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Hi guys, i have been struggling so long with my weight and every time i started something i just quit. In my head i feel like i cant do it, i know get your mindset right is what people say... But how? How can you shift your mindset after failing everytime :'(


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    Make small changes. Start simple and easy. Just focus on your calories and you don’t need a huge deficit. Just start with a small deficit. Don’t worry about macros. And you don’t need to join a gym and workout every day just start trying to walk more.

    Join in the community here or a Facebook page. Having a community to check in with, ask questions, just vent to is super helpful.

    Listening to podcasts helps me. I’m currently binging We Only Look Thin. It has tons of great advice.
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    You have to dig deep to get a hold of your accountability. You have to really want this and be ready to commit.

    I set up my scale to sync with a weight trending app. That keeps me engaged.

    I fill out my food diary a few days in advance. That eliminates stress.

    I eat the foods I love so I don’t feel deprived. That makes me look forward to my meals.

    I join challenges on the site. That makes me accountable to other people and who doesn’t like to win?

    You can do this! Good luck with your journey! 🍀
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    I would also say, none of us do it perfectly.

    I lost 80ish pounds but I didn't stay in my goals every day. Most days I'd get most of it close enough, but Perfect Nutrition? Perfect Exercise? Staying in Calories? No way. Some days were pizza and beer. Some days were Ben & Jerry's and cheeseburger and fries. It's all okay and it all worked out in the end, I just kept logging food and taking walks and the weight did come off.

    You only fail if you give up. It's more about making small improvements and learning as you go.

    Yes ma'am. If you cant run, walk. If you cant walk ,crawl.

    Amen! ✝️
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    Just have to get up every day determined to do what you need to do. If you fail, try again, and again and again.
    I'm on again X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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    I have been going through the same thing. Food means so many things to me. I go to it for comfort, for social engagement, for reward. I really miss being able to eat what I want, in huge's part of the problem. But I've tried to think of food in a different way...not as a tool for comfort, but as a means of survival. This is a life choice..not a diet, not a new way of eating so I can be skinny....this is how I regain control of this part of my life that has been crazy and out of control forever. It's hard. Going to the gym, eating right..they don't feel good all the time. Sometimes it's a slog. But I'm fighting the same thing you are...just wanting to give up. I guess that's why I have the issues I do. If it were easy..I'd have done it a long time ago and never looked back. Good luck!! Keep fighting!
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    Keep trying! Try chopping it into smaller goals so it's not overwhelming. For me personally I was diagnosed as diabetic two years ago and have chronic pain and other health problems. I decided I wasn't going to let another year pass of ignoring my health and it just clicked for me, I rejoined My Fitness Pal, changed my diet, and dusted off the exercise bike I'd bought years ago but never used. I'm honestly shocked I've made it this far, I just hit goal weight, am off diabetes medication, and have more mobility through cardio and weight lifting than I've had since my 20s.

    Having friends on here has helped, knowing people can see what I eat in my diary and cheering each other on is fun, very helpful during slumps too. Try joining challenges or groups that interest you as well once you get started. The success forum is a great motivator as well.
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    This is more healthy lifestyle related but I figure can help with weight loss. I often find myself wanting to just eat rubbish, go OTT on the sweets etc but I think how food and exercise is more than just calories and how I am more than size- it’s about nutrition, taking care of yourself and how foods help your body function and be at its best. At minimum it helps me to add loads of fruits and veggies to my meals for their nutritional value which means I don’t go too crazy on the ultra high sat fat/high salt/high sugar stuff. Whether a person’s goal is weight loss, gain or maintenance, we all want to be healthy, have great energy levels, great skin, better sleep, feel good and our food/exercise choices help those aspects as well as just weight.
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    Failed? I bet you learned something every single time. In your words, I've failed many times, probably gained/lost the same 50# 3 or 4 times through out my life. Even up to 85# once. But through all that I tried lots of different styles....low carb, liquid fasting, grapefruit and cottage cheese, WW, strict calorie counting and probably many others.
    I learned changing your eating habits and moving habits helped the most. Be positive; instead of 'why bother or I'll just quit again', use positive self-talk. Find a positive mantra that will keep you going. I CAN do this. I WILL do this. And be gentle if your day goes less than stellar. One mistake I always made was as soon as I slipped a little bit, I figured the whole day was shot and I'd just start over again tomorrow. If you eat something you shouldn't, call it done and over with, then don't think about it. Keep to the program. And entering everything I eat, all the walking I do, it does help!!
    Stay strong, you CAN do this!!
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    Hi guys, i have been struggling so long with my weight and every time i started something i just quit. In my head i feel like i cant do it, i know get your mindset right is what people say... But how? How can you shift your mindset after failing everytime :'(

    You shift your mindset by engaging in the process and avoiding the normal pitfalls. Mine has been changing here and there for the entire time. The only thing I knew for sure when I started was that I could not weigh myself on a regular basis or it would derail me. By the time I weighed my first time I had already dropped close to 30 pounds. Then it began to click. Weight loss will happen. I don't have to force it. So my mindset became about the process and not the results. My goal became living each day in a happy-ish fashion as much as possible and staying within my calorie goal.

    Losing weight is simple but it is not easy. Your first job is not to make it any harder. Do not set a deadline for yourself. Do not obsess about results. I often have to wait 3 weeks to see a new low weight. Weighing myself daily (as I now can do easily) would be torture if I was focused on results.

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    We all make mistakes, try the quitzilla app it's been a game changer for me, add me too if you like x