Obese, 30+kg to lose, ready to transform

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Hi All,
Ive been here many times before and failed each time! Although each time ive learnt alot about myself, habits and what i do wrong.

Im returning to really make some permenant changes. Ive got about 35kg to lose to get to an acceptable healthy weight.

Ive struggled with mental health due to a number of life events so always turned to food for comfort. So got a double battle, weightloss and mental health!

Some times going through a rough time can really eff things up as i have a poor diet anyway.

However ive always had periods where ive kept active and then there is times like now where im doing zero activity since lock down.
I'm getting on a bit and as i approach mid 30's really need to make some massive changes.

Not sure how im going to do it but for the moment i need to make changes to my diet, do some walking, introduce some sort of daily home workout routine.

A fitness goal aside from the weightloss target for me would be to be able to do a hike up one of the three peaks or around a mountain in scotland. Being outdoors is something ive avoided for years due to not being happy with how i look.

If anyones in a similar position, obese or can relate please share any tips? What your currently doing? Your weightloss aspirations?

It would be good to create a support network to motivate. So please feel free to add!


  • Lynntyt
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    Hi, im in the same situation, i need to lose aboit 40 kgs to reach my goal. Im obese. Iv started lowering my calorie intake, between 1200-1500. And not more than 70 grams of net carbs. I dont know if im doing the right thing. I exercise for 30 minutes everyday. Surely i would like a support group with you.

  • navina12
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    Hi, I am also on the same boat with a target to loose 30 kg to reach my ideal weight. I have crossed half the mile with 18kg lost in 91 days. I am on intermediate fasting(20:4) with 1100 calories a day with macro of carbs 40% protein 35% and fats 25%. I don't do any exercise. No Sugar, No Refined carbs; may be sucrose from fruits (banana & honey).
  • Thirdscharm2020
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    Hey dear, I have 50kgs to lose
    Lets connect
  • Nick96_
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    Hi, i'd lose almost 10 kilos between 2017-2019, however my weight gaining so fast now especially during lock down(more than 10 kilos). I hope i can lose 15 kilos in 6 months
  • amyn73
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    Hey There!
    I have about that to lose. I also have connected with your story because I struggle with mental health issues. I think, if you go to food for comfort, lowering your carbs might help. It helps with cravings. Just a thought!$