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  • North Birmingham here open to adds & motivation
  • Hi I'm from North Birmingham
  • 38 year old mum, lost 45lb on here before then got pregnant. Looking to lose around 50lb & create healthier habits. Open diary open to being added
  • Open diary & happy to be added, working at around 1700 daily whilst trying veganuary.
  • I came back 2 days ago after failing over the summer & a lot of emotional eating. I've given up following any set diet just focusing on eating fresh whole foods, limiting carbs & eating lots of good fats. So far no horrible sugar cravings or crashes. Got 54lb to lose by next summer which is totally doable. Please anyone…
  • Birmingham, uk :)
  • Hello Brummie here :-) would love some uk based friends please add me
  • Sounds like you're doing a great job, the key to successfull weight loss & maintenance is changing your thought process. Soon it becomes second nature, the physical cravings pass quite quickly but the mental dependency on "bad" food never really leaves you if you don't change your thinking. Well done you, hope your journey…
  • Hi there my goal is 35lb i'd be happy to be your cheerleader & kick butt :-) I lost 50lb with mfp previously then got myself pregnant again but ready to get back on the wagon
  • Thanks for the advice i'm really gonna take it on board & make that 30 minutes of exercise a priority. I was really good when my son was a baby just finding it more difficult this time round. It'll be easier come September when the oldest starts school, until then I guess even the daily walks/bike ride to the park & back…
  • Welcome back, just returned myself after having a break & making babies. Time to kick my butt into hear & get rid of the mum tum. Feel free to add me i'm a good cheerleader
  • Hi there i've just become a mum for the 2nd time, i've got about 35lb to lose but more importantly I need to regain my pre pregnancy fitness levels. I know I can do the food side of this but any one got ideas how to fit in the exercise with a newborn & 4 year old? Please add me I can be a great cheerleader
  • I've got a 5 week old, I actually lost weight during pregnancy but still need to lose about 35lb to get my weight into the healthy range it was before my first child & subsequent depression. I used mfp after my first & lost 37lb so just returned to see if I can do it again & pray my depression doesn't sabotage me again
  • I'll add you need a bit of motivation after a break
  • I do prenatal yoga & have 2 pre natal workout DVD which I rotate through, also have a 15 min uphill walk to do twice daily for the school run
  • Luckily for me ladies the sickness has passed, same as last pregnancy only lasts about 10 days. I've been using magnesium spray not that I noticed a difference but magnesium is so important in pregnancy. Ate my first hot meal in almost 2 weeks last night, it was sooo good. Weighed myself this morning seems i've lost 4.5lb…
  • You've just described my last pregnancy, also 214lb so yeah had set a goal of 15-20lb gain
  • Yeah the bloating is starting to subside a little now, just heading into week 8. Been drinking nettle & dandelion tea to help with the bloat plus trying to get my water in. Big problem right now is I can't face any meat, or any decent sized meals. So tired been going to bed around 9pm, I know from experience once I get to…
  • Congrats on your baby, I had similar gain with last pregnancy & lost 35lb of it but got stuck & lost motivation. Just found out pregnant with 2nd so using mfp to maintain a healthy lifestyle & weight gain. Currently 217lb at 7 weeks
  • Hi there I'm returning to mfp after a long break after having my first child & resulting health problems. It's been 2.5 years & I've decided that I need to shift the 5 stone I've gained. I'm a sugar & carb addict too, anything to give me a quick boost plus I eat emotionally too. I've charged up my fit bit, logged back into…
  • Friend request sent 3rd time lucky 60lb to lose, well done on your loss so far :)
  • Hi there i'm just getting back ont he wagon for the 3rd time, lost 47lb first time then got pregnant, lost 25lb 2nd time then gained weight on medication 3rd time lucky hoping to lose 60lb & get back to my pre baby weight. Sent you a friend request :)
  • Hey i'm here to support i have always been the chubby one in the family, food has been my emotional crutch all my life. I'm slowly getting past this & working on a happier, healthier fitter lifestyle before it gets too late. Feel free to friend me my diary is open & always happy to share my recipes i cook everything from…
  • Hey, you sound like just the person i need to help get me back on this journey. i previously lost 22lb with mfp had a baby gained 30 lb & successfully lost all but 2 lb of that before disaster hit. Post natal deprression, medication & hormaonal contraception has turned me into an unmotivated, overweight lump of a mum. I'm…
  • Hey i'm the same need to lose a big chunk of myself, hate how i look these days with zero confidence to wear nothing other than leggings & baggy tops. I've used mfp before i had kids & got down to an ok weight & looking to do better this time. I've challenged myself to lose 40 lb for xmas only 11 days in so far but fingers…
  • i need some firm but gentle friends to help me get back on track after some very severe PND making me heavier than i've ever been. I'm a stay at home mum to a gorgeous 20 month boy & finding it difficult to find time to exercise & keep the house together. Start weight: 210.2lb Goal weight: 155lb
  • My Bosch Mix pro i can make my own bread with it, juice oranges/grapefruits, blend soups, shred veg for coleslaw, mix cakes when i want i could go on forever. Also my slow cooker, could'nt live without it for stews, spag bol, stewed fruits etc
  • Looking great, well done mate :) Pics like this are so inspiring keep up the good work
  • Hi, i'm a mummy to a beautiful 6 month boy, i gained 54lb during my pregnancy due to 12 weeks bed rest. I've managed to lose 25lb so far & have a goal to lose the other 30lb my end of july. I find the hardest thing is finding the time to workout, feel free to add me 7 i'll do my best to support your journey :)
  • fat alt kid, voted least likely to get a boyfriend funnily enough 15 years later i'm the one settled down with my hubby, house good job & a beautiful baby doing much better than 90% of the other people in my class :) still fat & alt tho