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  • Yes well, we do have something called the Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination based on someone's appearance. I also work for the government and could tattoo my entire body if I chose to and not get fired. :ohwell:
  • Read labels and buy low sodium options - most basic ingredients have a low sodium alternative. Don't add salt use herbs or spice blends like Mrs. Dash.
  • Great way to start your week! Congrats!
  • 75 grams of chicken = 124 cals and made a nice sandwich yesterday with two slices of bread and mayo for a total of 309 cals consider what you are eating with your chicken and maybe cut back a bit on your serving size?
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  • Eat some of your exercise calories back - if you used the MFP method when you set up your account you are already at a deficit.
  • Don't beat yourself up for going over every once in a while. If you are exercising enter the exercise in MFP and eat some of those cals back. Guilt free. Yes weigh and measure everything, it's a learning process and helps keep on track. Some foods are better left for the occasional treat and once you figure out what foods…
  • If it helps you drink more water have at it, but I really don't think the infusion actually will reduce bloating, I think it's more the water flushing your system. I like to add stuff to my water at times but just for the flavor not really any other reason.
  • Regular daily steps that you do at work, etc should not be entered as exercise, these should be accounted for in your activity level. I am thinking the WiThings calculation is averaging what it considers above your normal steps/day (I could be wrong). Sorry my Loop doesn't sync with MFP but I would check the site info to…
  • I have a Polar Loop and H7 chest strap. The Loop also tracks steps, cals burned etc and syncs with the chest strap for workouts. Total cost for both about $200 - I started with the Loop and got the chest strap a couple months later.
  • Any exercise will help - it won't hinder weight loss, if you start something new you might retain a bit of water as your body adjusts to the new challenges but do whatever exercise you enjoy. Also don't just go by the scale, you may lose inches and no weight as you gain more muscle. Muscle is good! Congrats on your success…
  • I weigh what I eat - if I take a whole piece of fruit in my lunch to work where I don't have my scale I will just find a suitable entry for the size of apple (small, medium or large). After a while of weighing things though you can pretty much estimate how much a banana or apple weighs minus the peel or core.
  • Tell that to all the milk fed babies in the world. OP wants to bulk - if it fits into his macros drink the milk - the daily water recommendation is for people to stay hydrated, milk, juice, tea etc can also count towards the fluid intakes. Enjoy your milk and stay hydrated.
  • If you have the means to reheat food, I typically take leftovers for lunch or homemade soup. Now that the weather is warm salads with roasted or grilled chicken would help in the protein department. I usually eat breakfast at work also (I have an early start time) but I usually make breakfast sandwiches with egg white and…
  • You could always plan your meals out for two weeks or a month in advance and freeze your prepared and portioned meals. This makes it easy for lunches and dinners for your busy work week. It would also save you money as you would have your meals prepared ahead and you would just have to buy your fresh food items. This would…
  • If this is regular daily activity (ie: your job) for you I would enter it on my account as activity level, you obviously aren't sedentary so pick the activity level that fits. There are examples for each level.
  • Typically anything processed or take out is going to be high sodium. Watch what you are eating and pay attention to what is high sodium and look for healthier alternatives to these items. Some people don't really worry too much about sodium but if it's a concern to you, change what you are eating to lower sodium…
  • A month isn't really that long for your body to adjust to changes. You did change something partway through as I noticed your calorie goal dropped. Some of your burns seem a little high but again those are estimates. Find a balance somewhere and stick with it. You didn't gain the weight overnight, so be patient and let it…
  • Live for TODAY not what tomorrow may bring. You are still young and have time to experience all the things you want. :flowerforyou:
  • I don't log normal daily activities but you bet I would log something like pulling carpet and prying tiles. Have you ever done it? It's hard work and probably better than any gym workout.
  • cleaning, heavy vigorous or carpentry, general will give you about the same burn?
  • How slow is very slowly? You can change your weekly weight loss goal in your "settings"
  • I would use aerobic general for the amount of time it took you to do the 50 squats - there is a squat entry but yes you are right it doesn't give you a calorie burn estimate - so if it took you 15 minutes enter 15 minutes of aerobic, general
  • There are MFP entries in the database for cooked rice - why make it over complicated - I assume if it's a MFP entry without the * that it's fairly accurate
  • Rice is not your enemy - when you go out to eat the portions are generally larger but you can guestimate how much you are eating (I probably would go for half of what you get on your plate). There are entries in the database for both pork fried rice and spanish rice so use those to calculate and again guestimate - half a…
  • when you enter exercise in the strength training section it doesn't calculate calories burned - enter it in the cardio section
  • Maybe you aren't noticing the way they say it? Rather than say "hey you have lost so much weight!" has anyone said "hey you look great today!" ??
  • I burned 385 calories this morning and my breakfast was around 153 calories - my NET is currently in the negative so I can still eat my daily goal plus whatever that negative is If you enter exercise it will increase the number of calories…
  • <<< you can use an online calculator until you find what you want I have a polar loop with a HRM - total cost about $200 but I bought the loop first then the HRM - I am happy with it
  • I like protein in the morning - if you don't like eggs how a turkey bacon and tomato sandwich on a nice grainy bread? When I'm in a hurry I eat fruit and yogurt - you could add some granola or nuts to your yogurt. If all else fails eat leftovers as someone else suggested.
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