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  • missability
    missability Posts: 223
    I am just curious whats your weight vs your pants size

    im 236 right now.. and i am a 19 juniors or 18 womens

    I am so glad you posted that! I hit 235.2 on the scale this morning and I can wear 15/17 in the Danskin stretchy yoga pants, and 18's in anything fitted...I was 280.4 when I started 4 months ago and wearing size 24 and 3xl shirts...I could not believe it when I was able to get into 18's at 240!!! I am convinced the clothing industry is upping clothing sizes to meet the obesity rate in this country.....I know for a fact in the early 90's when I weighed 180 LBS I was wearing 16/18's!!! Anyway I was not sure if this correct or if I just bought something that had been thank you!
  • Justjamie0418
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    Im around 160, I am 5'8.5'' and I am wearing a 10 in American Eagle ( in the waist though more like a 12 for the thighs) and a 7/8 in Murices jeans (they run big though)
  • iamspdd
    iamspdd Posts: 134 Member
    5'5 - currently 196 size 16
    Started 218 - size 16 :/

    Would be in a 14 if my thighs would slim as much as my waist has!
    I am 5'5
    I started at 195 in a tight 18.
    now I am 175 and a comfortable 18.
    My legs need a size 14 but my waist needs the 18. SOOOOOO Frustrating!
  • getfitgetfoxy
    getfitgetfoxy Posts: 2 Member
    5 ft 9, 149.8 pounds, US ladies size 10 pants (and size 4 tops! ugh)
  • Sparlingo
    Sparlingo Posts: 938 Member
    5'0, 128 lbs, size 8
  • Meemilla
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    5' 5" 163 pounds
    10/12 pants or 31
  • wordpainter09
    wordpainter09 Posts: 472 Member
    138 lbs, size 4 or 6 US, depends on brand.
  • rm7161
    rm7161 Posts: 505
    200, 5'6'' 12-14 US depending on brand.

    (I probably have 20 lbs of breast tissue being a 38DDD, and I don't carry a lot of junk in the trunk)
  • OtekahSunshield
    OtekahSunshield Posts: 42 Member
    I'm 5'3", 197.8 lbs., and I'm in a very loose US 18. 16's are still just too tight.
  • weight 107

    pant size 25/1

    Same -+ 3-4 pounds
  • SZY0006
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    5' 6", 165 pounds
    Size 12
  • ElizMurphy69
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    5'3 ish, 202, size 14 SHORT (would be smaller if I would lose in my belly quicker, 14 pounds of twins and c-sections...gonna take a while to build some muscle there and get rid of the fat) and my pants are just a smidge loose but too cheap to buy smaller yet :-) I started at 237 size 22 in January :-) Oh, and I have no butt or hips...all belly (or front butt as my friends like to call it) :-(
  • ChgingMe
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    5'3 ish
    Size 10

    Hoping to be in an 8 by mid summer
  • ChgingMe
    ChgingMe Posts: 539 Member
    I'm 5'5" and weigh 175, wearing a size 14. Everyone is different though. It depends on where you carry your weight and whether you are at a high percentage of fat or muscle. At 226 I wore a size 20, bordering on a 22.
    So true. I'm 5'3 and weigh 170 and I'm a 10
  • ChgingMe
    ChgingMe Posts: 539 Member
    Current weight 154, pants size 16. I think the brand of pants you buy have different sizes. I know a person that weighs the same as me and she wears a size 10. I'm 5'3" and she is 5'4" and only 2 years different in age. Go figure!!:ohwell:

    Oh my. i'm the same height as you and weigh 15 pounds more and I'm in a 10. Just bought them this past weekend cause my 12's were too big. I try not to take too much stock in sizes. I think they are rigged to make us feel better about ourselves.
  • determined_erin
    determined_erin Posts: 571 Member
    176 lbs - Size 12
  • haymancm
    haymancm Posts: 280 Member
    5'7", 213 lbs, size 16. Started less than 2 months ago @ 236 size 18/20.
  • ashleyoh33
    ashleyoh33 Posts: 85 Member
    Started out at 233 in a VERY tight 16...probably should have been in an 18. Now I am 185 and in a 12/14 depending on the pants. I am 5'2". My hips are also 12" larger than my waist which affects pant size a lot.
  • QueenofScott
    QueenofScott Posts: 305 Member
    I'm 5'5", 138 lbs and wear 8s and 10s in pants, mediums in shirts.
  • mandypizzle
    mandypizzle Posts: 633 Member
    I'm 5'3.5" 163 lbs and size 8. I have a pretty muscular build and generally weigh more for my size.