I have had it!

I took a pic with my coworkers on the last day of school. I tried to ditch. I tried to hide behind people. I got in my car and cried driving away.
I woke up this morning DETERMINED to loose 30 lbs by the time my pic is taken for the first time in the fall.
Off to the treadmill I go!
This is my day 1...


  • Lopke1991
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    Best of luck! :)
  • Mountainlove
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    You got this! Just take it one day at a time.
  • debtay123
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    You can do this-- great place to start==== great reason- hold n to your WHY
  • mqdavis75
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    I’m a teacher and the same. I keep gaining. I started to track today.
  • FunkmasterRex
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    I'm sorry to hear that this happened. I was overweight most of my childhood and have tried most of my adult life to eat better and have better health. Along the way I was a wannabe bodybuilder, athlete, fitness freak, you name it. Always chasing something that I wasn't. Then, after achieving some of my fitness, weight, body image and athletic goals, I unexpectedly felt empty in my achievements.

    I thought a lot and read a lot about happiness and sadness and these days, I teach my kids that happiness doesn't come from things that are external, like your spouse, friends, colleagues and enemies. It comes from within. In order to be happy I have to think deeply about the things that are important to me and be working constructively to achieve them. That makes me happy.

    It is not the destination, but the process of working actively to achieve what is important to me (this is different for everyone at different points in time) and makes me happy. Why not the destination? Because if you dream big, like achieving world peace, you may never get there and therefore never be happy. A shallow goal, even if achieved, may not bring true or lasting happiness. Not outcomes you want and a recipe for certain unhappiness.

    Also I am very lucky to be in a situation where I can work on these things compared to someone in the midst of war, trying to get out of poverty, hunger, homelessness or an abusive or unjust situation. Thinking about and having gratitude for all the blessings in our lives can also make us happy and more self-aware of all the advantages we have in the modern world. Hope you feel better and start to believe that in doing those things to get to a better place, you are already in a better place. Best to you as you go through your journey. <3
  • cosmiccurves
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    You can do this!! I absolutely relate, especially with the picture part. That's similar to what did it for me this final time of my restarting. It was some pictures taken at Christmas with our boys. Most of them were super cute and adorable, but there was one in particular where they were all around me that my husband took of me opening up one of my presents from them, and I could just SEE ALL OF THE 100+ lbs on my body and face at that point. I don't know what it was about that picture, but it has stuck with me every day since then, especially when cravings hit.

    I make it a point to log everything, ESPECIALLY when I know I am consuming a larger portion or going a little to far with a cheat day. Something about seeing those numbers honestly and really understanding my patterns, has been a massive motivator for me. I'm a visual learner, so the visuals of that picture and the numbers is what is keeping me going!

  • RaquelFit2
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    I understand. I've only recently began taking pictures again. Think of it as your signal to make changes. You can do this!
  • xxxTiaxxx
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    Hows day 5 going?
  • cosmiccurves
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    edited June 2022
    @Countandsubtract it's from LilySlim! I discovered this many moons ago when I was losing weight pre-pregnancy and was on a different forum that used to be a lot more active!

    Here's the link! https://lilyslim.com/

  • ramgi
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    You got this! I believe in you!
  • LiveOnceBeHappy
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    I see weddings and big events happening over the next 10 years for my kids, and I WILL NOT be the fat mom in those pics! I'm at maintenance now, and I will continue to be at maintenance forever.
  • amyn73
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    That was me, 6 months ago. I was SO sick of feeling bigger than I knew I was meant to be. Now I can wait for school staff pics because I’m 60 pounds down. You can do it!!!
  • mlrtri
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    amyn73 wrote: »
    That was me, 6 months ago. I was SO sick of feeling bigger than I knew I was meant to be. Now I can wait for school staff pics because I’m 60 pounds down. You can do it!!!

    60 lbs in 6 months - great job!! I work in a school as well. I need to lose about 55 lbs. Your post was very inspiring.
  • JaysFan82
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    Just get yourself in a routine and you'll be fine. I'm down 70 since the end of February.
  • goal06082021
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    JaysFan82 wrote: »
    Just get yourself in a routine and you'll be fine. I'm down 70 since the end of February.

    I hope you don't mean the end of February 2022 - unless you had a leg amputated or something.
  • JaysFan82
    JaysFan82 Posts: 740 Member
    Haha yeah since the end of February. I was also 388 pounds.