guys guys guys...I've been struggling SO much sticking to the diabetes diet my doctor put me on. Haven't been indulging in sweets but carbs in general. My goals are 45 for each meal and 15 for each snack and Im supposed to have three. Yesterday I was bound and determined I'd follow it and I DID. My blood sugar was on point this morning. I'm so excited....now gotta keep it going. I hope everyone has a great day today! Lets do it!


  • yirara
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    Have you seen a registered dietician specializing in diabetes? They might help you find food that keeps you happy and full.
  • joeatshastalake
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    Great. I also have diabetes but they have not put me on any meds yet. I have been attempting to do this mostly on my own. Just got this app. Sure hope it helps.
  • amyn73
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    My husband did exactly the same and his A1C went from close to 9 to 6 in 5 months. And he lost 40 pounds! It works. He feels loads better.