb is that my doctor suggested it after being diagnosed with a thyroid issue.
  • I am ridding myself of the "diet" mentality. Eventually I'll lose the weight and go to maintenance but this path will never end. It's a one day at a time kind of thing.
  • My counselor just gave me really great advice. This journey is never over. It's not a diet, or a weight loss's a life choice. We all have to decide within ourselves that "this" will never be over. The thoughts that have plagued us our whole lives have set us up for failure. Now we need to turn to healthier…
  • I think breakfast and lunch could be done on the cheap. Dinner, honestly, is harder. (Case in point, my kids are eating pizza. I’m eating chicken tonight. My husband ate a salad). Maybe do lower carb breakfast (I love eggs and bacon) and lunch and just eat a smaller portion of a slightly higher carb dinner,
  • I learned that a healthy lifestyle can feel like trying to hold a ball under water. It takes diligence, effort, attention and sometimes there will be a slip up. That’s ok.
  • To walk into a stressful work meeting and not be the fattest one there.
  • That it's not always about eating too much. For some of us it's a sign of an addiction. I've lost and gained 50 pounds 6 times in my life. And how sad it's gonna make you to realize that you are addicted to something that's an integral part of everything you do.
  • The amount of fat and calories you need to keep your breast milk supply in good shape will limit your choices. But the good thing is that breastfeeding burns a lot of calories. Have you thought about gentle exercise and lower calories? That might be just enough to take some weight off but not affect your milk production.…