BeachBody Coaches Leave Me Alone! (lol)



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    A coach sent me a message on MFP inviting me to join a Facebook group. I did and don't regret it. I get recipes, fitness tips and interesting emails about the members' progress and other topics. She has never tried to sell me products, although she has sent emails to the entire group offering samples and exercise DVDs. I don't participate much and can unjoin any time I want to, so It hasn't been a bad deal.
  • Tell them you already do Beachbody.....I actually do Beachbody as well. And I've come to realize, when other coaches approach me about it, and I tell them I'm already a client, they never bring it up since then. Then they're super supportive of my fitness posts. I feel like because they think I may decided to leave my coach and switch to them. Who knows. But it's seemed to work so far. :-)
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    Not the only one. Not even close. Don't ignore them - report them.
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    I think I have sometimes added people who then posted on their newsfeed something or other about selling some product or other. After saying no to one on their wall and another in PM and one of those returning with personal insults I now just put anyone doing that kind of thing on "hide" and leave them on my FL.

    No one has ever PM'd me such, but if they did I'd then delete them if they were on my FL and then I'd just forward that email to a mod.
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    I've had a couple on my friends list.

    The first, I deleted, but not because of Beach Body … she started getting really aggressive and argumentative about people not believing the "research" that wheat is the debil, and was really selective in what "research" she paid attention to. Not something I need to see, so she was gone.

    The second I'm friends with still. She started as a coach after we were friends, and mentions what she's doing from time to time, but isn't pushy about it at all. It's just like how I mention my lifting PRs or a good meal I had. If I were to buy a BB DVD (which I probably won't) I'd most likely go through her, because she isn't pushy about it.

    And I pretty much ignore messages people send about joining their challenge group or whatever. If I got multiples, I would for sure ignore the user and report.
  • I am a BB coach but that crap BUGSSS me. I am not here to sell stuff. I am here to help. I never ask anyone to buy anything. If they come to me about a product, I will inform them about it. I get so sick of BB coaches doing that stuff. I honestly think it is ridiculous. Is BB great? Imo...yes but people do not have to use BB products to get Amazing results.

    I would let them know you're not here to be hounded or purchase stuff. If they keep bugging, delete them.
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    I have yet to meet a BeachBody "coach" that I respect.
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    It's a joke. They know nothing more than we do so aren't a coach. I delete them if they try to sell me their crap.
  • Too funny...
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    I have yet to meet a BeachBody "coach" that I respect.
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    I've gotten the PM's after you'llmentioning doing T25. Drives me crazy! Anytime someone tries toget you to join a group on Facebook... beware, they're always Beach Body coaches who are going to try to sell you something. I learned that pretty early on.

    Not all coaches are trying to sell you something. I connected with my coach in 2011 and didnt purchase any thing until july of this year, all my own decision. I agree many coaches are pushy, but not all. As for Shakeology being over priced, it breaks down to just oVer 4 dollars a day, which you prob spend at starbucks or dunkins.. just saying
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    All these people trying to sell B-grade supplements on this site, but saying some "bad words" are the biggest problem for the mods.
  • mockchoc
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    All these people trying to sell B-grade supplements on this site, but saying some "bad words" are the biggest problem for the mods.

    Mr Derping be my friend. I am in love with you.
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    I don't need someone trying to push crappy protein shakes on me. I already own several beach body fitness programs, which I love, but I'm not about to pay one of their pyramid scheme lackeys to try to sell me crap.

    First of all, anytime you buy a Beachbody product from their site or 800#, you are assigned a "coach" when you create your free Beachbody account. So that purchase and all your future purchases are earning income for that coach - someone you don't know and may never be in contact with.

    So if you bought your Beachbody programs (which you love) from Beachbody, you already have a "pyramid scheme lacky" assigned as your coach.

    I can imagine it is annoying to get "cold calls," and there are Beachbody coaches out there that only want to sell. But I do not think that is the intention of all coaches. I believe many Beachbody coaches contact you so that you can have a connection in the event you choose to buy a Beachbody product. You are getting a "coach" anyway anytime you buy from Beachbody -- that is what makes Beachbody unique -- providing SUPPORT for their customers. Isn't that why you are all on the message boards anyway?? You want support and accountability and shared experiences.

    There are benefits of having a coach that you have "met" here at MFP or elsewhere in your life.
    #1 You get a free DVD and free shipping when you order from a coach's page rather than directly from the site or 800 number.
    #2 You should get support and accountability from that coach - assuming they are really being the "coach" and not just a salesman.
    #3 You should be invited to your coach's challenge groups to help you stay motivated.

    You all say you love their products (and many have bought them), why not get the benefits of free shipping, free workout DVDs and a personal connection. Seems like a win win all around.

    Most people have no idea how Beachbody works, and I have talked to many who say, "Oh I had no idea if I ordered from you that you would be my coach and I would get free stuff. I wish I knew that before I ordered online."

    So don't hate. Just ignore them if you are not interested.

    I'd report them, as it is against the forum rules to spam, advertise etc.
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    Report them. It's against MFP's TOS.
  • Hi Everyone - I am a beachbody coach and I do not push any products on anyone. I became a beachbody coach to help others achieve their goals no matter what program (beachbody or other) or whatever form of fitness they are doing. Anyone can join the group without buying anything. Those that do buy do because they want to not from me being a pushy sales lady (I hate sales). I did many many BB programs before I ever heard from any coach. BB may assign you a coach but that coach may never contact you as they are only a coach in order to purchase the programs for less (so there is a plus side to being a coach in that aspect as well). Some become coaches to earn income but I have found that the majority I know have done so because we want to help motivate everyone to become healthy by exercise and nutrition. The group I am in provides me with tons of meal ideas, motivation, support and so much more just like MFP has throughout my journey. Those who have joined my group have asked me about my workouts and how I achieved my results. I have shared what helped me and that if they want to join my group to let me know. I do not follow up with email after email after email (annoying). Maybe I am the minority but I just wanted to let you know we all aren't the pushy salespeople. :) Cindy
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    What about perverts? Are we welcome?
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    Yes, if you have the DVD and workout schedule, what do you need a coach for?
    They are annoying and I hate that they call them coaches when 95% of them are not a trainer or a nutritionist. I have beach body stuff always bought from their site but never got bothered by any coaches lol thank god for that cause I don't need u as a coach if I have the DVD to follow so what exactly are they coaching.
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    BeachBody Coaches are everyone... they found me on instagram, on twitter, on facbeook, on here, on my blog, i swear to God they hunt me down lol I have never bought there products nor do I do anything with any of their stuff, its as if they are hunting me... I must be a rabbit??? a fat fluffy rabbit... lol
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    I had a few friemds on FB who were BB coaches. They got super pushy. I was getting daily emails, they were basically sales pitches sent to their entire FL. I politely told them I wasn't interested, eventually I deleted them. I have also deleted people for selling ACE, Body by Vi, and any other weight loss scam.

    I have the p90x program, I bought it at a yard sale. Love it!!!!! I can't justify paying such high prices for things that aren't necessities though.