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  • I sent out requests, please feel free to add me as well- I need motivation.
  • If you still need friends, message me. Hubby bought a Blaze for me for Christmas and I loooooove it! But only one friend. :(
  • Chia breakfast pudding- I can coconut milk 1/2 c water 2 scraped vanilla pods or vanilla extract Combine and simmer 2 eggs well beaten Remove vanilla pods and add a small amount of the coconut milk to the eggs to proof them then add that to the coconut mix on the stove and simmer about ten more minutes while constant…
  • Try measuring yourself instead- for the above reasons. If you are loosing inches, you are loosing weight.
  • Breakfast pudding- coconut milk custard with banana and chia seeds. Yum!
  • Even an outdoor track might help- anything to shake up the routine. I try not to run the same place all the time as I get bored and stop (ok, I also don't do the mileage you do). But finding something different to look at while I run really helps.
  • Where are you running? Same place over and over?
  • Well, in a way it does "detox" the body. Because you know- water. It helps the kidneys work more efficiently to eliminate metabolic rates. So yeah- when people talk about detox you can look them in the face without an urge to eye roll. Even if that's not what they meant. But minerals and vitamins are negligible due to the…
  • I usually use an inhaler prior to doing anything strenuous- albuterol hfa. This generally prevents an attack during exercise and I am able to push myself more. Swimming is supposed to be good for lung capacity as well.
  • Tuna and smoked salmon.
  • I did some sharing with my toddler. BUT... We went on a two mile family walk with the kids yesterday morning and added another mile traipsing around the neighborhood.
  • Most of the caldos are pretty light- caldo de pollo, caldo de Rez and chicken tortilla are my general go to at most Mexican joints. Unless I'm aiming to misbehave.
  • Crockpot makes a lunch sized crockpot now. Hot soups and stews.
  • Tape it. Just get athletic tape and gauze from the drug store. Fold the gauze in half and place between the toes. (This helps prevent fungal growth) Then tape the pinky toe to the next toe. Elevate your foot as much as possible to reduce edema and use ice as needed. Take 800mg ibuprofen every six hours as needed.
  • Purple pumpkin monster
  • Great start with removing soda. Break up your weight loss into smaller goals- ten to fifteen pounds. Take things one habit at a time- like you have the no soda thing down. So maybe start working on swapping out a food or walking three times a week. One you have that down, switch to something else. Good luck! And I am sorry…
  • Walk slower. Keep to a pace you could talk comfortably at. Or sing under your breath. You'll build up speed as you continue. :smile:
  • I am an amateur artist- sketching with graphite, charcoal and soft pastels and painting with watercolors. I go to the local art museum every Tuesday for sketching classes and then when I can fit it in on other days. And I enjoy cross stitching as well- though that's mainly a bunch of half finished projects. I want to try…
  • Definitely up your water- some fiber turns cementy if there isn't enough water. Ok- soluble fiber turns to gel-like consistency with water- it's not necessary a bad thing and may help with heart disease. Soluble fiber is mainly found in grains. This fiber may slow the gut. Insoluble fiber comes mainly from fruits and…
  • Oddly, I was just listening to a program talking about IBS and FODMAP diets earlier today and wondering if I might benefit due to my celiac issues. Anyway, the Monash University App was recommended- even over a dietician- by the GI on the program. Apparently it's about 8 bucks.
  • Plenty of protien and healthy fats. You'll need both to repair the damage surgery causes. The main thing is that your body will need good building blocks, but as long as you are eating well and doing physio, you should recover well. I wouldn't eat at a huge deficit. But you don't need a surplus.
  • I have started buying my running clothes from Old Navy- cheap enough that I don't feel guilty and talk myself out of it. And I've liked everything I've bought.
  • Your hormones can be affected by your weight and also by diet changes. So yes, length of cycle, length of menstruation, cramps and PMS symptoms can all be affected by weight, diet and exercise schedule.
  • I can't believe no one has mentioned the almighty PB, banana and honey sammich!
  • Mom of one full time and two when my step daughter is in town. My youngest and full time kid is three and my other is 11. I work full time, but being in home health I have fairly flexible hours. I run three times a week when I'm on my game- t-th-sat. That way I only having to plan out two days during the work week. Lately…
  • I like Italian egg drop soup- chicken broth and orzo. When orzo is cooked through, scramble one egg with Parmesan cheese then drop in egg mix while stirring hot soup (see, egg drop!). Then add fresh baby spinach at the last minute. About 20m start to soup bowl.
  • Smart. Because they taste like the feeling you get when you've been talking about someone behind their back and then you turn around and they are standing right there.
  • That'll teach me to imbibe and surf at the same time. Sigh.
  • Erm- accidentally reported the thread as abuse. While I don't exactly think much of appetite suppressants, this isn't an abusive thread. Sorry!! :s
  • Ultimately, only you and your doctors can really say if weight loss surgery is really right for you. Even getting the sleeve is still surgery with all the inherent risks of surgery. I am not diametrically opposed to surgery, however, I believe that is should be done in conjunction with a nutritionist and therapy support as…