Almond Butter!! ALMOND BUTTER!



  • CynthiasChoice
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    I get my raw crunchy almond butter at Trader Joes for a fairly reasonable price. I use it on whole wheat toast topped with apple slices.
  • I bought minds at target and I got the Justins maple almond butter and tried it for the first time it was delic..I eat it on my apple cinnamon rice cakes
  • CynthiasChoice
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    Peanuts contain a toxin called "afloxin" that comes from mold commonly found in peanuts. Have you ever eaten peanuts in the shell and run across a really dark one? That's toxic, and is directly linked to cancer. I read about this in "the China Study"
  • straight from the jar on a spoon! i love it:)
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    I put it in my mouth....and then I make a disgusted face, spit it out, and throw the rest away.

    I like to be creative ya know...
  • dntworribhappi
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    I use unsweeted coconut flakes. The recipe makes 2 - 1 cup jars. I buy big bags of almonds, and the coconut flakes in bulk. I can make a 1 cup/8oz jar for around $2 to $3 jars.
  • I like eating it right from the jar
  • xFamousLastWordsx
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    With bananas or just right out of the jar.
  • trickycoolj
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    I tried Trader Joe's almond butter a while back and have gotten the Justin's packets for airplane snacks but I think it tastes exactly like peanut butter. I was totally disappointed. I love almonds and had imagined it tasting like marzipan. :( So I switched back to Jif Natural. Just bought raw almond butter at TJ's today but I don't eat any nut butters very fast (my Jif separates I eat it so slowly). So we'll see if I like this version since its not roasted or if I just run back to Jif. I'm a major Nutella fan, my dad's family is all in Germany so as a kid here I used to get tattled on "teacher she's eating a chocolate sandwich!" Now that stuff I have to keep out of the house or I *will* eat it with a spoon!
  • Found my self in Trader Joe's (used their free parking to go to the bike shop next door so I felt like I should at least go into the store and possibly by something) and saw some almond butter so I decided to give it a try. It was the roasted variety. I also so some cranberry butter and figured since I like cranberry sauce so much that I would give it a try too. Both were pretty good. And worked alright together. The cranberry butter was very tart. I think I might prefer non-roasted almond butter better though, someday I'll try it.
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    I personally make my own. I make variety flavors: plain, sweetened, vanilla, & chocolate.

    I like it:

    ❤ used in chia-covered almond butter balls

    ❤ by itself

    ❤ used in my white bean chocolate chip "cookie dough"

    ❤ w/sliced bananas

    ❤ used in my white bean chocolate chip deep dish "cookie" pie

    ❤ in smoothies

    ❤ spreaded on sandwiches & graham crackers

    ❤ in oatmeal

    ❤ mixed with organic dairy-free chocolate chips
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    Walmart now sells almond butter, sunflower butter and PB2
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    I hate it!!! Peanut butter all the way!!!
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    I freakin love that stuff! my favorite brand is "Nuts to You Organic Raw Almond butter" Its made from italian almonds and has the most AMAZING taste and smooth texture! I eat it straight from the jar or put it on some dates or in superfood energy balls/bars. Unfortunately i cannot control myself and usually finish an entire jar within 2 days.. it kinda scares me so i'm making a deal with myself to go almond butter free for at least 2 weeks, its gonna be tough but i know it will be better for me :)
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    I eat it right off the spoon, after its measured, of course!
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    The stuff is crack fo sho but lately this is my new kryptonite:


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    Almond Butter is easy to make with a food processor. I use 2 cups almonds, (one cup is roasted, salted, and one cup raw), & I add 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut. Process it for 10 minutes or so, stopping often to scrape down sides. It seems like it will never work, but eventually it does get to a perfect consistency. This method is SO much cheaper & SO delicious.

    Oh! That is so doable!!! And much cheaper! I've never tried it or coconut oil because of the price tag but I do LOVE almonds!! ????
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    Almond butter, cut up banana and and handful of vanilla granola on top......Y U M
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    I put 2-3 tablespoons in my oatmeal along with butter, bananas and strawberries.