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  • I was dx with CFS and Fibro in my early twenties. I was also told it was psychosomatic by some doctors, but that's another story. Eventually, it was so bad I couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't the fatigue but the memory failures that were getting to me. My vocab was falling apart, I was forgetting entire conversations,…
  • That's going to depend on how much you eat and if you go over your calories by enough to off set your deficit. I use the weekly average to keep check when I have a higher eating day, like yesterday.
  • It's partially going to depend on what kinds of foods you eat. Some are more calorific and more difficult to estimate or measure without a scale.. peanut butter is the first that comes to mind. I just avoided that one all together for the first few weeks before I got my scale.
  • Which restrictions are you growing tired of? Are you eliminating foods you love? Is it the smaller portions you're bored with? If you're feeling overly restricted, maybe it's time to consider changing it up some. If there's something you really miss or want to eat more of.. you could bank some calories for a couple days…
  • 1g = 1ml of water. Things other than water have other weights.
  • I eat steak, bacon, chicken wings, and pizza and I lost 50 lbs.
  • I guess I'm one of the weirdos because I actually do enjoy it. It doesn't feel like a chore at all. It's a security thing for me. I know I could eat within my calorie deficit without logging, but I also know that I tend to start slipping when I stop logging. Logging tells me whether or not I can have that piece of cake in…
  • Make an MFP account for him, enter stats and find a calorie goal based on desired (and reasonable) rate of loss.. then go from there. Another option, enter his stats into and find his TDEE, then figure the deficit from there. (250/day for .5 lb, 500/day for 1 lb, etc) ETA: Without knowing…
  • I've been working on this, too! I'm sure my kid is glad, as well lol
  • I'm down 6" at my hips from doing exactly this.
  • This is why is best to take measurements. I can't see where I've lost, but I'm down 2-4" in any given spot from hip to breast. You look more narrow to me! Get a tape and start now with measurements!
  • I use raw when possible, but choose the appropriate cooked entry when I have no other choice.
  • I always do better when I'm logging here, but still have my moments. When the last hit, I had a huge salad with a light dressing and a mini candy bar after for the sweetness. It gave me the full sensation of a binge, the sweetness I wanted and barely put me over me calories.
  • Just to clarify, did you mean 500 under what MFP gives you? If you have it set to lose, that already includes a deficit, depending on how much you set as your weight loss goals.
  • I'm also a sorry old lady and losing while eating 1500-1700 a day. Eat more foodz!
  • Is your diary open? You can get better feed back if posters can see your entries.
  • Check out the thread for "volume eaters"... they have lots of ways to get the feeling of being full without killing your calorie goal. I'd link, if I were on my computer, but can't from the phone. A search should pull it up.
  • Totally know the feeling! You've got this! It isn't one huge decision, but a lot of little ones that add up. In each moment, we decide if we're going to clean the oven, or bake a pan of brownies...go for a walk or a bag of cookies. Now and then, we may choose wrong, but then we can choose better again next time.
  • Just a side note: BMR = number of calories burned without moving NEAT = number of calories burning through normal daily activity TDEE = calories burned in total, including exercise MFP uses NEAT to figure the base calorie goal, with the intention of adding exercise calories back in. To figure final deficit, you should…
  • This is why I love Planet Fitness.. there are so many different body types in there working out. I fit right in. As far as outside in public, I usually don't do any walking until after dusk, not because of being seen, but I don't like the heat. During the winter, I'm more likely to walk laps in my house or just use the…
  • You can add to the database here: But it doesn't have an option for a barcode. If you want to add barcode, maybe go back a few months in your diary and make a bogus entry list and add them there.
  • I use this one: I can set a plate or large pot on it and still see the display because it's angled down. Any of the flat ones, I have trouble with because the display gets obscured by anything larger set on it.
  • Almonds aren't one I'd call low call. I like fruit cups, strawberries, apples, fiber ones bars, popcorn, mini ice cream drumsticks, and sherbet.
  • Your ribs look normal to me. Even overweight, my ribs are more prominent when I lie down.. pretty sure that's how bodies just work?
  • Try having a home daycare with 4-6 picky eaters! I totally know the temptation!! This is why I've started clearing things away immediately.. I have my older kids scrape their own plates, I do it for the younger ones, and any left overs are put away ASAP. You got this! BTW, when I am still hungry and way low or even out of…
  • When I'm doing my empty weight, I set the pot on the same potholder that I'll be using at the end. If your towel drapes and touches the counter, then its weight isn't going to be accurate. ETA: The last I cooked (happen to have the note paper still beside my computer): Empty pot on potholder: 1062g Full pot with meal…
  • Before I put anything in the pot, I weigh it on the scale with a potholder. Then I subtract that from the final weight.
  • I love to go into the circuit room and do that routine. I add in a few other machines that hit spots that room misses, but it covers most.
  • That's the one I meant, thanks. Couldn't share from phone.