Feel Like a Weakling

How best should I approach weight training? I have been doing a 30 minute circuit 2-3 times per week but I'd like to learn some routines (maybe with free weights) that really increase my strength and muscle tone. I've been skinny...and overweight...but never felt really strong. I'd take any suggestions.


  • Machafin
    Machafin Posts: 2,988 Member
    Youtube! There are great tutorials there. Watch and learn! I highly recommend Athlean X, he has a great knowledge base.
  • amyn73
    amyn73 Posts: 241 Member
    Thank you!! I always feel like I get to certain point in fitness and kind of stall. I don’t know if I’m short changing something in my diet and just not building muscle or what. But I’ll try these things!!
  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    Personal or group training, if you can swing it. YouTube if you can't. There is a lot to learn!
  • vholley60197
    vholley60197 Posts: 44 Member
    Look on Pinterest! There are all kinds of different ones to try. I find the one I like and pin/use them.