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  • Slow and steady wins the race, remember that it's more important that you lose some weight every week than it is for you to be a certain weight by a certain date. Deadlines can cause problems, and a huge goal broken up into manageable pieces is more achievable. Oh, and don't forget to reverse diet when you're done. Good…
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  • Make sure you do it right so you only have to do it once ;)
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  • Agree with the above that it's definitely safe and one of the most heavily studied supplements. Some people like me are non-responders, usually because they get enough in their diet so that supplementing doesn't make a noticeable difference. No harm in giving it a try since it's cheap and easy. Just get some creatine…
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  • Chest and back are massive muscle groups and in my opinion should be done on separate days. It makes mores sense to group Chest and Triceps together as well as Back and Biceps because the muscle groups are complimentary. Chest exercises work your triceps, then at the end of the workout you can hit your triceps with…
  • I think you're confused as to what steroids do. Steroids to not increase your metabolic capacity (how many calories you burn daily). What steroids do is they actually shorten the recovery time between heavy lifting, allowing you to train harder and more frequently which allows your muscles to grow larger, but it still…
  • Terrible analogy. First of all, the Rock, as amazing as he looks, is still stuck in the 1980s in terms of nutrition. He thinks he needs to eat 6 meals a day, and they all have to be clean meals, and then when he's done filming whatever movie he is working on, he has a massive cheat day where he famously eats like 6 pizzas…
  • In the hierarchy of importance, it's most important to hit your calorie goal. Number 2 right under that is hitting proper macronutrient goals. As mentioned above me, you will lose weight with a calorie deficit regardless of your macronutrient breakdown, but it is important to get enough protein and fat if your goal is to…
  • If you want to complete a water fast to test the limits of your discipline, that's one thing, but it will not heal your body or reset anything.
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  • I really do not mean to rain on your parade, because those are great starting results, but unless you plan on eating an Atkins diet for the rest of your life, please reconsider using it as a tool for weight loss. If you lose a large chunk of weight on Atkins, then switch back to a more standard, macronutrient balanced…
  • If your primary goal is to lose weight and keep it off permanently, and you believe you have the patience to not give up if you don't see drastic results quickly, then the best calorie intake for you is the highest possible calorie intake you can eat on a daily basis that has you consistently losing weight week to week.
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  • Well it's a great thing that you know yourself, your preferences, and your limits, many people don't. In that case if you are going to do a recomp, you should work in a lifting program that utilizes progressive overload. If you love crossfit, that's great, but it is ideal for building muscle. I know people who do crossfit…
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  • Best way to build muscle is to lift heavy and eat at a surplus. The most efficient way to increase muscle and lose fat is to go through a bulk and cut cycle. Recomping is a slow process and is much less efficient, but is a better option for those who don't have the right mindset needed to deliberately gain weight in order…
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  • Calorie goal is most important, followed by macros. Your protein and fat macros should be seen as a minimum goal. It's fine to exceed either or both as long as you don't exceed your calorie goal. Your carb goal should be seen as a maximum. If you exceed your carb goal, you either exceeded your calorie goal, or you didn't…
  • You're not eating enough calories, and you should not be making body comparisons 12 days apart. You need to think long term otherwise you're going to sabotage yourself.
  • All of this advice is pretty solid, except for the beginning. He could literally be sitting around all day at 280 lbs and if he consumed 1800 calories, he'd be in a deficit.
  • Are you weighing/measuring all the food you're eating before you eat it? If you aren't, it's very likely that you could be eating well over 2500 calories a day and think you're eating 1800. Step one is to increase accuracy by weighing and measuring. Stop taking XLS medical max strength...
  • How do you know you've specifically lost a pound of visceral fat?
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  • If you want to switch to a vegetarian diet for moral reasons, more power to you. As for switching for your health. There is no evidence that a plant based diet is superior for your health than a balanced omnivorous diet that includes adequate fiber intake.
  • Somatotypes have been debunked. If you eat at a calorie deficit you will lose weight. The end
  • Seems gimicky to me to be honest. Why not try IF and just reduce your eating window to 6-8 hours a day? You could have two big meals instead of one huge one. That being said, it's a free country. Good luck!
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  • Such a humble username...
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  • My thought is that one should avoid weight loss surgery unless your life is in danger if you don't lose weight fast. Weight loss surgeries don't teach you how to eat properly, they don't teach you any sort of discipline, or anything that you will need for lifelong success.
  • I've tried every fake meat burger under the sun. Nothing can match the real thing. That being said, my mind is open, but at the same time, it's going to be heavily processed and probably not great for you, so that's something to consider.
  • Intermittent fasting tends to be a good tool for those who find they need to fight off hunger and eat fewer calories. If you're having trouble eating enough calories, I'd ditch the intermittent fasting. Also eat more calorie dense foods to increase your calorie intake.
  • Step 1: Stop recomping. Bulk and cut cycles are waaaay more efficient to get to where you want to be than recomping ever can be. Some people can't get over the psychological hurdle of gaining weight as a means to an end, and thus can't bulk properly, but if you can see it through, you'll be much happier in the end, and…
  • No, that's an absurd claim. Fat loss and fat gain are dependent on calorie balance. People starting keto can have the appearance of fat loss while overeating due to the water weight loss associated with removing glycogen from your body. Also, a keto diet consists of foods that tend to be high in satiety compared to a more…
  • Well I never said you're uneducated...you said that, I just said your initial reply had a very hostile tone. This one was even more hostile. Why can't we just be 2 people having a conversation instead of you taking personal offense and breaking down at everything I say? There are so many problems with your reply I honestly…