• Hi Everyone - I am a beachbody coach and I do not push any products on anyone. I became a beachbody coach to help others achieve their goals no matter what program (beachbody or other) or whatever form of fitness they are doing. Anyone can join the group without buying anything. Those that do buy do because they want to…
  • Walmart now sells almond butter, sunflower butter and PB2
  • I broil my talapia for 6 mins in a foil lined pan with lemon pepper. Comes out moist and delish
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  • Eat healthy. Something that may help is going low good carbs and plenty of protein. Stay away from fruit for a few days, sugars, starches, bad carbs, junk food, soda, etc. You can keep your calories down as long as you eat your protein and at least 4 cups of veggies a day. Stay away from carrots, corn, potatoes, squash…
  • I pretty much find that chicken or lean meat keep me the fullest. Also my cauliflower mash really fills me up and low on calories. I don't do alot of fruit as they are high in carbs (even good carbs). Fruit is basically a morning thing.
  • My doctor said no eating after 8pm. I usually have a protein pudding or shake between 7 and 7:30pm
  • My doctor says that I should eat a big breakfast to kick start my pancreas in the morning. I begin this on Thursday. Specific amounts of protein, good carbs, fat, diary are required. 2 meals I have planned are: 8 oz of greek yogurt with kashi granola and strawberries. 2 slices of low carb toast with butter or PB2 or 1…
  • Team sacrimoni “One becomes firmly established in practice only after attending to it for a long time, without interruption and with an attitude of devotion.” ~ Yoga Sutra I.14 Cindy
  • Team sacrimoni I am in the challenge because I love a challenge! I love to conquer every challenge, every pound, every day, and every moment of weakness! And make friends while doing so to hopefully motivate just one other person into doing the same!
  • Bonus team sacrimoni I woke to my grand baby girls arms wrapped tight around my neck then my other granddaughter came over to play and have an amazing breakfast made with love by papa. I still did all my workouts. Then went out to find the perfect flower pot for my Mom. Surprised her by showing up at her home instead of…
  • I'm Cindy and I have been doing IP for 13 weeks and I love it! I am 9 pounds from my set goal weight. At that point I will decide if I want to lose a little more. But my grown girls don't want me to get a bobble head look (ya know small body and big head) lol Add me if you like!
  • Challenge accomplished! Team SACRIMONI .
  • Our neighbors went in vacation for a few weeks and a heat wave has hit us for the week so I figured I would water and take care of their grass and flowers so they don't come home to a dead yard when it is a lovely English garden. Oh and using my water. 100 jumping jacks done too! Team SACRIMONI.
  • Cindy here from Team Sacrimoni Second round! I'm doing the challenge to add more fun to my workouts, help motivate sometimes with sarcasm, and make more MFP friends! And of course to get fit and reach my goal weight. I'm a mom of 2 grown ladies and 1 summer boy age 11. I have 3 gorgeous grand babies and a wonderful hubby!…
  • 5' 5" 163 pounds 10/12 pants or 31
  • I use resistance bands with door anchor. Here are the best ones I have found (others with more bands are avaliable) For the pull ups I put the door…
  • I have done Turbo Fire and loved it - cardio. Now I'm doing a hybrid of Turbo Fire and P90X. I also have Chalean Extreme but haven't tried it yet.
  • Oh and I did Turbo Fire once already and now I'm doing the hybrid program with Turbo Fire and P90X - I love the mix up.
  • Turbo Fire is AWESOME! I would definitely get it. It is fun and keeps you moving - before you know it you're done! I only wish I had purchased the advanced dvds too.
  • I do Turbo Fire and I prefer to do the complete 55 minutes at one time. I feel it gives me a better workout. If you are short on time do the 45 or one of the Hiit dvds.
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  • I am in week 12 and have lost 47 pounds. I love the program! You do have to be very dedicated so if you easily cheat it's not for you. I love the fact that they tell you exactly what you can have and not have, they have packets and bars that are delicious (I prefer the bars but you can only have 1 a day but I love the dark…
  • Your life is a result of the choices you make... If you don't like your life, it's time to start making better choices. Team sacrimoni And 3.25 mile walk is complete.
  • I would go see an orthopedic doctor. You don't want to start having torn ligaments which can result in complete tears if untreated. I had a complete tear of my ACL and it took months to recover and surgery. And I also see a chiropractor.
  • Team Sacrimoni Walked 4.0 37 mins with Debbie P90X Legs and Back with Ab Ripper X and 105 squats w ith Karena 50 crunches Oh and cycling with my grandbaby Remi 5.2 miles at 11 mph. BAM!! Finito!
  • Team sacrimoni. 150 side kicks completed.
  • Team sacrimoni. 150 calf raises complete.
  • Yesterday i did the push ups
  • I type in Ideal Protein which brings up all the food items and I track them on mfp. I also use the bar code scanner on the boxes if needed.
  • Hey Meemilla did her 150 for team sacrimoni.
  • Team sacrimoni. Sorry so late but my phone died and I was at hot yoga I started this challenge because I LOVE a challenge!! And my mfp friend and captain sent it to me! I have even joined the squat challenge too. I really enjoy the team and how we motivate each other to get our challenges accomplished! My husband says if I…