Back to square one..

Very down in the dumps. Did so well for about 50 odd days but it's all gone to pot again. Drinking too much alcohol, eating too many take aways and crap. I disowned myself from this MFP site/app. Took off my friends who was following my progress....sorry. Back to square one again ! So I'm here, sat infront of my pc. This is day 1 again..........trying again.....


  • lilspider
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    You can do this :) - I am in same place as you. It is day 5 for me and I really hope I can keep this up this time. All we can do is try, right? x
  • whitevanman1530
    whitevanman1530 Posts: 17 Member
    I'm going to try, that's all I can do. Very disheartening sometimes though, do so well then BOOM back to square one.....Thank you for the reply aswell, all the best...
  • amyn73
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    I’m on round three of weight loss. I get it. Hope your journey goes well!!
  • janiceclark08
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    Starting over again too. I have gained back about 23 pounds, of the 57 lost. I have just been maintaining the past few years, the weight I gained. Time to lose that and then some, I need to get back my willpower and strong motivation, last time everything just clicked.
  • chris_in_cal
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    Right here with you. Doing GREAT in Nov & Dec ... but that was five months ago now....has been rough.
  • whitevanman1530
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    Thank you for replies much appreciated 👍👍
  • lisatryharder
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    im starting today lost 16lb before lock down then boom it appeared again .. i have 100 lb to loose im going to try and be motivated and be happy, gd luck and i hope you keep going too.... keep it up.
  • hipari
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    Speaking from a serial starter's experience: it only starts getting easier once you accept the fact that it's all a part of life, and there's really no starting over. You just accept your past mistakes as part of that life, and move on trying to be better. Keeping your history with you and knowing where you came from is part of accountability in my opinion.

    You can absolutely do this. Take it easy and slow, and start making changes you can commit to for the rest of your life.
  • annliz23
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    If you have reached rick bottom then the only way to go is upwards, you can always start again, go for it. Good luck
  • Diatonic12
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    This time, you need a completely new strategy so you won't ever have to start over again.

    Use your very next meal as your clean slate, new beginning. You have 3 of those every day. Don't look back over your shoulder and whatever you do, don't berate yourself. You simply haven't got the time for that. No, siree.
    You're looking forward into the future and you feel much better than you do right now.

    Prep your meals or plan for your next meal. You don't have to think about this process in giant month hunks of time. Your next meal is coming around the corner and that's your clean slate or new beginning. Tiny steps for tiny feet.

    One meal and one day at a time will add UP into new cognitive behaviors. There's no such thing as food perfection. There's no such thing as the Finish Line. The best 'diet' is the one that improves your health.
    Give yourself permission to create your own positive food management plan. Include those foods you love and enjoy. Make peace with them.

    We can learn to moderate ourselves with food and portions. Consistency, consistency, consistency.
  • Geneveremfp
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    Think of it this way you're in a better position than if you'd never lost the weight and had been putting more on over the time you were losing. And you know you can do it - you just need to do it for longer.
  • annliz23
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    Ok this week I aim to stop drinking (wine) or at least cut down and have AF days if I struggle but determined, I am to keep working out a cut my calories slightly, this week I really want to see s difference. You can do it to come on go for it.
  • roger00022000
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    It is all in how you find your motivation. Some people look at the "before" picture. Some think about a reward for doing the exercise and stuff all week. I remember John Pinnette had a schtick when he was going to the gym where he had a mantra of what he would get to eat after his sessions were over. "Raviolis and a nap"
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    Nobody's gonna guilt you here. I've been here off and on since 2016. I've lost to same pounds repeatedly. I've quit and come back a gazillion times. We know how hard it is. Do this for you. We are here for you whenever you come around.