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  • I don't have a problem with it. I just make 'portions' whatever the finished recipe weighs after logging the ingredients, then however many grams each portion I eat weighs, add that to my diary. Gives the exact calories.
  • Never Binge Again by Glenn Livingston is free on Amazon to download. It may not be for everyone, but that book is having a huge impact on my binge/overeating behaviour. Did I mention it's free?!
  • You can buy Hartleys Sugar Free jelly on Amazon UK. Different flavours. A whole sachet is about 35 calories. I've got loads of the stuff. They used to do in Tesco, too, not sure if they still do.
  • 1200 a day was easy for me for the first two years, for the most part. Now with 20lbs to go and having had a diet break, I'm struggling to get back into the right mindset. Some good advice in this thread about adding in things you really liked before (there are no bad foods) so you don't eventually feel deprived.
  • The French saying for this is, "esprit de l'escalier" - the things you think of to say too late to say them (whilst on the stairs after leaving the scene, I guess).
  • Then it just shows how you can misread something and assume stuff that doesn't exist. Thanks for your (lack of) insight.
  • Thanks for this. I've just managed to start a new profile using a new email address. Looks like 1500 cals is minimum. Thanks for your help and advice.
  • Thanks. I'd already tried that (and have just tried again) but it keeps telling me I'm already a member. Guess it's because my email address is the same.
  • "Is there a reason he can't make his own profile?" Without wishing to sound rude, yes, or he would have done.
  • As others have said, use a spray bottle to spritz a little oil when absolutely necessary. I also use baking parchment paper to line pans in the oven (you can also line a fry pan and cook directly on the paper).
  • Try it for two years in a row. It's not a lot.
  • I find that I am happy to miss breakfast and lunch to give myself more calories in the evening. That way, I eat a good, balanced evening meal (with ALL the veg) and have the calories left for whatever takes my fancy - in moderation (last night was two packs of French Fries crisps and two slices of wholemeal seeded toast…
  • If you go down the potassium supplement route, please be aware that in some people it can cause stomach issues. I started with potassium tablets two weeks ago and am now left with gastritis. It was an almost immediate effect. If you are prone to these sorts of stomach things, do a bit of research first or eat plenty of…
  • Bumped, because it's a great thread for those of us that love to feel full for not too many calories. :)
  • My current favourite is chicken salsa. I use a jar of Doritos hot salsa poured over a chicken breast on a bed of leeks, peppers, courgette, and lots of juicy open-cup mushrooms. Shove it all in the oven for 40 minutes and top with half-fat creme fraiche. Comes in around 380 calories. I'm a volume-eater for preference, so I…
  • Not a snack, but my favourite Aldi buys are the Slim Free range ready meals. They are large, have really good, fresh ingredients, are incredibly tasty and only cost £1.99 each. My faves are sweet potato curry and bolognese ragu. Poured over a huge plate of veg and topped with half-fat creme fraiche, they still come in at…
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  • I'd tried that, entering 1075 (total weight of food), but thought it wouldn't log more than 3 digits. I've gone back and tried again after your response and saw that I was mistaken, it will take 1075. Thanks so much. I wouldn't have gone back and tried again if you hadn't suggested it as an option. (Edited for word…
  • I'm 56 now and there is no doubt I'm not losing as fast as I did in my 30's and 40's (running around after small children) but when I look back honestly, it was not just the activity but an unhealthy approach to eating - I'd eat under 1000 cals a day, probably nearer 800 (I always eventually put the weight back on and then…
  • All of the above. I'm probably most disappointed since I started counting calories to find a large carrot is over 40 calories! What?!
  • Spot on - nice post which I wish some of the FB diet group girls would read and recognise.
  • Okay, sure - I hear what you're saying. I can certainly put away plenty of calories in two hours that's for certain, so I'll rephrase to say this timing method works for me.
  • Dill pickles and a few slices of lean turkey breast.
  • I don't eat my first meal until 6pm, then usually finish by 8pm. That is simply restricting calories through timing so that I can enjoy a bigger, more satisfying evening meal and snacks later. Works for me.
  • Whilst drunk, I vomited my dentures out of my bedroom window onto the conservatory roof below, and my then fiance had to get up a ladder and scoop them up with a ladle. He still married me.
  • Both together - always.
  • I confess I avoid going out to certain places (overnight trips) as I'm scared I won't be able to resist temptation with food and I don't want to derail myself.
  • I weigh daily, after a wee, nude, even if I know I have overeaten the previous day or more. The highs and lows showing on the scale help me to track what happens to my weight when I eat high sodium or other foods that may have an effect on the scale. This has helped me understand my own body's fluctuations better.
  • Roasted brussels, cauliflower, open cup mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, courgette, spring onion, sweet potato, butternut squash and green beans, seasoned with Braggs Liquid Aminos and topped with two dry-fried eggs, half-fat creme fraiche and a squirt of sriracha.
  • Ha, just binge watched Vikings, so I feel ya. For me, saving my calories for the evening works best. I eat my first meal of the day at 6pm (a biggie with lots of veg for nutrients and satiety) and work my way through variants of 2/3 bags of French Fries crisps (70 cals each) and a cornetto (209 cals), with sugar-free…