Low cost meals that are low in carbs?

Need to lose about 30lbs. Quickly (and safely ofcourse).
I am looking for cost conscience meals and snacks that are low carb that my kids can eat also. Cant afford to make separate things. Have to cut calories and carbs to lose weight because I have physical limitations (bad back and rods in femurs and hip replacement) I just turned 37 and need to lose weight to ease pain and to look good in a wedding dress lol.


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    I like to make spaghetti for the kids, then mix my marinara with some cheap ground beef. I'll serve them pasta, and have mine with veggies. I like squash(cheap this time of year), zucchini (just sliced and steamed). But you could do any veggies you like.
  • ponycyndi
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    I also love to do stir fry. I'll cook my protein and veggies (whatever is on sale) pork or chicken cut into bite size pieces. Then I'll add either chopped leftover veg or a bag of frozen. Add some soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic and ginger (dried is fine). I'll serve the kids some rice with theirs. I don't like cauliflower, but you could do cauliflower rice too.
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    I think breakfast and lunch could be done on the cheap. Dinner, honestly, is harder. (Case in point, my kids are eating pizza. I’m eating chicken tonight. My husband ate a salad). Maybe do lower carb breakfast (I love eggs and bacon) and lunch and just eat a smaller portion of a slightly higher carb dinner,
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    Tuna salad. Sandwiches for kids, served on bed of lettuce for you.
    Sheet pan chicken (legs and thighs are often on sale). Add potatoes for kids and veggies for all.
    Soup made with hamburger or sale chicken and veggies. Make rice or microwave potatoes at the same time for kids.
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    I guess it depends on what you like. I eat kale most days. It's only $1 per bunch, which usually lasts me the whole week. I cook it in water til soft, season with soy sauce, then add an egg or two and a small drizzle of sesame oil.
    Ground turkey is cheaper than ground beef, you can serve it with spaghetti sauce and zoodles or pasta or do a turkey taco salad(taco seasoning, chopped lettuce and tomatoes). Meat patties with mushrooms and side veggies.
    Also, just look for sales on meat. Pair whatever protein you like or is on sale with vegetables you and your family like. You and the kids don't necessarily have to eat all the same veggies. My nephews love raw veggies with ranch or hummus, as well as many fruits. So I just offer them a few choices of fruit/veg with their meat/protein (sometimes it's cheese, beans, or tofu).
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    Hmm - low cost and low carb/ do you have a place like Costco in your neck of the woods? I’ve done low carb for a long time- when I’m really serious about losing- it’s a protein and low starch vegetables for the win. I also initially started when I was wedding dress shopping. Congrats!

    To save money- a place like Costco or even a supermarket where you can buy family size or in bulk will save some dollars. You can freeze until use.

    Some 💡 ideas:
    Salmon and cauliflower rice
    Chicken and broccoli
    Roast turkey - will get cheap after next month! (Hoard those free turkeys after thanksgiving!)
    Eggs / egg muffins
    Beef with onions and peppers
    Sautéed Spinach or kale side dish
    Any type of seafood -shrimp, mussels on sale - steam it up and add some low carb vegetables.

    Good luck!! 🍀

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    Hmm...”safe” and “fast” are opposite ways of losing weight , unless you’re doing medically supervised weight loss. In that case, your doctor should guide you on what and how much to eat.
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    Have to cut calories and carbs to lose weight because I have physical limitations (bad back and rods in femurs and hip replacement)

    You don't need to cut carbs to lose weight, just calories. You only need cheap low calorie meals, which opens the playbook. And realistically you can eat cheap high calorie meals, you'll just need to reduce meal size (e.g. 1 slice of pizza instead of 3).