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  • ^^^ me too. And also reggae. Unless I am stoned in Jamaica. Well, even then I didn't care for it.
  • It's fine as long as you aren't super hungry. You obviously need to refuel your energy and as long as you are eating enough during the course of the day you're fine. it's your body andwow, how may theories are there?? Listen to YOU and how your body responds, and if it's responding well then that's what you should be…
  • YAY for people who go to the gym. Or walk. Or ride their bikes. Or dance. Or kickbox. Or do anything besides sit around eating cookies, or sit around NOT eating cookies. Seriously - skinny-fat people are JUST as unhealthy as large people sweating it out on the treadmill.
  • Let Kellie Davis kick your butt.
  • When I train at home, I do DB full body circuits. I combo upper body + lower body. My DB's range from 3lbs - 25 lbs. For instance this morning I did: (Complete each set of two before moving onto the next set of two.) DB goblet squat + one arm free standing DB row (2 X 12-15) DB reverse lunge + band lat pull downs (2 X…
  • I go by BF% and inches rather than weight. Weight wise I have only lost 17lbs (was a tight size 14-16) and now I am a roomy size 10-8. I have lost a lot of inches and my BF% has decreased by 17%!! I *wanted* to weigh 140lbs but found out my LBM is 138 lbs!! So ummm...that's not gonna happen. It's important to know your LBM…
  • "My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind." -- Einstein My exact thoughts about a creator and our ridiculous "reasonable" discussions about it.
  • I live in a college town and my gym is full of girls like that. Some are there to workout, some are there to meet guys. Depends on the motive for going. I go to sweat and workout, and so do lots of other women. My only request is DO NOT wear perfume to the gym. Please! :noway:
  • I LOVE Silk soy yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder over mixed berries with granola. It tastes like cake! I also made the cauliflower pizza crust with sauce, arugala, pine nuts, artichokes, eggplant and capers and it was to DIE for. I mix my smoothies with almond milk + a banana + anutra grains (best source of omega…
  • you can focus on isolation exercises for the arms - biceps and triceps and avoid anything that raises your arms overhead or in a lateral movement. If weights are too heavy or uncomfortable during the eccentric muscle movement (lowering motion), you can try resistance bands instead for some bicep and tricep exercises. Do…
  • I am big boobed too - (38D) and after nursing two kids I need the support ;) -- I LOVE Athleta bathingsuits!!! Love love love them. The tops are fabulous and you can choose from lots of different bottom coverages. yay you!
  • I did it and loved it. I lost a LOT of inches, while my weight pretty much stayed the same. Not everyone does well on a high protein diet (she eats a LOT of protein) so you need to eat according to what your body responds to. The workout was great, and it a wonderful introduction to weight lifting.
  • I LOVE these two as QUICK workouts I can do at home - and they work! and here's a kick butt ab workout to balance it all out. :bigsmile:
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  • I love interval training for burning fat! I do it on the treadmill as well - run fast for 1 min, walk for 2, run hard for 1 min, walk for's a great way to burn fat. And yes - you do need to do some resistance training along with the interval training and you will have a lovely tush in no time at all! And yes, do…
  • You look so happy and are absolutely beaming!! Keep up the great work!! :heart:
  • Random things happen randomly and intentional things happen intentionally. I think humans apply reasons to things as a basis to feel like we have control over our lives. Sometimes there are remarkable coincidences, sure. It's also in human nature to reflect and remember more good things than bad things and piece together…
  • Because I will be 43 in a few months and no one believes me. I want them to really not believe me in a bikini. :bigsmile:
  • :laugh: I still have Louisville! Although my instincts said the Wildcats...but in this house choosing them for anything is grounds for divorce. :wink:
  • as an added bonus you'll have a very clean mouth.
  • I totally thought you photoshopped yourself thin! That's AMAZING to see the exact same look in a before & after -- awesome. You look stunning and gorgeous and wonderful! Congrats!!
  • ^^ love that book! He has a women's one as well. Wanted to add that I have a GREAT app that I LOVE as well - it's called iMuscle 2 and has TONS of exercises and demonstrations using only the muscular system - you can choose which muscle you want to focus on and it will show you which exercises you can choose. It's fabulous…
  • totally agree with him. In the beginning of learning to weight train, most of the training is neuromuscular in nature. You MUST learn proper form or you will just be doing pointless exercise. You should also train with lighter weights, fewer sets & higher reps for the first 4 - 6 weeks. That being said, I really like…
  • Use a real HRM that is on your body to monitor your heart rate if you really need to, or manually count your pulse for 10 secs and X it by 6. You can also ignore your HR and go by perceived exertion: if you are working up a sweat, are breathing faster than you normally do, but can carry on a conversation without gasping…
  • squats leg press bench press ALL of the exercises I do on the cable machine -- seriously want one in my house lol barbell glute bridge
  • ^^^ that. Great advice. LISTEN to your body!!! And if you have bad knees then do low impact exercise.
  • You are exercising too much. Are you taking rest days? When you exercise it depletes hormones and adequate rest is just as important as regular workouts. You can metabolically damage your body by not getting proper rest and nutrition when you exercise a lot.
  • tastes pretty good too!
  • well...when I drink Patron it makes me want to dance for hours. so yep. Tequila is the secret. :laugh:
  • Seafood for me too. I hate it. And I also hate cheese and most dairy. But I don't care since I have never liked it. ever. I guess I wish I like yogurt since it has probiotic benefits.
  • I have a clear coat on my nails, and I wear minimal makeup. I wear NO makeup on my face and never have. I wear blush on my cheeks and eyes, and mascara. I can't live without mascara :)