Should I start Turbo Fire or do Turbo Jam Elite?

dakotababy Posts: 2,401 Member
I am torn. I purchased turbo jam a few months ago and love it. I am finding myself wanting more/new/variety. So I thought about purchasing the turbo jam Elite package.

Now I also wanted the Turbo Fire package...and now I don't know what to do! I don't know if I should continue doing turbo jam or if I should move onto Turbo Fire.

Any thoughts?


  • mrswine
    mrswine Posts: 263 Member
    I have never done turbo jam but I LOVE turbofire! I have lost 36 pounds and so many inches. I highly recommend it. I am almost done with the regular program, and moving on the the advanced in two weeks. Then doing insanity! Excited!
  • Meemilla
    Meemilla Posts: 46
    Turbo Fire is AWESOME! I would definitely get it. It is fun and keeps you moving - before you know it you're done! I only wish I had purchased the advanced dvds too.
  • Meemilla
    Meemilla Posts: 46
    Oh and I did Turbo Fire once already and now I'm doing the hybrid program with Turbo Fire and P90X - I love the mix up.
  • ShallaLovee1
    ShallaLovee1 Posts: 356 Member
    Never did Turbo Jam. Absolutely love TurboFire. After Insanity I'm thinking of doing a Hybrid between the two.