Hey I just started. Any advice ?


  • nighthawk584
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    1. Get a food scale and weigh everything you put in your mouth.
    2. Stay within your calorie deficit (consistently)
    3. Don't let short term hiccups sway you from your long term objectives.
    4. Don't think of this as just a temporary "diet", think of it as a permanent lifestyle change.
  • amyn73
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    Look in the community section and message boards for some really great information.
  • riffraff2112
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    Look at this as a long term thing, and every decision you make needs to be something you can live with for life. Don't workout 6 days a week if you know this isn't sustainable. Don't eat like a bird and cut out everything you enjoy for the same reason.
  • ReenieHJ
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    Ditto to all the above and wishing you much luck!!
    Logging all my food intake and exercise has helped me so much; magically has made it easier for me to stick with it.