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  • So great to see all the new people posting to this thread! I've been maintaining this summer even though my goal is to continue losing. Still, I'm grateful that I have figured out how to stop from gaining by weighing every day and eating below maintenance if I see a gain. Hoping to lose this month and continue the downward…
  • I'm treading water it seems, but okay with that since it's a learning experience too. I can't believe I haven't crossed into "overweight" from "obese" yet. Sure thought I'd be there by now. Hopefully will do that in THIS challenge. Thanks for keeping this going everyone!!
  • Recently I was served by a waiter who had loose skin on his muscular upper arms. Obvious large weight loss "tell". I happen to know this guy and remember when he was 100+ pounds heavier, until about 15 years ago. I'm sure I've noticed his loose skin before but until I lost weight myself I didn't recognize the sign(s) of…
  • First "stupidize" and now "swole". MFP never fails to deliver. Sorry for off topic OP, but I had to giggle at swole. I have no science to offer, but my guess is you will have to create a bigger deficit if you want to lose. Maybe knock off 100 calories for a couple weeks and see what happens. Or burn 100 more a day from a…
  • Lol. Sorry but that made me laugh. My dh waited for several weeks for dentures because his dentist, like yours, felt it would result in better fitting dentures. He was so right. Dh was self conscious without teeth but really it was difficult to tell because the normal atrophy that eventually occurs was minimal during those…
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  • I slept in this morning so have a negative 60 calorie adjustment right now. As soon as I get on with my day I'll "earn" those calories back, plus a few more after my 3 mile walk. But if I were to sit on the couch all day I think I'd lose a few more.
  • Thanks for sharing this, Dave and give your wife a high five from me, please. Wow, what an accomplishment. She must be a remarkable person. I hope I can use her as an inspiration when I'm feeling like shirking exercise. I take for granted my good health. Kathy
  • 3 to 6 cups spring green mix, 14 grams julienned sun-dried tomatoes, 28 grams gorgonzola blue cheese, 2 T balsamic vinaigrette and 14 grqms croutons.
  • Made me LOL for sure (slightly less than a crap ton of salt being normal). 400 MG sodium retaining 4 cups water really is an eye opener. No wonder they hand out jerky and pretzels at the blood donation sites.
  • Me too! Too cold water is much harder for me to drink quickly. I also keep my filtered pitcher on the counter near the sink and find I drink much more water since not storing it in the fridge.
  • Been using my new tablet and can't seem to edit the spreadsheet now. Will have to resort to my laptop apparently. I'm curious if you all are using Fitbit weekly miles or if you only could t the distance you purposely walk/run.
  • I have negative calorie adjustment enabled and the most obvious time I see it enforced is if I sleep in late and sit for an hour enjoying my coffee. MFP will then show a negative adjustment and my calories left to eat for the day will be less than 1200. So, even though MFP won't assign than 1200 calories it will display a…
  • The "normal" range for BMI for a 5' 5" woman is 115 to 140. I'd aim for the top end of that then see how you feel.
  • Also Sherry, did you know that the logging streak isn't really about logging your food? Nope. It turns out its just logging into MFP that continues the streak. IOW, people who just read the forums but never log food continue their streak. Definitely use the counter reset link and get your streak back. Kathy
  • I can't see the chart, just the image name. Any ideas why?
  • I looked at your profile and saw that you started 6 months ago, so really a short time to lose 56 pounds. Are you logging all your foods still? If so, you can figure out your TDEE using this formula: [Total calories consumed+(Total lbs lost x 3500)]/# of days =TDEE My suggestion is to change your weight loss rate goal to…
  • I have a Fitbit Flex which I believe is very accurate, but you can determine your own TDEE without buying anything or relying on an online calculator. However, you must log everything you eat and you must log accurately. [Total calories consumed+(Total lbs lost x 3500)]/# of days =TDEE
  • Thankfully I'm always game for a salad. My go-to salad for the last year has been sun dried tomatoes, blue cheese and Hellman's balsamic vinegairette (60 cals for 2 T but NOT diet stuff) on leafy greens. The sweet/fat/salt do it for me every time and for about 225 calories it is very rewarding. I get the 32oz jug of…
  • If you are positive you are accurate in weighing and logging foods then your TDEE is much much lower than you think. An online calculator isn't as accurate as your own stats.
  • You need to use the Web version not phone app to edit.
  • FWIW 200 grams of protein will equal 800 calories, so she did NOT suggest 450 calories. Whoever said that was incorrect. But it's difficult to find a food that is 100 percent protein, like a previous response pointed out. I think she suggested about 1200 when you consider the banana, salad, yogurt and fruit added to the…
  • Hopefully the water shortage doesn't muck with Davis' plans; otherwise milk will the the stand alone default. ETA, I lived in that goofy state for years. Land of 'believe as I do or else'.
  • The "general" rule of thumb is to aim for 1 pound a week for every 25 pounds you have to lose, so with just 13 pounds to go, you would set yours at 1/2 pound a week, not a pound. This means a deficit of only 250 calories a day, which is easy to muck up if you aren't weighing all your foods and logging accurately. But it…
  • I make a deconstructed sushi when I get an urge for sushi because I live 56 miles from the nearest sushi restaurant. Usually it satisfies me for a while. I always keep a jar of pickled ginger on hand, plus wasabi powder or paste, then layer up rice/seafood/cucumber spears/avocado, or whatever I'm craving. I don't need a…
  • I looked up several of these entries and found that for an ounce they vary. But, a "normal" serving size of many of these is much more than an ounce, which would result in more calories. dark chocolate - 170 salmon (raw) - 58 hummus - 50 beef jerky - 116 honey - 86 coconut - 100 avocado - 45 cheese - 110 (average) edamame…
  • "Betcha can't eat just one". Lays' marketing team knew. Lemonheads weren't on the list either, but at least they are kind of hard to find. I'm surprised pizza is #1. I guess the addictive part must be talking about foods that are hard to have just a taste. Anyway, salty stuff is hardest for me (other than lemonheads).
  • Let you post? Do you mean complete your diary for the day? MFP won't let you complete your diary if you are much under 1200 calories. Also this isn't a place where very low calorie diets can be encouraged. It's against forum rules. Eat a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and an apple and MFP will let you complete your…
  • On the Fitbit Dashboard, roll your mouse over the dinner plate icon with the fork/spoon where it shows the cals over. You'll see a number like 1388/1176 (example only) and the words "EATEN". This means you have logged 1388 calories in MFP but should have eaten just 1176 in order to be at the deficit you chose in Fitbit,…
  • You may want to re-calculate. Your TDEE is more than likely about 2500, max. I ran your stats through Fitness Frog, Scooby and IIFYM TDEE calculators and two of the three were lower than 2500. So, if you are eating right at that amount, it's no wonder you are maintaining. Why not drop a couple hundred calories a day for a…