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  • That's an awesome transformation. Great job!
  • As said by a few people, the best time is when you will do it. For me, I know that if I do not get my workout in sometime in the morning, then it probably will not happen. Find what's best for you, and do that. It's that simple.
  • Always looking for more active friends. Feel free to add me too
  • Always looking to add more friends. Feel free to add me
  • Awesome post Steve! Both of you deserve a huge congrats. This is what friends are for!
  • I agree with this ^^^ If you cannot exercise self control, then that is the problem. There will always be restaurants that give free refills, and you have to be able to limit yourself. The world cannot take the cupcake stores away, or stop you from eating a bag of Oreo cookies at home. Why would we expect or want…
  • You get used to it. When I started getting my endurance up to a couple miles, I found myself seeming to be more hungry than usual. Now that I am running 50+ miles a week, I don't really notice any difference. Keep with it. It gets better!
  • It is hard work, but in my opinion, it is completely worth it. Throughout the 10 years of our marriage we have had our shares of problems, and I am sure there will be rocky roads ahead at times too. At the end of the day, it is up to you and your girlfriend. Marriage may not honestly be for everyone. But for me, I cannot…
  • You look amazing. Congrats on your hard work!
  • I am up by 5am every morning, and many days earlier than that. I try to go to bed around 11pm, but usually end up around midnight. Wish I could get more sleep, but just not enough hours in the day.
  • I have always gotten fitted at the store. It is probably a little more expensive, but the pair I end up with is usually between $100-$150 (and usually the same pair online is only $10-$20 cheaper). Even if you don't have pain now, the right shoe can prevent injuries and pain from even starting. It is worth it to me to…
  • 04:00am Monday - Saturday, and if I am lucky, I can "sleep in" until around 5:30am on Sundays.
  • It is not falling at all. There are always setbacks during training. One long run will not make or break race day. Make sure you take care of yourself so you can continue the training, and if that means skipping a run, so be it!
  • Hahaha. I agree for sure. I have never avoided so many older people in my life except for when my son was a newborn. I felt like I had to constantly fight them off. I know they mean well, but at least have the respect to ask first...
  • ^^This. The right shoe can prevent them from occurring in the first place. Once they are developed though, rest. Make sure you are working out your calf muscles too. Icing can help, and always make sure you are stretching.
  • If I am running, than 4:30am, usually 4 days a week. If I am strength training, at the gym by 5am 2-3 days a week. It is early for sure, but the only time I know I can consistently work out so that;s when I go.
  • My sister got left by her ex-husband about 1.5 years after his surgery. He was a little bigger going into the marriage, but really gained the weight while they were married for 10 years. Even with all her support and everything, he decided he was too good for her I guess. The surgery changed his body for sure, but it…
  • My average 5k time is 19:15. Really, there can always be constant improvement. Both the treadmill and running outside have their pros and cons. I love running outside though. You just need to get around the mental blocks and start doing it. Have something that tracks your pace, miles, and other stats you want (gps watch,…
  • Myself, my wife and our 2 year old son and we spend about $150 a week on groceries plus another $50 if we do a meal out, which we do a couple times a month.
  • Great progress! Congrats on all your hard work!
  • Congrats on your progress! Every pound is hard work and you are well on your way to get to your goal. Cheers!
  • ^^This. Using a running store and getting properly fitted is one of the best investments you can make in my opinion. It can aid in preventing injuries and they can give you a wealth of info. For running, you need to find the shoe that will work for your foot. Be best to return the shoes you ordered and get a proper fitting.
  • Amazing difference. Congrats on your hard work. You look great!
  • I have two tattoos and they are required by my job to be covered at ALL times. I am a corporate pilot, and although I have never been discriminated by my tattoos, I also am very aware at what the requirements are. I am in an industry where tattoos are just not seen as professional.
  • 3.61/Gal in Madison, WI.
  • Before work is the way to I do it. I would have a harder time getting there after work as well, but going first thing in he morning has become part of my routine.
  • I don't really consider them "cheat meals" or days or anything like that. I make sure it fits within my macros and enjoy it. You sound like you are doing it right, looking at the menu and knowing what you are getting nutrition wise. Plan it out accordingly and you will do fine.
  • HRM for sure. I am into running so I typically use my Garmin 620. Also have the Polar FT 7 and have never had any problems with it (other than changing the battery). Good investments in my opinion.
  • Awesome transformation. Congrats man!
  • Up at 5:20 every morning at the latest (due to work trips sometimes even earlier to get at least 1 hour in at the gym). I try to be in bed by 11pm, but that is hit or miss depending on the day.