Yesterday I had all the reasons not to do this

Yesterday was really hard, I started a work out but stopped after 10 minutes, I just felt really low and overwhelmed. Not by tracking and food but just by life. I just wanted to curl up and disappear for a day or two.

But I didn't. I tracked, I committed, I weighed and measured. I acknowledged I felt low and looked after myself. This morning I weighed myself (confession I'm a daily weigher!) and there was a tiny shift. It was tiny but a little nod to the fact that I didn't let my mood dictate my diet, my weight loss, my future. Sometimes we just have to turn up and commit to the one thing, for me yesterday I committed to track and it was enough.


  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Well done :smile: and if you can just keep going over time that will make a difference. Please try and not let the scale rule your head too much, it fluctuates for everyone naturally and while it might be down one day it wont be another. It takes time to lose weight, lots of time but its worth it sticking at it and being consistent.

    All the best.
  • ReenieHJ
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    I am with you on that!!! Some days it's all I can do to put 1 foot in front of another, let alone crank up the speed on my treadmill. But I give myself 5 minutes, then another 5, and I get through to the end of the day. Sometimes I just have to turn myself physically away from the tempting kitchen and get the helloutta dodge so I don't start bingeing.
    So far, I've been fighting through my weaknesses and I have to admit it, this place has done a lot for me in that regard. I find popping onto the forums and checking out my daily logging has helped me stay on point tremendously. As far as weighing myself, I try to limit it to 2x a week because I found the fluctuations discouraging and started (almost) talking myself into throwing in the towel and start over-eating again.
    So hang tough and do it all over again today!! :)
  • nighthawk584
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    Be proud of yourself. Pushing through the mind game is tough sometimes VERY TOUGH.
  • IAmTheGlue
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    You are doing great!! I get down too and I just keep going. Keep pushing forward.
  • LyndaBSS
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    That’s a great success! Once you get an emotional hold on your journey, day by day, it gets easier. Well done! 👏
  • amyn73
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    LOVE. :)
  • Katmary71
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    Congratulations on fighting through it! I'm off my game today but will still go through the motions. Sometimes that's what gets us through the day.
  • girlwithcurls2
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    You're singing my song. I truly get through some workouts just be breaking it down into manageable bits and reaching those tiny goals. I try to push myself through to the next tiny goal with the end result being a full workout. Some days, I make it through, some, I don't. Some days, I actually get into a groove and go beyond (thank goodness I didn't throw in the towel!). Be proud of yourself. You did great :)