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  • I'd have to say PB2, laughing cow cheese, those flavored peach tea packets you put into water, I haven't seen Dr pepper 0 here either (I live in Germany but am from the US).. And on a non healthy type of food, I could really go for Rotel and Velveeta dip!
  • Probably by staring at myself in the mirror.. Or I'll make some new goals
  • Ramen, cans of to soup, beef jerky, Sandwich with seed butter, Look up recipes to make your own protein bar, apples, oranges, dried fruit,
  • Last time I was up 6 pounds bc of it but it all falls off again after a few days.
  • Eat prunes! It will help
  • Good luck! Best advice-get a good scale, weigh and log accurately. It is mostly about what you eat, working out is great but weight-loss happens in the kitchen
  • It is normal. Make sure that you are living and eating a calorie deficit. I'm up 6 pounds from Wednesday but I know I haven't eaten that much! Just part of life
  • I'm in the same situation. I'm up 5 pounds but have started exercising fairly vigorously. It will go back down (and hopefully then some) soon, don't stress over it.
  • I will say that fitbit's customer service is great. I had a broken charger and they sent me a whole new fb
  • Thanks for the secret eaters show recommendation, it was interesting. The episode that I watched reminded me of what habits I had a few years ago. Now I shutter thinking about it.
  • Sending you best wishes from Germany! It is all about calories in vs out, you don't need to go crazy just make sensible changes. :)
  • I need friends too, I'm 27, from the USA but live in Germany.
  • Take the skinny dude out for beers and hamburgers this weekend? 10 pounds in less than a week is pretty impossible, normally you should eat less and move more but in order to lose 10 pounds you would have to not eat and keep moving. Be happy of the progress that you've made but I don't see a healthy way to accomplish this.
  • Remember as life goes on your goals change, your schedule changes, the people in your life may even change. Anytime something major changes in my life I stress and eat. For example, I moved to a different country, went from always working to not working and back to working, and I have had to remind myself to keep grounded…
  • Sorry to hear about your back and I'm wishing you a very speedy recovery! The good news is that you've come to a great place and losing weight is all about calories in vs out, this can easily be done in the kitchen. Buy a food scale, weigh and measure everything. Keep your head up and things will get better. Be proud of…
  • It seems like you are doing the right things, I agree with buying a food scale. Also, don't compare yourself to others, start loving yourself and be proud of the positive changes that you have made!
  • Look at these links for some free courses that you can sign up for: Also this thread has some other free courses linked to it:
  • I'm from the U.S.A but live in Munich, Germany
  • No, you don't need a fitbit but personally, I love mine. I find myself going for extra walks or longer walks during the day because of it. It is also a good reminder that I'm working towards a specific goal. I like the extra motivation and challenges to keep me on my toes. Buy one, keep the receipt and if you don't like…
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  • 4.9 kilos is great! Keep working towards your goals and soon you will hear people telling you wow you look great! Don't get discouraged or give up! You are making some awesome changes and be proud of yourself!
  • You just have to embrace your paleness. I'm in the sun everyday and I can't tan, my skin doesn't have the capability to do so. Be careful of spray tans, I got one before vacation once and was bright orange.
  • Yes, especially since it is hot and there aren't usually ACs here. So I'm hot at night, hot when I wake up and hot at work.. It has been miserable! I suggest finding something that you do like, take a class, change up your routine, make a game of it, find a buddy.. If you are paying all that money for a gym membership you…
  • If you are using measuring cups it is likely that you are eating more calories than you think. Start using your food scale to weigh you food. Be proud of the progress you've made! But have fresh start, weigh your food and you should see results.
  • The kneeler makes a lot of sense, I had surgery on my for and couldn't walk for 8 weeks at least. I lost weight during this time bc getting to the kitchen took a lot of effort. Focus on healing your body first and exercise later. Also it is a good time to really develope good eating habits and learning to weight ABC…
  • If your parents are supportive then they will have no problem sending you to a therapist. There is NOTHING wrong with getting professional help from someone who specializes in this area. It is great that you are wanting to work through these issues! Ask for help from someone that is trained in helping others with issues…
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  • Are you used to walking, especially in the heat? Remember, you have to walk back too. If you don't regularly walk, I would try to take on 3 miles in the heat unless I am used to it. If you normally walk, go for it! If not, go for a walk tonight when it is cooler.
  • Sorry you are having a frustrating time! Make sure that you are weighing and logging all of your food intake, you might be eating more than you think, it is easy to do. Try to make sure you are accurately logging and you should see results. Best wishes to you and don't give up!
  • Focus only on your food intake until you are ready for exercise. You can still lose weight and eat a healthy diet right now. Get back to good habits with your diet, portions and weighing and measuring. That's the biggest part of weightloss, exercise is beneficial but you need to listen to your body. I had surgery on my…
  • I think they meant to check out the fitbit group here on MFP. They should be able to answer your question if you don't find an answer here. Id look at how many active minutes you have each day and see if there is a big difference.. Just a guess though
  • Buy some fruit and take away salads to put in your room for snacks. Walk a lot and enjoy the new scenery. Stick to foods that you know but don't forget to enjoy your vacation. When I moved from the US to Munich, I had a hard time at the store understanding what things were bc of the language barrier. Since you won't have…