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  • OMG I just reread this and this could be me. Except my trainer wants me to gain but something deep inside me doesn't want to. I lost 130 lbs, went to far and now am trying to find that balance. Keep up the good work - you got this!
  • I'm just curious as to how tall you are.
  • I'm still getting used to it.
  • You are on the right track! Keep moving! Go to the gym! Take a walk. Walk some more. Run. Cross train. But eat healthily because you can'tout train a bad diet. Good luck!
  • same here. Recovering from an eating disorder. I have a serious problem eating during the day. Such a struggle (
  • Yes, I get that all the time. From my family, my trainer, my friends, coworkers, customers, people on here. It's crazy. I'm trying to gain a few more to meet the goal my trainer set for me. I went from 278 down to 142 in two years. I'm 5' 10". I wish I could be 135. Even 145 but I need my trainer's help so what he says…
  • I am. I lost 130 lbs since April 2013. I'm using MFP so my trainer can track my progress. And understand totally the battle statement. I want to get better but don't understand why I need to gain. I don't see it. :/
  • I am 52 years old and just lost 130 lbs over the last 2 years and began running last year. The weight loss benefits are great if you stick with it. I LOVE it! Getting ready to train for my first 5K in October. Stay strong and #nevergiveup!!
  • That's awesome! My first was supposed to be next Saturday but my trainer says I'm still not where he wants me. So I'm running one in October. I'm so excited! Keep up the great work!
  • Ha ha Shelle, looks like we're in the same boat. But I'm training (well WILL be as soon as my trainer gives me the green light) for my first 5K and I'm 52. But I'm looking for tips, all of which I need to clear with my trainer. I'm sure he'll be full of them once I get to my goal. Till then, he's not giving me anything or…
  • However, that being said, if it weren't for my ulcer, I could drink a couple gallons of coffee a day! :)
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK! I only drink milk in my coffee. And I can't even drink much of that with my ulcer. Supposed to have none but some days I need it for work. A gallon?? I don't drink that in 2 months!!
  • OMG! Where do you get this? GNC? Wait, never mind. My trainer would never go for that.In fact he'll probably not think it's a good idea for me to come on these forums :/
  • Mine is actually a long story sort of. I'm a HUGE wresting fan, always have been. I finally got to go to a WrestleMania - WM 29 (and also WM 30 in New Orleans last year). Well, WM 29 was in NJ at Met Life Stadium and a guy at work said "you better get there early. Parking sucks. You might have to park in the lot a mile…
  • What is casein? Isn't that the stuff in like jalapenos that make them spicy? Hey do they sell that in pill form because I hear that hot stuff speeds up your metabolism and I can't really have much of that because of my ulcers.
  • WOW! This is all new to me. I am in recovery from an eating disorder but when I get to the goal my trainer has set or me and am allowed back in the gym/running on the boardwalk I will have to ask him about this. I lost abou 135 lbs since April 2013. Gained some back on the advice of my trainer. I'm5' 10" and got down to…
  • Same here. It's tough. I sent you a friend request. Stay strong!
  • I'm having a big problem. I have my fit bit synched to MFP. here's the big problem. Well, there's two. I think my fitbit is counting my steps wrong. They are high. Like really high. I didn't realize I was THAT active. Even worst is the end of the day when I finally submit my diary and finalize it it gives me the calories…
  • My email is [email protected] SEnd me an invite! I love the challenges! :) I have the zip. LOVE it but I've lost it twice. A few weeks ago dropped it in the parking lot when leaving work in the midst of a snow storm. Realized it halfway home and turned around and luckily found it!
  • My iron is really low and they put me on iron supplements but I don't take them because they are really constipating. I try and eat spinach which is high in iron. That reminds me I need to get my blood work checked again. UGH :( I think there's one called Ferrous something or other that is the least constipating. Good luck!
  • Try some Quest protein bars. Very satisfying and good for you. Or a nice salad. There are lots of healthy options if you have to splurge. And if you keep active along with eating healthy you can cut yourself a little slack. Good luck!
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  • Same here. I started my weight lost journey in April 2013 at 5' 10" 278 lbs. I lost 136 lbs but my trainer thought I was too low at 142 lbs and has brought me back up (much slower than he would like) to 158 lbs. He says I developed an eating disorder and I know he's right. I still fight him every step of the way because…
  • I'd pat myself on the back and go to bed but my trainer would give me a swift kick in my butt since I'm supposed to be gaining weight. I have a hard time meeting my high calorie goal he set for me for the day and I'm often left with a *kitten* ton of calories. I have a fear of daytime eating but today I made myself eat all…
  • I eat most of my calories at night. I lost 135 lbs from April 2013 to end of June. My trainer says I went to far now he's bringing me back up to 165 lbs. I started at 278. I'm 5' 10". I lost the weight the wrong way, eating one meal a day. And for the first month or two before my trainer got involved it was just a salad.…
  • Incidentally, I have to give props to my trainer for saving my life. I would have kept on with just the salad and honestly, if it weren't for him now, could relapse into it on any given day. I think the main thing is to just treat your body like a car. Just put good fuel into it at all times to keep it running. Also, some…
  • I lost a TON of weight doing it that way, but in the process developed an eating disorder. I lost 135 lbs since April 2013 but my trainer says I went to far. Then again, initially that meal was just a MAYBE 300 calorie salad for a month or two before my trainer got involved. Now my dinner is a more "normal" dinner and some…
  • Yes. Yes I do and apparently that is a problem for some people and I'm not supposed to lose any more weight. I've lost 130 lbs since April 2013. Now I am supposed to be stopping. Not fun. I'd rather keep losing. :(
  • Going to try Ree Drummonds shrimp and pepper quesadillas tomorrow night. Going to sub in whole wheat tortillas and low fat cheese. I'll let you know how they turn out!
  • I'm relatively new! Add me too! And welcome aboard! :)