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  • :smile: Thanks, Wheel. I really can’t complain, because I do see progress. As fun as it is to compare ourselves to others, I try to remind myself that the only comparison that means anything is the one to our past selves.
  • I’m nowhere near as strong as y’all. The below is for 5 reps, I don’t know my 1rm. 5’4”, 119lbs, female, bf% 22-24 OHP: 60lbs Bench: 70lbs (lol so weak) Power clean: 70lbs (yeah, my bench should be higher) Squat: 140lbs Deadlift: 175lbs Just coming off my deficit now, so hopefully I’ll keep seeing improvement.
  • So much wrong in this post. LOL especially at 2 cups of oatmeal (678cal, 116g carbs) with milk being a low carb meal. Like most people say, calories in / calories out is what matters, and drinking diet pop has no bearing on this equation.
  • I don’t eat before or after workouts. If I were doing super hardcore intense training for hours on end, I might. Otherwise, I don’t see the point. My exercise consists of lifting heavy (for me) for about an hour, and I just eat normally through the day. I do find I don’t feel as strong if I’m actively hungry though.
  • Interesting question, especially coming from someone whose food diary shows a whole bunch of days with only just over 1000 calories logged...
  • I can’t believe no one has mentioned Wendy’s. I like their chicken snack wraps better than McDonalds, and they’re both cheap and nutritious: value menu and 260cal/10fat/18protein. Their salads are also really good. Burger King used to have these buffalo chicken strips that were amazing, both delicious and solid…
  • I’ve done both. I used to weigh it after it was cooked and use the usda entry for cooked chicken breast, roasted. One day I was curious how accurate that is, so I weighed the chicken both before and after it was cooked, and created a recipe that converted the nutritional data from raw to cooked in grams. I compared that to…
  • I was unaware that banana muffins are unnatural. Definitely wouldn’t want to eat unnatural foods, especially if they’re possessed or whatnot.
  • :D Oh good, I needed a solid laugh this slow Tuesday afternoon. I’ll stick to my “crap” food, thanksverymuch. ETA: Something good did come out of this thread: the hashbrown in the sandwich sounds like a solid idea.
  • 290 cal, 11g fat, 730mg sodium, 17g protein? That amount of fat is less than 20% of my daily goal, and it’s not that much sodium at all. I find McMuffins to be pretty good nutritional bang for your caloric buck.
  • Co-signed. I actually don’t eat breakfast before noon because I simply am not hungry. In fact, it has been my experience that when I do break my fast early in the day, I feel unreasonably hungry for the rest of the day.
  • I’d definitely go for less weight loss to eat a few more calories. I started at 1200 and went up to 1300 and then 1400. I honestly was a *lot* happier, and I still lost plenty of weight, especially because I felt good and had the energy to be more active. I would agree that more fat could help. Some great low-cal snacks…
  • Well put. I view things the same way - why not eliminate/minimize the error(s) that we can? Anyway, I recently starting weighing slices of bread and I do find that there is variation in slice weight, as would be expected since they’re different sizes. If the weight of the entire loaf is as stated, though, it should all…
  • I don’t know about the Chinese food (which I love too btw!) - if it’s from a restaurant, you just have to give it your best guess, and if it’s from a box, you can look at the weight of the box in oz or grams and calculate your serving size from that. For sour cream (which I’m having for dinner right now!), I weigh it out…
  • ^^ I think it’s from here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/womens-strength-training-guide.htm
  • You really are too kind, I am happy to help. One thing I would say is that I’d go with a known structured lifting program like the ones I had mentioned. Best of luck! :smile:
  • If you’re confident your tracking is accurate, and nothing happens in another couple of weeks, then you might have a reason to take a step back and see where the problem is. In the meantime, it could just be a bit of a stall, which is normal. But that’s just my view. I know how frustrating it is to be doing everything you…
  • If you want to keep losing, you could open your food diary for people to look at, in case they notice some common mistakes. Otherwise, how long has it been since you saw a loss? It could just be the whole non-linear weight loss thing. I found that the less I had to lose, the less consistently I lost it.
  • Co-signed. Strong first post. Also, his profile states that he lost 8 lbs (not 25) and has 62 to go. Inconsistent, hmm…
  • You might like the idea of a recomp then: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10177803/recomposition-maintaining-weight-while-losing-fat/p1
  • Well, if that’s the case, do you use a food scale to weigh all of the food you eat? That’s the #1 cause of no weight loss - inaccurate calorie tracking. And keep in mind that weight loss isn’t linear, so you can go weeks without any losses and then have one big loss (just had that myself today).
  • See, that’s the problem. All those things are very calorie-dense and you’re probably underestimating how much you’re eating. Watch the above video!
  • I think that if you started using a food scale to weigh your foods you will find it’s easier to lose weight than you think. There are lots of ladies on here at or above that age group who are losing weight consistently, so don’t let that discourage you. The key thing is making sure you’re maintaining a calorie deficit,…
  • It sounds like you’re doing all the right things :smile: I am personally a huge fan of strength training for shaping up our bodies, and I know where you’re coming from - I went past my original goal weight and definitely wasn’t that happy with how I looked. Still squishy and stuff. I since made weight lifting my main…
  • That’s incredible work, well done!
  • Able, probably, but why bother? Regardless, I like to keep track of sets/reps/weights in a log, especially for a progressive lifting program. OP, I just use an old fashioned notebook in which I drew up columns for each exercise (e.g. squat, bench press, etc), and the rows are each workout. You can either google a pre-made…
  • ^^^ Great advice regarding recomp. Check out this thread: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/10177803/recomposition-maintaining-weight-while-losing-fat/p1 I don’t know your stats (current height/weight), but a recomp is basically eating at maintenance while following a progressive heavy lifting program, so…
  • You’re on the border of being underweight, based on BMI (for what it’s worth, 18.6). I wouldn’t use your stats as the reference point for other people. OP, I was recently in a similar situation, having reached my “goal weight”. What I ended up doing is increasing my calories and maintaining a much smaller deficit for about…
  • You know, I’ve never *loved* Subway, but some of their options aren’t bad at all (in terms of calories for your buck/taste) - especially if you’re careful with those creamy sauces. I’m glad it’s working for you! My favourite fast food place, though, is Wendy’s: their value menu grilled chicken wraps are 260 cals (220 if…